Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 15 - Top Ten Crystals

Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 15 - Top Ten Crystals

Episode 15 can be found here and on YouTube here.

S: you're listening to episode 15 top 10 crystals. We already talked last week about the general information so this week we are diving into a top 10 list because it is a lot easier to talk about a specific Crystal uses when we are talking about specific crystals. so we pulled our list of what we thought was the top ten Most common and most useful in the practice of witchcraft and then we have a couple of others that work particularly well for us that probably would not make the top 10 list. and there are hundreds out there okay, so just because we put it on our top ten list doesn't mean that it's going to be your top 10, you're just that's the whole fun of Crystal, is seeing what works for you and don't be put off by just going to a store and something catches your eye, that that's great it's going to work for you.

T: and just because I'm is pretty doesn't mean it's not useful.

S: exactly so let's start with the two that we mentioned last week that are in and of themselves charging crystals and the first one is clear quartz. and one of the most popular ones for beginners because it's so useful. So if you have a spell or  ritual that you wanna do that's calling for a rose quartz and you don't have any, clear quartz is something that can be used in the place of any other Crystal. so if you there's some that you don't work with very often, you don't need to go out and buy that specific crystal, clear quartz can be used for anything else in any other ritual.

and there are similar in similar herbs and there's similar oi, so if there's like a similar candle, when we get to candle colors, that it's sort of this general stand in, so you don't have something specific you can use the stand in to be whatever you wanted to be. that's what clear quartz is so that's why it's probably the best one to get as a beginner. In and of itself, if you're using it for it's own properties, it's further amplifies your intention of whatever you want and it has a ability to counteract negative energy blockages. If you're ever feeling stuck or kind of down on your witchcraft practice, which happens a lot, something that you do in and out it's sort of like it comes in waves, like you might want to practice some aspect of your witchcraft practice every single day for two months and then not pick it up again for two months. It kind of comes and goes in sometimes that's because you your energy is blocked negatively and clear quartz is a good way to kind of counteract that and rebalance yourself if you want to get back into things.

T: and again because it's so versatile it's a lot of wands have this in them, either at the tip to direct energy or in bedded throughout the wand. and my first one had it ,it's pretty and it's so easy to work with.

S: very forgiving. So in general it is good for clarity, feeling, cleansing, symbolized purity, promotes awareness stimulates your brain and immune system and enhances relaxation and then obviously supports other crystals.

the next one that we have on the list is selenite. We talked about selentine also last week as a powerful cleansing stone and it's can be used to cleanse and charge other crystals because it ensures a positive flow of vibrations between you and all of the other crystals in your collection. so this is another good one for beginners and quickly it removes all negative energy from the body especially if you move if you move it up and down your body starting from the top of your head to your feet it's very good way to like cleanse yourself. it's another one that's very forgiving very easy to work with, very good for beginners and I guess if you have a clear quartz, it's not necessarily completely necessary to also have selenite but I have them both.

The next one on the list is rose quartz which is also a has a lot of different uses. it's generally called love stone just because of it's pink color. And it's not just romantic love, but also self love, your relationship with your famil or Your friends or coworkers.

T: It's about compassion and empathy

S: yes exactly. and it's good for healing yourself and it also allows clarity of judgment for other people. which I think is a really good specially if you are dating or finding new friends, it's a good way you know at the very beginning you don't always have the best judgment, so it's a good way to provide clarity. it does help attract romantic love and forgiveness and self-esteem. and it is the one that balances the heart chakra.

The next one the list that I have is amethyst we we talked about last week as being super popular in home Decor. you've probably seen amethyst around because that like it comes in like a variety of purple colors but it's always very striking. so it it is really good like pretty home Decor but it also provide spiritual protection, so that is why it's used so often in home decor. it also has calming energies and invites abundance into your life.

T: so that's why so many people put it in their home in the entryway or even in the kitchen. it's not generally something you find in our bedrooms.

S: it's also used for balance, self confidence, peace, because it can control anxiety or sadness. and it in enhances intuition so it is used a lot in meditation and because it encourages your light tranquility stability it also calms the mind so it helps headaches and hangovers. in terms of chakras, it's the third eye healing chakra so it's the one that's on the forehead if you have seen that across the body or which yeah makes sense then the third eye and helping headings.

the next one on the list is citrine, which I think is although a relatively common and popular one I think this is like kind of the cut off like I was really certain about what the top 5 were. This is called the money or merchants stone. so this is if you're looking to bring money or for your business or is your life, for abundance of this is a great stone for that. if you owned a store you want to keep it in the cash register, if you get a small one you want to carry in your wallet or purse or pocket and this one, is one that doesn't really need clearing as much as the others. I mean we always like in Moonlight and things but it doesn't it doesn't need to have it's energy cleared as much as some of the other stones.

