Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 17 - Pendulums

Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 17 - Pendulums

Episode 17 can be found here and on YouTube here

S: you're listening to episode 17 pendulums and pendulum divination. so like we mentioned last week pendulums, like Tarot cards and oracle decks, are another form of divination. they are used, unlike the decks, for a quick yes or no questions. If you are New to divination and don't want to jump right into Tarot or oracle decks, pendulums are a very good way to start. especially if you're not sure about working with energy or asking the universe to these questions and getting in tune with the answers that they provide or with your gut instinct, pendulum is a good place to start.

Sp pendulums is work in two different ways depending on how you personally use them. so the first way is that they tap into the subconscious mind by tapping into micro movements in your hand. and they can also be used to work with spirits or fae so when you are asking at these yes or no questions and asking the pendulum to move you, are actually connecting with your chosen spirit or Fae and asking them to move the pendulum for you to give you the answer. Could go either way.

Pendulums are not new, Doctors in France used to use them to diagnose illnesses. soldiers in Vietnam used to use them to locate underground mines. and in South Africa they were used to find minerals. so there's a lot of different ways they used to be used, but in today's society they are used for divination. they come in a wide variety of types. so in essence a pendulum is any weighted item on a cord that can move in easily in any direction. it's generally a metal or string type of cord and the tip will be bronze, silver, or Crystal and the other end will have a counterweight. and you can make or purchase them up and some also have a chamber at the bottom that you can fill with incense or oils to make it more specific to your working. but even though those are the most common ones you find in stores, they really can be made of anything. so you don't want to go out and buy one if you'd like to just try your hand at using them you can literally go out into your yard and tie a pinecone or acorn to yarn and use it that way.

T: Simple but effective 

S: yes so the way that you would use them is to put yourself in a relaxed and clear state of mind, similar to centering and grounding and you would hold the cord in between your thumb and index finger and wrap it around once a finger one time if you if that's easier and place your elbow on a table. and before you get started asking questions you want to determine your pendulum's personal movements for yes or no. every pendulum is going to be different and even your pendulum can change between questions so do you want to ask it to show you a swing for yes and then once you get the answer you wanted to show you asked it to show you a swing for no. generally yes is often vertical or a clockwise swing whereas no is a counterclockwise or horizontal swing but you have to ask it every time because it can also change directions  from day today so do you want to know which way is giving you which answer.  it's good for you generally ask you yes or no question just related to anything that's coming in your day or life. for example you can ask you know if your boss is going to like this project, when you are interviewing for a job if they're going to appreciate your your blue suit, ask questions like that. and your pendulum swing back-and-forth to tell you yes or no. so it's a good way to get a few easy answers quickly to sort of get your feet wet.

It can also be used for dream interpretation if that is something you incorporate into your practice you would ask if the you know say you were being chased in your dream you would ask is that the person chasing me is that a stranger is it supposed to represent myself is it my spouse, and it'll swing yes or no to tell you who the person in your dream is supposed to represent.

and it can be used for healing that's very popular one, balancing chakras. you hold the pendulum over the body or a piece of paper with the human body printed on it and search for illnesses or problem spots that you know need healing so you would just hold it over each area and wait for to swing yes or no that it to know if there's a problem with that area.

you can also use it for sensing energy so you can hold it over all your other tools in witchcraft to see if they are sufficiently cleansed or charged enough for your medical workings.  Another good way to use it in witchcraft which I like to use is if you are making your own spell bottles or rituals, if you're doing Kitchen work like tara and I both like to do you can ask your pendulum if you used enough of a certain ingredient.

and in general it's good for if you want to use it for channeling to get messages from your spirit guide or guardian angel or any deceased loved ones. So if you want to use it for more than simple yes or no answers you can use a pendulum board. so this is a good way to get more answers from spirits. so you can get simple yes or no boards or you can get more complicated boards that include number zodiac signs days of the week or letters and if that sounds a lot like a Ouija board, you are correct. The difference with a ouija board is that they have that triangular chip that used to find the correct letter or answer and in this case you're using a pendulum. in order to use the board do you want to leave a pendulum on the board and ask it to connect with the board and then ask it to show you yes or no. Some boards have yes or no located on the board. you want to make sure that it's swinging it towards the correct location. it's still a generally good for yes or no questions but you could, especially if you are trying to connect with spirits, you could ask it to tell you it's name and you would hold the pendulum over each letter in order and wait for it to give you a swing for each letter and then once you get the first letter you go back and start over again and wait for it to swing over the next letter so you could have your spirit spell out his name that way/

some of the boards also have a zodiac signs and days of the week, so if you wanted to ask a question about the week and ask which day this week is going to be my luckiest day, you can hold the pendulum over you know Monday wait for to swing yes or no, Tuesday wait for it to swing yes or no, and you will generally get a very good reading on a particular day. but still for deeper guidance it is better to ask a tarot or oracle deck, but pendulums are a good place to start. 

