Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 14 - Crystals

Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 14 - Crystals

Episode 14 can be found here and on YouTube here.

S: you're listening to episode 14 all about crystals. crystals is a huge topic we've broken it into two parts. Today is going to be the general information like what crystals are, what are used for, cleansing, charging how to use them yourself. next week we will be sharing the top 10 most common crystals and talk specifically about their properties and how to use each one of them. And then of course we'll be sharing our own favorites that didn't make the top 10 list. So let's dive in, I don't think it will be a particularly long episode just to give you all the general information but you know I say that all the time.

So Crystal I'm sure everyone is familiar with if you got started onto a path of witchcraft because they are very common, cause they're very pretty and easy to collect. It's one of the things beginner witches really gravitate towards. so crystals are pretty simple in concept, they're just minerals that have crystallized. like any other materials from the earth it's just minerals, different kinds of minerals that give them their different colors that have melted within the earth and when they come to the surface they crystallized into different forms and different colors, that's what crystals are.

They have a lot of uses. They are used For healing, for charging chakras, for energy, manifesting intentions I will talk more about that next week. so the interesting thing about them is how they work. because a lot of people are reluctant to believe that they can do anything, that they can hold any sort of intentions or have any energy and they don't understand why they work so that's probably one of the most interesting things to get into.

crystals have obviously been around since the beginning of time. and quartz specifically makes a 12% of the earths crust. and quartz crystals have a natural property which is called piezo- electricity and that's the ability to generate an electrical field, which makes a very useful in radio and video equipment. the first video ever invented used crystals to transmit radio waves. and that's still what they're used for today, silicon crystals are used to make the chips that power our computers, our solar technology, so they are used in every single kind of technology that we have around today. so if it's possible for crystals to communicate through a computer chips why wouldn't it be possible for that same energy to be used in other ways? If you want to look more into this the first study done on them was by an IBM scientist called Marcel Voegele and while he was watching crystals grow under a microscope he noticed that they took the shape of what ever he was thinking about. so he then proved that quartz crystals can store thoughts similar to how tapes can store a magnetic energy to record sound. so that's a scientific history if you want to get in so that's a good place to start it's like more than we can talk about it when podcast.

So it's very interesting that they have these electric fields, this vibrational energy, they do Work. so if were using them in science and technology why would we not use them in other ways in our lives?

Everything on earth has energy and vibration including yourself, including crystals, that's why we use them and they generally affect different parts of the body and different parts of your spirit so that is why we use them in different ways.So that's the generally quick and basic background to all things Crystals. so they do work let's just start with that, they work just believe us.

Let's get into all the other things about crystals like crystal shapes and how to use them and cleanse and charge them. Choosing a crystal, you really want to focus on what you're use for it is that so you'll know more about in which I got the top 10, but also I really would encourage people to try to find one in store if you're really looking for one that's going to work for you. because a lot like all itchh tools, pendulums and Tarot decks especially, but all witch tools need to connect with you and your energy so it's really important to get these things in person. there are some that are less important like the clear quartz and the selenite which will talk about a little bit more next week, that are very neutral and cleanse lots of energy so those are going to work no matter which one you get, but some of them are very specific so the way to do that it's just go in store and hold your hands over them and the one that's going to work for you will find you. It's like any witch tool it's Better to find these things in person if you can.

T: I completely want to just pound that back in like the reason witchcraft is so much easier now than it was 20+ years ago is because you order something online and you get it and be like oh that doesn't work. no that particular piece didn't work for you like later you might find something similar substance similar look them on everything that just resonates really well with you the fact that they are readily available of places you can go and see these things and feel these things makes it so much easier.

S: yes absolutely that's not to say that things that you order off the Internet won't be helpful, so if you do live someplace either a very small town or if you live in the US and you're in the Bible belt, it can be hard to find although crystals are one of those things you can really find anywhere, witchcraft or not you don't have to go to a special store. They are used in home decor now, you can find them a lot of places, they're used for energy healing and things Like that's all they're a lot more common than other things you would find in an occult store.

T: and then having said all that my favorite Crystal currently it was sent to me online so like I never saw it in person until it arrived but it's perfect for me so I'm not saying you can't get a good crystal but this is like one out of 100 chance.

