Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 19 - Candle Magick

Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 19 - Candle Magick

Episode 19 can be found here and on YouTube here.

S: you're listening to episode 19 candle magic. we are going to on talk today about a what candle magic is in the types of candles you can use, the types spells and what the different candle colors mean so with that said it's clear that we are talking about modern and more American candle magic. older European candle magic is considered elemental candle magic where the candle just stands in for the element of fire in ritual and spell work. it really has nothing to do with the candle, the colors don't matter, you can burn the can, you don't have to burn the candle all the way down, you can use it for different workings, it just represents the element of fire, since in that type of magic or those type of rituals, it's often combining all of the elements your fire air water earth and spirit so we are not discussing that today.

T: a lot of witches will use that on their alters if there's a religious aspect for you they still do use it just for the fire aspect but we're going to get a lot more modern in our interpretation of candle magick.

SL this is the definitely the more modern American way of which is become a very popular lately. candle magic falls into the category of representational or sympathetic magic along with things like Reiki healing and voodoo. dolls the principle of sympathetic magic is that what you do to one thing magically or energetically is going to change or manifest in another thing. so there are a lot of different ways to practice this and you can use this type of magic for any purpose, you just need a container or a vessel. so in this case we are talking about the candle.

The we use candles historically candles were a very covert way of practicing magic. because they're such a common household item they wouldn't raise any suspicion. so they were commonly used before electricity existed so it was less associated with specifically with witchcraft. so they wouldn't be persecuted for using candles.

T: correct also why old world magic doesn't have all of the nuances that the New World spell work does because you only could get your hands on like the type of candle you could make yourself with animal fat or beeswax.

S: in today's society we have a lot more options for candles so you might be wondering what kind of candle you should even use. and it really does not have to be fancy or expensive it can be on there are tea light, chime candles, votive, pillar candles, 5 day, 7 days, there are a lot of different options. it really can be whatever You want as long as it is a candle otherwise it wouldn't be candle magick.

T: basically you need a wick and light it and you're good to go.

S:  one thing do you want to say especially in terms of witchcraft when you're looking for candles it's important to try to source them ethically if you can. you want to avoid paraffin wax and palm oil because these are nonrenewable resources that are very destruction to the environment, considered toxic. you want to look for ethical beekeepers are we talked on this podcast before about how important bees are came up in our Ostara episode, you really want to find ethical and beekeepers. and if you are going to go with soy you want to find a certified plantation that it's called RTRS certified. and if you still don't know you can ask the company making the candles and if they don't know that's not a good sign.

T: that means they're outsourcing it and they're not tracking

S: exactly, witchcraft very much about the connection to nature and having respect for the other elements and things that you share this planet with, so you really should have that same sort of respect in your actual objects including your candles.

T: especially if you're using this to represent something besides fire, you wanna know what you wanna know all the correlations between them, so it's especially important if you're not just putting it on alter you're using it for different things. you're wanting it represent something you wanna make sure that you wanna know what it is that in the first place.

S: exactly so how do you actually perform to spell with a candle. like all magic at the very first step is to start by determining what your intention is, your motivation for casting the spell. that's what we talked about it in every type of magic so far, you have to know what your intention is, what's the goal you're trying to achieve by doing it.

The second step, can be a fun one, you can, instead of just of just using the candle and will get into the different colors in a minute, instead of just using the right color you can also do what's called dressing your candle.

T: I love this one

S: and that's a term is used to describe adding herbs or stones, crystals or oils to the candle before or after lighting it. so this is kind of what makes the candle feel more magical and more personal to you and your intention and you're working. you can also add paint, glitter, you can carve sigils into them there are a lot of different ways that you can do it that makes it more tangible. we discussed how it can be hard to visualize for a lot of people and having these different elements on on your candle these different crystals and things that you can see the colors that you can see really helps people get more clear with that intention.

T: be careful with certain Herbs and especially glitter it looks really cool don't get me wrong I love these things candles I like them in general, but some of them are highly flammable and you don't want to add that to your candle without being aware otherwise you're gonna be in for a surprise boom later so.

S: never leave the candle unattended. so when you have your candle dressed, you want to find the appropriate time and place your  candle the candle holder and burn it or allow it to burn out on its own. so we are going to talk and actually the next two episodes the first one is about moon phases and the second one after that is about days of the week, and how those have different correlations depending on where the moon is in its cycle and what the day of the week is better for performing Different types of spells. which is a great, if you're in lining up timing that really works for a lot of people, but some people don't work well with moon energy in which case it wouldn't matter. but don't let timing discourage you from doing the working if you're ready to do it you feel called to do it at that point absolutely go for it but I do know that we're gonna have episodes coming up about timing and that could be really helpful for you.

