Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 2 - Beginner Misconceptions

Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 2 - Beginner Misconceptions

Episode 2 can be found here and on YouTube here.

S: We decided that misconceptions would be a good place to start because there are a lot of them floating around out there and a lot of people are reluctant to call themselves a witch or to start practicing witchcraft because of these ideas that have been floating around that just aren't true. So we wanted to go over them in case you are a beginner and worried about getting involved, we're going to dispel all of these myths starting with the first one that we hear a lot which is that you have to be female. There's absolutely no requirement. I think this comes from movies because in movies they always make a distinction between men and women that women are witches and men are wizards or something of the sort and that's just not how, I mean you can call yourself a week or two if that's the term you prefer, but you absolutely do not have to be female. They're are a lot of other similar misconceptions that you have to be a white female or a straight female but none of this is true. There are absolutely no requirements to call yourself a which you can be whoever you are and still learn to practice witchcraft. 

T: And I think this one comes a lot back to TV like you said. When I first started practicing, I started practicing with we're all the marginalized individuals in my high school so there were very few that were straight white females even in Iowa that were practicing witchcraft. So I have slightly different misconceptions but I would agree that the majority of people when they say witch they automatically assume female and I think that goes back back to like you said popular culture in TV and movies.

S: Yes we just want you to know if we have many men out there listening you are more than welcome to be a witch with us, we are all inclusive.

The second misconception, which we totally touched on in last weeks episode and this is directly directed to Tara, but one of the major misconceptions is that Wicca and witchcraft are the same thing. As Tara explained to you last week she in her own mind, refers to them as the same thing but she understands that they are not and so we wanted to explain it to you too. Wicca is a nature-based religion that follows the God and the goddess. It's a religion. Witchcraft is a practice. Like we said last week you don't need to have any religion to practice witchcraft. You don't have to have one at all or you can be any sort of religion. Witchcraft is heavily incorporated into the Wiccan religion but it's not a requirement so it's often said that all Wiccans are witches but not all witches are Wiccan but even that isn't technically true because you can be a Wiccan and not practice witchcraft. It's not a requirement of the religion but it's very heavily focused so it would be very hard to be a Wiccan and not do some sort of magical practice.

T: So I am a Wiccan which is why in my mind they are so intertwined because because to me when I am practicing, a lot of it has religious aspects but I know it's not that way for the majority of people who practice witchcraft who are not Wiccan at this point. There's a lot of different religions. One way that people explained it to me is that it's like the practice of yoga or the practice of law. You don't have to follow a certain religion to do either of those practices but it does influence your lifestyle.

S: And we will have another episode talking about Wiccan and pagan and kind of how those religious aspects play in and what the differences are between them but for now or misconception is between Wicca and witchcraft. You do not have to be a Wiccan or learn about the Wiccan religion if that does not interest you.

So in a similar vein the next misconception is that you have to follow a religion at all which is not true because as we said, witchcraft is a practice, you can be any religion or none, you do not have to work with any sort of deities if you don't want to you can have a completely secular practice which is what I do so I think hopefully in the upcoming podcasts you can get a good idea of how you could work both ways with Tara being religious and me not so much that we can kind of show you all of the different ways that you can make it work but no, you do not have to follow a religion if you don't want to.

T: Not at all.

S: And one of my favorite ones and I think one of the reasons that people don't want to say they're a witch or openly practice witchcraft is because the misconception that witches are evil and/or worship the devil. You hear that one all the time.

T: A lot.

S: So let's tackle witches are evil. So there are good and bad witches just like every single other group of people ever. 

T: Ever. Even an individual can be both good and bad.

S: Yes there are good and bad Christians, there are good and bad Muslims, there are good and bad lawyers. There are good and bad people in any group that you look into it so you cannot say that all witches are evil. And we have podcast later in the year that will go into so-called black magic and kind of curses, hexing, jinxing, those kinds of things that people consider evil that witches do and whether or not, you know, we do them, we will get more into that but since it's a practice, it's all in how you use it.

T: Correct.