T: this one is also something that I would not of put it on the top 10 originally it is very popular, but it is not one people recognize right away when they see it. citrine is a kind of a strange color usually and that people don't recognize it right off the bat.

S: yeah it's generally like a yellowy orangeish

T: yellowy sometimes would like little green specs or orange specs

S: a natural citrine so it for it to actually be called citrine on can be kind of rare. so a lot of what you find in stores is actually baked amethyst. so but it is whatever you want it to be, if you don't know that it's baked amethyst, it's going to work for you the same way citrine does. So citrine also because of it's sunny colors, instills a positive outlook and stimulates the mine, so good if you're trying to promote optimism and your life.

Moving Down the list these aren't in any particular order unlike those first five, so the next one that I have on the list is turquoise.

T: I love turquoise I have so much turquoise jewelry passed down from my grandmother and it it's very useful.

S: yes turquoise is very popular especially and especially in native American culture, so it's beautiful but it's also good for soul-searching. It helps you find honesty within yourself and get really clear on what changes you need to make in your life and it's also a good stone for good fortune and abundance just like citrine is.

T: I find it very helpful to find balance with turquoise and I'm a Libra so balance is really important to me so I really recommend the stone.

S: The next one on the list is tiger's eye. Tiger's eye is a really popular one, I think it's very common, and I think it is very popular because it's a grounding and protection stone. so if you generally have a lot of anxiety and this is a very good one to carry around with you. it gives you confidence and courage so I think that's why, I mean I feel like I think I have tiger's eye somewhere in my collection I'm pretty sure there's one around, but I don't think that I use that often but I know that other people love it as a protection stone.

T: When I first started I had one and I used it a lot when I was trying to work on my grounding, I mentioned I was not good at that off the bat in anyway shape or form. and I found it very helpful in working on my grounding, centering and focus and it helps build your confidence because once you get good at it then you like I'm amazing!

S: The next one on the list is the hematite. which I personally really like, I feel like I like because of the color but if you've ever seen it, they're like these like grayish black stones and do you remember it like I don't remember the magnetic bracelets used to be very popular. Those are hematite. People used to wear them as like balance. hematite is good for pain and clearing negative energy, so that's why those bracelets were so popular because they really work. that's that's exactly what they are used for they like ground and balance and use for distressing clearing negative feelings, another one that treats anxiety, and it's it's good for memory, counteracting confusion and increases mental organization. It's is pretty, a greyish, black shiny stone, and I would say that that was drawn to Just from seeing it at the store yeah I'm not necessarily like going in there like looking for anyone in particular but just being like drawn to like it's pretty, it's dark gray mirror.

the next on the list I have them together, black tourmaline and smoky quartz I put them together because they do similar things and I think if you have one or the other that you probably wouldn't need both. Like clear quartz and selenite. These two, black tourmaline andsmoky quartz are very like similar to each other that like maybe necessarily wouldn't need to have both of them. so the smoky quartz is like a coffee colored so it's clear quartz but then it has kind of like browns running through it so it remind me of coffee. And then black tourmaline is black. but they are both very good for detoxifying and so also good for hangovers for detoxifying yourself it's also good if you wanna put it in water to detox water things like that but it's also good detox other people in your home. So if you have an energy vampire in your life like you're at your work or something like you just like having interaction with somebody and you're just like Jesus I feel tired after hanging out with you, they are energy vampire, and having smoky quartz or black tourmaline around just to deal with them is incredibly helpful.

T: also if they're in your personal life and not your professional maybe think about not spending time with them.

S: they both also are Piezo electric which we talked about in last weeks episode but both black tourmaline and smoky quartz have like very strong energy fields. And black tourmaline  specifically has Like, it's very good at transmuting energy, so if some thing in your life has a particularly negative feel to it then black  tourmaline is excellent for bringing that energy back to neutral. so a lot of people like to use that on their desk and buy their laptops because there's a lot of negative energy both in like the content that you read on the Internet but just like from the power of the laptop in general and very negative like too much negative energy coming so a lot of people keep black tourmaline next to the laptops oron the task at work.

T: I kept some by my door my office for a long time, I work in an environment where energy vampires are real things.

S: we are all about trying to get rid of those things in your life. the last top 10 list is carnelian. and in general I wanted to sneak a Redstone in here. red stones in general are good for anyone who needs a boost of energy and courage they're good for protection and they're also good for like a feeling of joy and happiness. but I feel like red isn't that a common for some reason and there are other ones, garnet is another one, And that's a similar properties but I feel like carnelian is much better for energy and courage. we talked about a lot of the other ones on the list is sort of being grounding and balancing and like you know dispelling negative energy but sometimes you need a boost of energy

T: one thing that all of these have in common is that these are some of the easiest crystals to work with there's not a lot, some crystals are harder to work with but individual stones and the type, but these generally are quite easy to work with and easy to find a good match with and so there's that.