S: so the next step is that we wanted to touch on on is crystal shapes, because there are, especially if you go into a store, you're going to find like so many different shapes and sizes of crystals, so it's kind of important  to know what you're looking for and what different different shapes are. so I would say the most common that you're going to find are tumbled stones because they are there like a small smooth stones which obviously is not what crystals really look like when they come out of the earth but they are tumbled so they can be held easily in a pocket or purse or set out on your desk. Because of their small size people really like tumbled stones probably the best sellers, most easy to find. I like them too tumbled stones are my jam, it doesn't mean they you know work any less than stones in their natural form or anything.

T: no they still have the same internal structure so it's the same stone it's just polished. it's like when we puts up on some make up for a night out you're still you hopefully it's just a polish.

S: So that's the one you will find most often, especially if you go in stores they often little baskets of all the same type of crystals, are small tumbled stones.

T: Yep that's what like you get a hobby lobby.

S: The next probably most common are going to be points and it crystal points, is like an intense energy tool and it focuses, amplifies the power of that stone. So you can use it, since it comes towards that little point, you can use it to direct energy inward or out, like out towards the universe. Points are usually used when people manifest intentions. Because they can continue to radiate the energy out into the universe even after you leave it. points, if you're not going to use tumbled stones, points are probably the best for beginners because they're really versatile inhow they can be used.

T: yes that's what I start with.

S: spheres are probably the next commen, it's what you think of when you think of crystal balls, that sort of perfectly circular shape, and they still admit energy like points but they admit energy equally out in every direction .so it's a more up gentle energy then what a point would provide so it's good for like grounding and meditation, for filling a whole room with whatever energy, and a lot of people hold two spheres during meditation because it's like balancing and calming.

T: I've done that it does help.

S: Another common one is a heart shaped crystal. you're usually going to find this with rose quartz because that is the one that is connected to love but they, all kinds of different stones come in a heart shape. but obviously used for any sort of love ritual but it's also reminding you to keep your healing properties close in heart and so any time you want to do you know nourish your spirit with a heart shaped crystal.

there are also cubes and these are less common, but I still have one. they cubes are... so chakras we will talk about at some point but you might have seen them if you look into energy healing and is generally a person sitting cross legged and it has the rainbow dots going up the lenght of the body.

T: Or you've seen it if you're into yoga at all. or yeah any metaphysical store.

S: and it's not just like a witch craft thing or anything, yeah those rainbow points going up the body is a different color associated with a different point of the body. so when you're sitting at the base that's your root chakra and then the top is the crown at the third eye in the throat chakra so we'll get into all of that eventually, but cube shapes generally associated with the root chakra so cube shapes are very powerful grounding stones to create calm in your environment. They are also used when making grids so Crystal grids are very common in all kinds of rituals but also just set up around your house, to manifest different energies, direct different energies, so if you put a cube in each of the four corners of your room, that is a way to create a protectice grid in that space. Which is Another good option if you don't want to cast a circle.

T: I was gonna say my friend Amanda she loves crystals, and that's what she used a lot in her home for protection and welcoming and things like that so she's got them in different rooms different corners and they're different types everything but she uses a lot of crystals for that instead of casting a circle.

S: Another shape that does exist but isn't it common are pyramids and pyramids obviously were use more in ancient civilizations but the beam energy up into the universe that concentrated energy. the most typical ways that they are used if you write your intention down and then place the pyramid on top of it and then That pyramid will direct that intention out into the universe. the next one on the list is harmonizers and they are a pair of cylinder shaped crystals, that are often used in a meditation kind of like the spheres where you hold one in each hand so it's a similar concept but they are just cylinder shaped. and the last one on at the list is clusters. so clusters will be the opposite of the tumbled stones these are like the natural occurrence of what the crystal looks like in nature so it has like many different points and it's believe it vibrates at a higher energy because it has so many points and these are generally what people use in more in their homes, it's not something you carry around because it's generally much bigger as you see a lot I feel like I see amethyst most of all, that's the purple one, I feel like I see that in home decor all the time.

T: if you go look at commercial wands a lot of times this is the type of crystal they'll have on the end of the wind or in bedded in the wind and it's to help draw energy and then direct it out but they don't generally use they don't like a single point they like the more jagged. my first one had a clear quartz and that's kind of jaggy pattern or non-pattern as it were.

