Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 1 - What You're In For This Year

Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 1 - What You're In For This Year

Episode 1 can be found here and on YouTube here.

S: Hello and welcome to the very first episode of Witch Wednesdays with Steph and Tara and together we'll be co-hosting this podcast adventure. Rather than diving straight into topics, today we're just going to give you an introduction about what you're listening to and who we are.

First up, what exactly is this podcast? As you may have guessed from the title, we'll be here every Wednesday morning chatting about all things witch and witchcraft. So I guess a good starting point then is to mention exactly what witchcraft is for any beginners. There are a lot of misconceptions about this, so many in fact that we'll be dedicating next week's episode completely to clearing those up. But for now, simply put, witchcraft is the practice of magic and anyone who practices witchcraft is a witch. That's it. It's a practice. How that practice actually works is the subject of this podcast for the rest of the year. So as far as what we'll be talking about, we have a ton of fun episodes planned for you, from religious aspects to tarot cards to traditional pagan holidays, even how to make cider and wine and how that relates to witchcraft, so stay tuned for that. I think that is the episode that Tara is most looking forward to.

T: I am so looking forward to it, I was trying not to interrupt while you talked about it.

S: We plan on really starting at the beginning, so these episodes will be perfect if this is a totally new topic for you, but should still be informative even to veteran practitioners. So with that said, we're just going to dive in to who we are and how we became friends so I will let Tara take it away to tell you a little bit about herself.

T: So my name is Tara and I've been practicing inconsistently since I was probably about 12. My mom actually got me in to witchcraft. My mom was very into studying all religions and participating in different religions so before I was 13 I had been to temple and synagogue, christian churches, a wiccan ceremony. I went to a neo-pagan May Day. My mom was very much, she didn't care which religion I practiced but I needed to find something that gave me purpose and so when I was about 12 I stumbled on to a book by a very good author, I'll talk more about that later, but it kind of just changed my view on things and I started reading more and more, I'm an avid reader, and a lot of it just resonated with me, so I started practicing. When I went to college, I strangely enough actually practiced less. I became an attorney and didn't practice all that much and then randomly within the last couple years, two of my best friends, Steph and another of my best friends Amanda, both have started practicing in different ways and it really made me go and think about why I stopped consistently practicing and what traditions and things I wanted to get back into and as Steph and I were talking, we realized the way we practiced is slightly different even though we both have a lot of the same beliefs, and that kind of spurred the idea on to doing this podcast. So that's a little about me and how I got roped into this.

S: Yes, I tend to rope Tara into all of these things and she's really the idea person in our friendship but I am follow through, execution.

T: Oh yes, she is the organized one. She has a whole calendar of what we're doing every week until literally the end of 2020.

S: I sure do.

T: Nothing wrong with that, keeps me on the ball.

S: So my story is a little bit different than Tara's. My name is Steph, as you've already heard. I am also an attorney like Tara. I live in Chicago, she's in Iowa, we will get to that part when we talk about how we met. But unlike Tara, my parents are Catholic, and I was raised Catholic, but I think the saying is that the best way to ensure that your kids won't be Catholic is to send them to Catholic school. Which is exactly what my parents did, so I went to Catholic schools for years. Now one of the misconceptions that we're going to be clearing up next week and the week after is to talk about how religion really relates to witchcraft, because witchcraft itself is not a religion. You can be christian and be a witch. It's often said that you cannot be because there are some things in the bible that say that witchcraft is bad, but there are christian witches out there.

T: There's quite a few of them in Iowa.

S: That is definitely a possibility, but it wasn't my possibility. I am not a big fan of organized religion, which is what school taught me, and especially high school because I went to an all girls Catholic high school and you obviously have to take a religion course every single year and once you get to your junior and senior year, they kind of let you pick which kind of course you want to take and one of the courses was religions of the world, so you don't just learn about Catholicism, you learn about Buddhism and Taoism and all of those things, which to me was so much more interesting. Because I was like wait a minute look at all of these people who don't believe...I'm not even going to go into all the things because I have a lot of issues with the Catholic faith. Not going to get into all of them because that would be a 40 minute podcast, so all those issues aside, it was like look at all these things that exist that offer so many more options. So that is kind of how I started and moved away from being Catholic and more into what can I do for myself? which is what a lot of witchcraft is, it's not just going to a church or a temple and praying for assistance or something, it's really doing a lot of the work yourself. So I really like that aspect of it, so that is how I got started and like Tara, I did not do much in college, I think... we both went to Iowa, and I think there's just a lot of other things taking your attention. It is Iowa, so namely tailgating.

T: Partying.

S: Yeah, it really is. So I really didn't do anything in college and really not that much in law school because law school also takes up a ton of time.

T: All your time.

S: So similar to Tara, only in the past couple of years really diving back into it and learning more and more so doing the practice of it rather than just learning about it and reading and writing, actually, you know, buying supplies and doing things, which is something that we'll be talking about in upcoming episodes, all of the different ways you can technically practice witchcraft, because there are many.

