Witch Wednesday Podcast Episode 24 - Using Oils in Witchcraft

Witch Wednesday Podcast Episode 24 - Using Oils in Witchcraft

Episode 24 can be found here and on YouTube here.

S; you're listening to episode 24 using oils in witchcraft. so oils, we decided were a next logical progression in everything that we've been talking about it because oils can be used in similar ways that crystals are used. candles and we also have herbs coming up so we decided to get all of these Basics out-of-the-way first.

T: building blocks 

S: building blocks yes so we want to talk about all of the different types of oils and using them in your practice. so the first thing that we wanted to mention is that we are going to be talking about spell oils. so spell oils are different from essential oil so that's some thing that you need to know right off the bat because essential oils are very concentrated and therefore by themselves are usually not safe for skin. Essential oils are very highly concentrated and they are in a lot of you spell oils we're going to talk about that include essential oils in them and we'll talk about that but just to start off the bat you don't want to go using essential oils especially understand they can be highly toxic. 

There are three categories of oils that are generally used when talking about using oils in witchcraft. Those are anointing oils dressing oils and condition or conditioning oils. so anointing oils have been around since biblical times so they are often used in more religious ceremonies and they are skin safe/ because anointing oils need to use them to anoint your body in a specific way in order to attract the intention. Dressing oils then dress candles items tools mojo bags, etc. so it's not necessarily skin safe. there are a lot of online companies that sell dressing oil specially through Etsy and things like that and they will usually say on there if they are skin safe. if it does not say that you might wanna go ahead and ask the manufacturer just to make sure because you don't want put it your hands and then you have some sort of reaction to it.

the final category is condition oils and they are oils that help bring or remove a specific condition. So there could be a love oil that you that used to attract the condition of love and then there's some thing like a crossing oil that's used to remove that specific crossed condition. but these are similar to anointing oils but they don't have that same sort of religious aspect and this is also known as intention oil or spell oil so this is another one between the two, you're going to find dressing oil and condition oil most often. especially on things like Etsy you'll definitely see a lot of spell oils that's generally what they're called.

So how do you use them in witchcraft? the very first step is always charging and activating. Charge it first you want to cleanse it and then activate it so the best way ... yes everything has to have your intention and your energy in it to work well with you and oils are no different. so when you buy an oil, it generally comes in a glass or plastic bottle are usually smaller and you can see kind of the herbs and some has crystals floating around in it that's generally spell oil. so what you wanna do is hold his bottle and while you're holding it tell it what you want it to do so you want to fuse your energy and your intention whatever you're working is going to be, tell it what you wanna do while you're holding it and then shake the bottle to activate it. you could also take a little bit of the oil that you're going to be using and place and onto your hand and rub your hands together until it's warm that's another way to activate it,

T: I love that method because you can actually feel your energy going into the oil that way.

S: then the different ways that you can use them as a lot of fun so first well you can use them on the whole body or in certain spots. so if you want to use it on your whole body do you know the rub it between your hands and then rub it across your skin so if you want you attract some thing you move from your feet to your head if you want to remove something you go the opposite way, you remove it out of your body. and in order to use it in specific spots see that you have a love oil, you would want to use that over your heart or if you're using oil for sort of clarity or third eye sight, you do that on your forehead you can just dab it on or you can use it in like a sigil pattern that we talked about. Another way that you can use the oil is in a ritual bath, so if you have a skin safe oil you can add that to bathwater. there are a lot of virtual baths that are magic in and of themselves that are just you know for self love and healing and things like that but a lot of witches also use ritual bath before they are going to go into a more ceremonial or more difficult ritual, they do the bath first is sort of a cleansing so using a similar oil to the ritual that you're going to do in the bathwater just like helps intensify that energy and that idea that you're working towards.

T: I find is really nice to before if I'm doing any coven work which is very very very rare for me but if I am I find this helps cleanse my intention as it were or my energy so I work better with the group because I'm so used to working alone that I don't want to override the group.

S; So you can use it as as a dressing oil. so this is most often used in a candle magic which with which we talked about the different ways that you can dress your candle so oil is one of them. where you just put in your hands and then rub it directly on the candle before you burn the candle. so it's sort of the opposite way that you dress the body so if you are trying to remove something that you want to start at the top go to the bottom and if you're trying to attract something into your life you want to go from bottom to the top. and the reason for that the reason that it's opposite I mean like we always say you do whatever works for you and your witchcraft, but the reason that this sort of makes a little more sense is you have to think about the way the candle burns so if you're trying to remove some thing you want to start burning and removing right away so from the top spot and if you're trying to track some thing you want it sort of at the base so it's a longer time to burn down. Another way to do it is start In the middle and go from the middle up in the middle down and that's for if you are trying to just keep things the way they are so if you have enough love in your life right now but you're not trying to lose any either you dress your candle from the middle.