T: again it's like when we talked about casting the circle if it helps you visualize it's not wrong. if it helps you concentrate and direct your energy it's not wrong. they are just traditionally ideas about different moon phases and days of the week. personally days of the week never matter to me but moon phases have so again it's just a personal preference.

S: So after you set your intention and burn the candle, when it's done burning another option is that you may decide to psychically read the candlewax. so there are a few different ways to do this you can read it you can read the flame you can read the candle wax as it's burning down and you can also read the wax after the candle is already burnt out. and there are a lot of different things to look for and ways that you read it, usually use your intuition to determine the meaning of maybe It burns really unevenly or it smells bad or if you see any shapes on the wax that remains are different ways to read these things, but those are topics for another time. so if you have any interest in a candle burn readings, wax readings let us know we can definitely do podcast episodes focused solely on those things.

T: yeah and again that's something that is really interesting but it's not necessarily tied to the specific spell you're working with candle magic it could be something completely different or it could be tied in and it really just depends on what you're using the candle magic for

S: exactly and that we're trying to keep this first round of episodes to being really the basics and getting a broad overview of everything and getting into how to read candlewax is kind of specific, so if you are interested in more specific episodes from us please let us know either on Instagram or voicemail, we can make that happen.

The last step is to dispose of the candle when you're done and this is most commonly happens by burying it within the earth but we do have an upcoming episode on how to dispose of spell remains and it's not just candles or herbs we're gonna talk about absolutely everything you use in spell work and how you can ethically dispose of those things when you are done with the working.

T: yeah and I don't wanna say that's not important, a lot of people think when they're done they're done, and with universe the way it is you're never completely done with something so I'm just gonna throw it out there.

S: the last part of this episode that we have for you is to dive into what the difference in candle colors mean

T: I will throw out there I'm not saying that this is wrong anyway but when I first started it was a lot more old world teachings, so unless I'm doing a specific spell that needs a color, I do Not color coordinate with candles.

S: and I do like to use different colors I don't use all of these colors but I do seu some of them. so the very first and most important one, which we talked about this crystals how a quartz can be used in place of any color, in this instance that's what white candles are so if you don't have all of the other colors white can be used in place of anything else. white on its own is good for workings for purity peace and spirituality.

black on the other hand is usually used for banishing spells and used against negativity for protection and for binding.

T: so one way to kind a remember that is white is very welcoming, it's all the colors and black is actually like a line in the sand separating all the colors.

S: for some of the other colors, there's also brown which is used for Home protection in relation to animals and also for stability, family and material goods. you can kind of think of that as brown being related to the earth, which is a very stable element.

pink just like rose quartz is for romantic love, emotional healing, friendship, caring and self love.

red is for vital energy, strength, passion courage and lust

orange is often used for business,success justice opportunity celebration, ambition, it can also be used for creativity.

yellow is a good one for intelligence, learning, focus, memory, joy, comfort And hope

green is what you would think, used for nature working, physical healing, money, abundance fertility and growth and you'll notice that that has the same correspondences as when we talk about green crystals anything with a green color so very similar

along with blue which is communication travel inspiration, calm creativity and forgiveness. I have found that is very much like the blue crystals that we had mentioned

purple is used for awakening psychic abilities, for wisdom, authority and influence third eye and when you're thinking of authority and influence,kings robes, the color of royalty

And silver and gold silver. silver is for intuition dreams and it represents femininity and the moon while gold is for wealth luck and power and it represents masculinity and the sun

T: perfect

S: I do use white most often I feel like it because it can substitute for anything if you're really limited on funds or are you just starting out and candle magic and don't really want to go out and buy the entire rainbow worth of candles, white is a really good place to start. I have also used black I like I just I really like black candles.

T: I like many candles as we have mentioned. I used to make my own I have not recently because my dog will try and eat anything and everything, I  used to make all my candles white with a silver overlay because I feel very drawn to the goddess of the moon so a lot of my workings I felt were helped by that but if you want to make your own candles there's actually a lot of products out there to make candlemaking very simple and easy. it's kind of fun too because then you know exactly what's in your candle because you made it yourself it's a lot more tied in, I always felt a really nice connection to all the candles and candle workings I did based on my candles. so I highly recommend that if anyone's interested we can also talk more about that episode but it's a very it'll be as simple as complex as you'd like it to be.

S: and we did start a YouTube channel and so far we have uploaded our podcast as another platform for people to listen to and we also uploaded like a planning video and we want to start uploading more things and if watching one of us make candles is interesting to you or any sort of the recipes we talked About please let us know because we will definitely try to make that happen

T: yes by the time you hear this maybe we will have done one of those thing.

S: fingers crossed

T: we have some time

S: but that is all we have for you on a candle magic episode 19, join us next week for episode 20 where we go into all the different moon phases.

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