in order to find a pendulum then, I personally recommend that you go to the store to find one because online ones never work. this is really one that you have to connect your energy to and you can't just pick one based on how it looks. it's very important that it connects to you. so in order to do this you go into a store and generally go around to the pendulums and sense the energy of each one by holding it. Go back and ask the ones that you generally sense good energy from, ask them if they will work for you. a good way to do this is to hold a pendulum in your hand and just ask it to show you a swing for yes and a swing for no, to see if it'll even work for you and then if it does, ask it if it would like to continually work with you. and we should see a yes swing from the pendulum that is most connected to you. but I know that we have some listeners in locations that really don't have occult shops anywhere. in which Case you do order all of your supplies online, so if you do that and you have no other option than the best way to go about that is to pick a metal or crystal that you already know that you work really well with. that's the best way that's going to give you the best sort of answer and find one that hopefully it's energy when it arrives connects with you really well.

T: and don't be afraid to go just get something neutral to get started because I just got a clear quartz when I got started on a simple metal chain and I had to order online because there's nothing near me like that oh and it helped guide me to other ones that were more in tune to me but it wasn't it, never worked against me.

S: which is segues into the very last thing we have to talk about which is whether we have them and how we use them. 

T: I have a few. I have used just a regular string with a clear quartz tied to it. I have a really pretty clear quartz that's on a metal work chain that a friend of mine actually made for me so it has a lot of meaning to me. and then I have one that it doesn't have any stones in it and I only use it for really quick questions, like the ones with the stone I feel like you give me a little bit more depth to the answers. but for just a quick hey what's going on kind of thing, I have a non-stone one as well.

S: I have three that I would say that I work. I have two that are traditional pendulums, I have a clear quartz one which I feel it is very easy to work with. and then I do you have another one that's just different a different kind of crystal different kind of metal, and I just I like that one works for me as well. and then I have one that I consider a pendulum it's not traditional although pendulums like I said really can be anything, tie a string to a pinecone. and I have one that's actually just a necklace which is very common and they can work like that as well because it's just you know a piece of jewelry at the end of this extra cord I have been using that before I even got a pendulums with always been connected with me because obviously I've worn it a ton so it has time to connect with my energy as I'm wearing it. so I find that actually it's pretty effective for me. I do you them fairly often anything for like yes or no questions that are know pretty simple And I do use them in practice, in making oils, like spell oils and charm bottles and ritual bottles that have different ingredients in it where you combine and you know herbs and crystals and oils all into like a little shaker jar I will ask I use the pendulum to ask if I've included enough of a certain ingredient to make that spell effective. so that way I also I have used it and it's a good way to pick out a card usually adjust shuffle them and one will fall out but you can also spread all the cards out on the table and hold your pendulum over until you get a reaction on one and that's the card for you so I have done it that way as well.

I think it can be useful in my particular practice just asking if I am using, if something that I want to use in mind and I'm deciding between two different colors of candle, which we will have coming up with a candle correspondence, but also some are really close, they generally have like similar properties and I'm trying to decide which one to use over another, I can use the pendulum to be like OK well which do you think this is going to be more effective or is this one going to be more effective.

T: I've done that a lot for both candles crystals herbs and a lot of times I think we talked about this when some of my teas are getting older that I made and I wanna know which ones I should use a pendulum.

S: Yeah specially if you are a beginner practitioner it could be kind of hard to, we talk about instinct and trusting your gut, but It can be very hard for a beginner when you're learning everything and you don't even know what your gut is telling you what you could be things so if you are in the beginning stages of just having trouble deciphering your gut, you can use a pendulum and since it takes up on your micro movements and picks up and things that you already know the answer to in your subconscious you're bringing it to the forefront, so it's a good way to learn how to trust your gut, so if you're thinking OK I think this is the answer but let me double check with my pendulum and it's a good way to figure out if your intuition is what you are actually thinking the answer is.

T: well and I have a issue where my brain gets in the way of my gut because what I think is happening isn't how I feel. A pendulum is a good way to clarify Which am I just overthinking it or feeling this

S: I think that is all we had to share with you on pendulums this week and try to keep it short we are sucking at that. We really are trying to keep it short but man we talk.

T: we do talk.

S: if you have a pendulum or if you have any questions on pendulum please share an Instagram or leave us a voicemail you can listen to the end,

T: we also have an email account we don't check it as much as Instagram it is available.

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