S: so let's talk about cleansing and charging crystals then once you have any of your crystals. this is really important for any of them especially new ones because Crystal Hold that energy and you can carry them around with you and then every time you touch it you remember that energy so eventually they become overloaded. and especially if you are using the same stones across many different rituals, then you really want to cleanse them between each one and you really want to you when you first get that because you don't know where they've been or what energy they were holding onto before.

so there are a couple of different ways to do this. so the first one is to use smoke from sage or Palo Santo so that purifies the energy of the Crystal all you have to do is light the bundle and then add immerse the crystal in the smoke, just wave it around. Pretty easy And you cleanse your house in the same way and we will have an episode of house cleansing too. That's an easy way to do it and if you don't like to smoke though, sun or moon light also work.

T: I'm a big fan of Moonlight personally. I like to put crystals around my bedroom and then let the moon...

S: yes I would say the ultimate lazy witchcraft tip is to write down the full moons in your calendar in, and chuck allyour crystals on the windowsill.

T: it's easy for a reason!

S: you have to be careful with the sun because some crystals are more sensitive to it the sun can damage them so I would just look up each one. and another way is to bury stones in the soil of the earth. it's a good way to charge and leave it in there for 24 hours but at the end, soil is something that can damage certain crystals so just research before you do it. and then the last way is my personal favorite way is with quartz or selenite are two which will talk more about next week but they are two of the best crystals for beginners because they are both cleansing crystals which means they don't need to be charged or cleansed them selves they can get their energy is clear and amplified no matter what so you can actuakky use them to charge and cleanse all of your other crystals. and I have both of these and I store all of my other crystals with them. So another lazy, easy way.

Those would be good ones if you need to order online they're going they're going to be what they are regardless.

T: Yeah and there they're very easy to find

S: the last thing we have in our list is just how to use crystals in your own practice. now this is going to be at different for each Crystal so it may make more sense next week in the top 10 but one of the, if you're not doing energy healing, which is you may have thinks it's not it doesn't really have anything it's not witchcraft specific, a lot of people do and it's a part of a lot of different spiritualities, that crystals are used and placed on different parts of the body to heal different areas. So outside of That the main way to use crystals within witchcraft is for setting intentions. and it sounds like it's difficult but it's very easy, we've talked about this throughout our episode that we've done so far. So setting intentions is just getting in touch with your spiritual needs, so you just need to find a time to do it, it's just about being very specific about what you want to send out into the universe and you're asking for something or trying to improve yourself in someway, you very specifically think about that intention while you're holding the crystal. and get very clear about what you want. Whenever you feel ready, say that intention, put it into your crystal and then repeat it and then carry the crystaln with you or leave it someplace where you're trying to manifest a specific intention.

so let's say you're trying to manifest abundance in your career, leave that Crystal on your work desk. and then every time you touch it or see it, refocus your energy on that goal. that's very simple way to use crystals in your practice and I think it's very effective.

T: I'll also like crystals for meditation or clearing your mind in order to find what intention to set. if you have multiple crystals, sometimes getting the multiple crystals out and trying to feel which one you're leaning towards at a certain point in time can help you determine what direction you should go in. because crystals have different uses in different strengths, just putting them out in a row even and trying to feel where is the universe directing you can be helpful.

S: Yes and crystals are often used in pendulum divination so when you see a pendulum it's usually a crystal that is hanging from some sort of chain. and you hold it over the grid or you know like a Ouija board. a lot of people have them do you use them in witchcraft but I'm still scared of them, so I mean those things are real.

But pendulums are used like that, you have a grid and you have an alphabet or have like yes no and the pendulum will move in a certain direction to choose something for you. so yes they are good for divination.

I think that is all that I had to share a crystal today.

T: one last fun fact away about crystals, so a lot of people when they are first getting started out, they focus on specific types of crystals and they forget about gems. no not all gems are crystals but there are gems that are crystals and so I really like getting gems and putting them in jewelry so that I can constantly look at and help focus on what my intention is and that's just something something to think about because crystals are just pure substances, a little, arranged in a regular geometric pattern internally, where gems are all pretty and sparkly which there's nothing wrong with that though gems are often put in jewelry but gems can be crystals and then put in jewelry. Diamonds are gems. But things like rubies and diamonds and Amber they can all be considered crystals in one form or another but yes just a fun fact

S: that is all the fun facts that we have for you this week and we will see you next week for episode 15

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