T: There's a ton.

S: So, that said, little things about Tara and I. Obviously we are both attorneys, I live in Chicago, she lives in Iowa, and we both have two dogs, so if you have heard any dogs so far or will hear any on this podcast, we are not the people to listen to if you don't like dogs in the background of a podcast, it's just going to be inevitable, we're sorry.

T: It's gonna happen, it always happens.

S: So I guess we should tell you, if you have not heard any of our other podcasts, this is not the first endeavor that Tara and I have ever done together. We also ran The Steph and Tara Show for many years. We had a website and we did podcasts and videos, all kinds of things, so a lot of people are familiar with the story of how we met and became friends, but for those of you who are new, I think it's time we share that story again.

T: So we actually met at the University of Iowa, but we were not friends at the University of Iowa. We were in the same sorority and we were a couple years separate and we both had a lot going on, namely partying with our own friends, not each other. And then when I got into law school, I got in in Chicago and they let me start in January so I literally got the acceptance letter, quit my job in Iowa, and moved to Chicago and had a new job within 2 and a half weeks. I did not let any grass grow under me on that one.

S: And the reason that I met Tara then, I mean I knew of her in the sorority, we had met in passing but we really weren't friends, but we both stayed in touch with some other mutual sorority friends. So when Tara moved to Chicago for law school, she didn't really have any friends other than those that had moved also from Iowa because a lot of people graduate from Iowa and move to Chicago.

T: Or they're from Chicago so they just move home.

S: Yes, so I was still hanging out with those people so one of them threw a Christmas party and that was right when Tara moved here and she attended the party and so did I and we started talking there and we were both drinking and decided that hey this girl's fun, like I like this one better than I like any of these other people at this party. So within the next month or two, it was definitely still winter, I hosted an Edward 40 Hands party, and I invited Tara. If you don't know what an Edward 40 Hands party is, it's exactly what it sounds like - you duct tape 40s of beer to your hands and you are not allowed to untape them until they are finished, so good luck going to the bathroom.

T: Wear a skirt.

S: Yes, it's very intense. And I applaud anybody... I invited everybody, had 40s, you show up, you party, you're ready to go but Tara took it to a next level. She showed up with fingerless gloves.

T: Those things get cold!

S: She's always cold and she didn't want her hands to be cold so she brought fingerless gloves so that I could tape over the gloves to tape her hands. I was like girl you are so prepared, we are so going to be friends.

T: I was serious about this.

S: And that was THE moment that I was like yes Tara is going to be my best friend, I can already tell.

T: Yep, that is when we became bestie friends.

S: Yes, that is the story. Which now that we're 30-something seems even more ridiculous, I feel like it's a great way to have made a friend.

T: Hey I would just like to say, for all the ways people make friends, this one has stood the test of time, so that is not a bad way. It was amazing, fun, drinking's involved, like, it's a good time.

S: Yes, it is. And yes that was a solid 10 years ago, maybe 11. So we are still friends after all of this time. That is the story of how we met, the story of what is going on with this podcast and what you're going to be listening to in the coming weeks, so we hope that we've entertained you enough today that you continue to join us, and we promise that, although we will have small inserts of how things work in our lives, how we practice each aspect we're going to tell you about, it's mostly going to be informative and teaching you about what it is and how to do all of these things for yourself. So less solely focused on us.

T: One of the great things about wiccan that you'll realize we do have in common, and I think is true, well witchcraft, is that it's very much about self-care, which is a byword right now, it's very focused internally which we both like because we're both thinkers.

S: Yes, if anything we've said sounds like it might be up your alley, we invite you to tune in and even if you think it's not, we invite you to tune in next week to clear up a lot of misconceptions, because I feel like that's where a lot of the issues come from that people don't want to call themselves a witch or say that they practice witchcraft but it's cool, I promise.

T: And it's not for this podcast but I do use witch and wiccan interchangeably, I know they are different but for my personal practice, they're so intertwined that I sometimes slip and I use them interchangeably so I'm just going to throw that disclaimer out there. I know they're different. Please don't get angry and email us that they're completely different things, I know. But for me, they're very intertwined so please don't yell at me.

S: We do have an upcoming episode either the next one or next two where we are going to specifically talk about the differences between witchcraft, wicca, and paganism, so stay tuned. So if you're listening to this you probably already found a way to listen to us but just in case, you can find us on itunes, spotify, anchor.fm/witch-wednesdays and you can also find us on Instagram, our handle is witchwednesdayspodcast, all one word. Come check us out there. We just started uploading pictures so we're happy to have some likes on them.

T: We also have an email if you have specific questions you'd like answered on future podcasts, please feel free to email us and Steph will tell you what that email is because I always forget.

S: It is witchwednesdays@gmail.com.

T: See, told you she's the organized one.

S: And if you don't want to email you can actually use the anchor.fm/witch-wednesdays website to leave us a voicemail, so if you'd like to talk to us you might end up on our next podcast.

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