S: yes definitely agreed. so all the ones that I put on the top 10 list. Tara do you want to add any that are your particular favorites that did not make this list?

T: I actually do. I'm not a huge crystal person so I will not have nearly as many as Steph, who is a huge crystal person, but I really like fluorite. and this is a very pretty green, purple mineral. you're probably seen it and not known what it was. it's not great in jewelry, I know a lot of the times I'm like put your minerals in jewelry it's great, but this is a very, it melts very easily and can't get damaged very easily so it's usually not put into jewelry very often. and I have a polished heart stone of it that I actually got an a subscription box and it's amazing, I really really like it but fluorite is good for let me just read you a little description of what it's good for and you're gonna be like oh my gosh if you know me this is why I need it. These crystals cleanse your mind, body and spirit. They are protective stones, protecting you from outside influences and drawing off negative Energy. It can give you the strength release your pent-up emotions it'll help you express your grief anger fear or even love and pave the way to more honest communication. so this is like my stone.

S: Flourite makes my list as well specifically rainbow fluorite that is pretty. but Flourite is also great for decision-making and clarifying decisions which is something Tara sucks at.

T: yes oh my gosh if you give me five decisions, I will come up with ten answers.

S: That is completely accurate.

S: another one that makes my list is Sunstone, it's called happy stone and I really like that, so it's good for a pick me up on its good energy stone for when you're feeling tired or have no motivation. so I really that's the random one that I really like. the one that particular, the rest of these work for me because, there are stones that work better with your sun sign so there are stones that particularly work well for Scorpios which is what I am. I think all the ones on my list are all Scorpio stones. So the first one is labradorite which is really pretty, different colors on it, like bluish green like very light purple, it guards against negative energy and helps you connect with your spirit guides, and it promotes calmness creatively and a clear mind so for me personally that's good in my witchcraft practice of because, I'm good at centering and grounding but I do feel like certain times of the day it can be hard to clear my mind and focus so this is a  very good stone for that. another one that is on my list is snowflake obsidian. I love I love snow is a Scorpio stone it's like a dark gray color that has like white specs on it. It's good for scorpios because we tend to hold on to things. I know I have had the same arch nemesis since fourth grade, I hold I hold forever so snowflake obsidian has detoxifying elements that are good for rituals of release. so if I need to let go, if some things like bothering me that I don't need to fix I just need to let go, to write that down and you practice to release that to get rid of it.

another one that I love is pyrite. I already talked about are the top 10 list of hematite being on the top ten And me liking it because it was like a dark gray mirror, this is the gold version of that. so probably seen, it's called fools gold but yeah it's like a shiny gold color, and I love that when I'm particularly drawn to that one shiny pretty stones they'll get me every time.

T: it's cause they're pretty but they're also useful.

S: yes so pyrite does just what you think it would, it attracts opportunity prosperity and abundance so in workings related to bringing abundance in your career, just bringing money into your life, like things like that I particularly enjoy that one and the last one on my list is onyx which is jet black. Also a good Scorpio stone and particular good for meditation It's absorbs negative energy and actually turns that into lucky energy so not only gets rid of it but turns it into something useful and powerful for you. and since Onyx is at the complete opposite end of clear quartz, it is jet black whereas clear quartz is obviously clear, it is very good to use in your space to promote harmony because it's a complete balance of black-and-white when you use it with a clear quartz. so you'll find that a lot too I bet Amanda does that in her home too, balancing that black and white and bring harmony to your space.

those are all of the ones that are on my top 10 list and my additional five that I added there. I would say that the clear quartz is definitely the most useful in my practice. I feel like it's going to be that way for most poeple. but I would say if I had to pick just like one off of the list after that I think that I like work with most or use the most it would probably be pyrite, because that's the what I do most in my practice is attracting abundance.  especially like in the house and just like you know all of those things and the next one on the list would probably be the Onyx, just turning negative energy into Lucky energy and having it around the house to make it like a harmonious space because that's important for a hearth witch.

T: I would say my top three are the clear quartz because again the fluorite and probably amethyst.

S: Please let us know if there's anything on this list that we missed that it's particularly your favorite stone to work out there you can call in and leave us a voicemail if you listen to the end or leave us a comment on Instagram, and if we did mention your favorite on here let us know which one it is and if you agree with any of our particular top threes. and that is all we have for you this week we'll see you next week for episode 16.

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