S: So there's no inherent evilness in it, no. And the second part of that misconception is that all witches worship the devil. So, no. The devil is an inherently Christian construct. That's where the devil comes from, comes from the bible. If you are, therefore, not a Christian and you do not believe that religion, there is no devil. You don't believe in the devil. So how can you worship something you don't believe in? That's what I say all the time because people are like 'how can you worship the devil? You know, how can you practice witchcraft.' I can't worship something I don't even believe in because I am not christian, I don't believe in the Bible, that's the end of that. Now with that said, there are satanic, you know, religions that do you worship the devil and there is witchcraft incorporated in that, but again that is a subsect, that's a religion, and like we said, you do not have to be any sort of religion to practice witchcraft so there is a subsect that does worship the devil and that's good for them but they also inherently then do believe in the bible and do believe in that construct of the devil. I personally, I don't.

T: Well and witchcraft itself isn't about worshiping anything it's about casting spells. It's not about worshiping anything. So whether or not you believe in the devil it doesn't involve you worshiping him or her whatever you believe the devil to be, again, not christian, so it's really just a matter of there's no worship involved inherently there's they're saying this and they they have a fascinating religion but it does not directly link to witchcraft. 

S: Exactly. The next misconception that we've have on our list and one that I personally wanted to tackle is that you have to own a lot of tools before you can start practicing. As a frugal minimalist I reject this whole heartedly but you do see it a lot, new witches think that they need an altar and candles and crystals and tarot decks and cauldrons and you know all kinds, all kinds of things and we will have a podcast explaining all of these things and more what these traditional tools are but you need absolutely zero of them, especially when you're starting out.  

T: And when I started out one of the best piece of advice I got was actually from my wiccan babysitter at the time and she said witchcraft is all about intention it's not about the goods you have or the tools you're using, yes they help but it's the same as surviving a winter storm. Tou can have a coat and shoes and gloves and boots and yes that will assist you in surviving the storm and it's a lot easier to survive the storm but you don't necessarily need all that stuff just ride the storm, you could just stay inside. Like they are helpful and a lot of people get a lot of use out of tools but the biggest part of witchcraft at least in my mind is the intention.

S: Yes that is completely correct. The tools can put you in the right mindset but they're definitely not a requirement so especially for new witches I would advise that you not go out and buy anything because it's going to take you time to develop your practice, what works for you, what things you're actually going to use and there's no sense in going out and buying something and then realizing that you're never going to touch it again. I hate the waste, I hate the spending of the money.

T: Well not only that but a lot of times as you're developing your practice you'll get something and it will actually take you off the right path because what's right for someone, person a, is not right for you and your lifestyle it's not part of your practice, it's not a fundamental part and maybe you don't need that tool so it is kind of a waste of money to go out and buy some kind of starter kit right off the bat just because sometimes the very kit that you're trying to get to assist you is actually holding you back from discovering what you need to do.

S: I agree with that completely. The next misconception we're going to talk about is that there are a lot of new witches think that spells are the only type of magic. So they go into it thinking where can I get a spellbook, how can I work with this, and I think that also comes from pop culture, movies and TV shows especially harry potter, spells that's it, but they are definitely not the only kind of magic. There's rituals, divination, working with deities, like we said, crystals, there is so much more that you can do and we will get into all of this I promise you, but spells aren't the only thing.

T: Correct.

S: So think outside the box, don't jump into it and think I have to go look for a spell and use it and then expect results, that's just not going to happen. And speaking of not going to happen another misconception is that witchcraft and magic can do the impossible. Not true. You cannot break the natural laws of this planet. You cannot make things levitate, you cannot shoot fire from your hands, like those things aren't real and they also clearly come from pop culture. But witchcraft is not going to allow you to do any of those things, you cannot break the natural laws of this plane.

T: This was probably the hardest thing as 12, 13-year-old needed to grasp. If I could just cast a better spell I would get big boobs and I would have six pack abs and my hair would not be frizzy and my teeth would be straight and I would be happy, that's not how it works people it really isn't. 13-year-old me was really disappointed when my mom sat me down and explained how physics work.