T: I do dress candles from the middle for like Sabbats because I'm celebrating I'm not really inviting anything or trying to disspell anything it's just an all-around object that I'm kind of celebrating and so I do that for Sabbat candles.

S: another way that you can use oils is to use them in a warmer to add intention into an entire space which is also really good for coven work, if you want everybody to be feeling the same intention especially in your oil has some sort of scent that you know herbs or some essential oil added into it then it will infuse that into the entire space you're working in. which is how are you could dress something bigger than a candle. And the last way to use It is used on continuous working so something like a mojo bag is something that you want to keep refusing with intention it's not something that you just do the ritual once it burn the candle once and then you're done people make mojo bags to carry around with them and you have to keep reinfusing your energy into that bag to keep it working and putting this oil on the bag again drawing it in a sigil on there is a way to keep that continuous magic going without having to redo the entire mojo bag every time.

T: yes and if you're into moon magic as well I find that for my personal working if I'm doing a mojo bag I reannoint it away at the new moon every month while I'm using it just to reinvigorate it for the month ahead.

S: one of the questions that comes up a lot is what you do with leftover oil especially if you rub it between your hands like we were talking about, you may have a lot left, the answer is That is it depends on what kind of oil you were using. so if you are using something that's negative even though it feels wasteful it's just sort of like wash that away it's probably the best idea to just remove that but if you were using something to attract just rub it into your skin that's what we like the skin safe ones, or use it in a similar way on something around your home. so for example if you are using some sort of protection or prosperity oil you can go ahead and rub the rest of it like on your front door. or if you are doing some sort of love oil rubbing it on the bed is a good way to do it.

T: a lot of times what I am up doing when I'm doing like a blessing or something if I rub it on window frames and then any breeze that comes into my house still smells like it.

S: The last thing that we wanted to talk about then with oils how do you make your own spell oil because that's always fun. there a ton online so if you want to order it especially if it's something more complicated then absolutely go for it. 

T: I always recommend ordering a few before you try and make your own because even though it is simple to do, you'll be surprised at some of the things that you like in your oil that you wouldn't necessarily think of like crystals is not something I would think to add oil until I got one from Etsy that was perfect like so sometimes it's good to order them before you try and make your own just trying to see what works and what doesn't but don't ever be afraid to make your own cause it's actually very simple.

S: so all you need in order to make your own is a airtight jar, an oil and dried herbs that's like the basic recipe. You need an airtight lid, you want to seal it so cork doesn't work. And for oil I find that grapeseed oil tends ideal, it's inexpensive and it's very like it's thin texture, olive oil very thick and harder to work with but grapeseed oil is very thin and some other good ones are also almond oil and jojoba oil but those two are a little bit more expensive but jojoba oil is also very luxurious self-love are putting in a ritual bath that would be a good way to go. so the type of oil doesn't necessarily matter but I find grapeseed works the best.

T: so I also like grape seed but not if you're gonna put in a bath it's so thin just keeping in mind that the oil doesn't matter necessarily but also think about what you're going to do with it.

S: and then you want to add dried herbs so you don't want to use fresh ones because they're going to be sitting and steeping in the oil so if you use fresh they're going to go rancid in there.  Another options you can do is crystals but definitely look into the crystals before you going to add them in because some can leech some harmful things in there like malachite leeches hurtful things and tourmaline will leach aluminum and you don't wanna put aluminum on your skin, so there's lots of things but a lot of them are very safe like adventurine, amethyst, those things are fine.

so the way that you do it is cleansing the jar first we've talked about the different ways to cleanse just about anything, you can run it through smoke you can use water you can cleanse it in the sunlight anything like that just make sure it's completely dry. and then you want to add in the herbs, and mix different ones you just want to make sure that the herbs have the same correspondence as whatever your intention is for the oil that you're making. and then you want to charge the herbs with your intention really that's Just holding them in your hand for you add them into the jar just tell them what you want to ask them you know this is what I want this is what I want you to do you know please work this way. and fill the jar about 1/3 full with the herbs and then the same thing for any you know crystals also went to cleanse and charge those add those in and then add your oil. and then if you want this is when you would add any essential oils. 

once that is done you just want to charge it the last time hold your hand over it intentions again and then place a seal on it .so then you want to mix it and the way you said that you can mix it also depend on what you're going to be using it for. so if it's you know a prosperity oil or success maybe that you're going to be on a job hunt you want to shake to mix it because that's what you wanna do right when your job hunting you want to get up off your butt and go look for a job so it's a fast paced shaking motion but if you are going to be doing something that's for like peace and anti-anxiety and things like that you actually just want to turn it's just sort of rotate it so it goes nice and slow. after you have it all mixed then you want to let it steep and you should do this for at least two weeks but more like 6 to 8, a full lunar cycle or two.

T: yeah I always leave mine to steep at least on your cycle if I want it's a bigger working I try to wait at least sabbat to sabbat.

S: that is everything that we had to tell you about oils this week. But other than that we will see you next week to talk all about Litha.

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