S: Yes you cannot break the laws of physics, I am sorry but don't go into it thinking that's what you're going to get out of.

T: You will be very disappointed.

S: The next misconception is that you have to use magic for everything to be considered a real witch

T: This one I get a lot of questions about this as I mentioned in the first episode I do not practice consistently I do stuff like Steph said, that I have big ideas and I get so excited I go fullbore but then I had trouble with the follow-through because another great idea comes. It's the same with my practice. Maybe I don't do anything magically related for two or three months at a time and then I spend just weeks doing magical things, doesn't make me less of a witch then if I did something every day at the same time or something.

S: Exactly you can practice every day if that is what calls to you but if you don't do something for three months that doesn't mean you're not a witch anymore, that's not how it works. You don't, you do not have to have any sort of regular practice to consider yourself a witch. You also don't need to use magic for everything. I know that it's very tempting for new witches to use magic for every single step in their life and every single one of their day to day activities and you know it is fun but at the same time it can be a lot easier on yourself you know it's if somebody crosses you, you know it's all it's tempting to say oh I want to create this spell or charm or something that you know reflects all their negative karma back on to them but you know what it's a lot simpler to just tell them to fuck off. You're going to get the same end result and sometimes the non-magic way is simpler.

T: Well and I use a lot of magic in cooking I am very kitchen witchy, as will discuss later, but I'm not going to use magic in every time I cook, I'm sorry a simple sandwich for dinner because I live by myself with my dog does not require any spell work or magic but if I'm making something for ceremony or I host sometimes and I want them to feel welcome and it to be a magical experience then yes I may use magic in my cooking but I don't have use it every time, sorry that sandwich is just getting made.

S: Which is a great segue in to our ninth misconception which is that magic is instant. No. Magic is asking the universe for magical help, that takes time. First of all it takes time for spells and rituals and that kind of things that Tara is talking about, magic in the kitchen, that takes time and effort. So first of all, don't think you're going to make a sandwich and that's magic, there's a lot more that goes into it. But you may do some sort of medical working and not get a result for months or maybe even years because the universe is telling you that it's not the right time for whatever it is that you're asking for and that you will get it when it is the right time and somethings won't even work at all especially if you do not put the background knowledge in. So if you're not willing to learn exactly all of these things that were talking about, learn more about witchcraft, learn more you know about the practice and the mindset behind it and you think you're just going to find a spell on the Internet and do it and think that you're going to get a result it's probably not going to work because you did not have the intention.

T: And we'll talk about this more later episodes but there's actually been studies that if you set your intention it is more likely and easier to get to your goals but you still have to put in the work. Like it's not like I would like a promotion at work. I'm going to say that to myself in the mirror every morning when I get ready and I'm going to go to work and it's just going to appear. No I have to apply for it, I have to do extra things, I have to ask my boss if there's any openings, there are certain steps I still have to take. Just setting the intention yes it makes it easier to attain goals but it's because it keeps it fresh in your mind. Magic's the same way, you still have to put in the individual work to get where you're going magic just helps you kind of set your intention and know what your goals are.

S: Exactly and you and it's perfectly normal for you to do some sort of spell and not see anything immediately you can't do you know do a love spell or prosperity spell and think that the next day you're going to find love your life or win the lottery that's not going to happen. First of all you're not going to win the lottery with any sort of magical spell, I'm just going to put that out there. But you can do a love spell and those are effective but that love is only going to come into your life when the universe thinks you're ready for it but also you have to be doing something you cannot do a love spell and they sit in your house and not see anyone ever for six months, you are not going to get love that way. You do need to go out you need to put the work in and you need to be open to meeting people.

T: That is exactly right and a lot of new witches get very frustrated with this and it kind of ties back into magic can't do the impossible. You're literally asking you to do the impossible if you're not willing to put the work in. Magic will definitely give you a boost, it will definitely assist you in getting what you want in life but it's not gonna do it on its own.

S: Exactly and that brings us to our final 10th misconception is that magic is as easy as reading the words off of a page. It's not a recipe, you cannot just look up something on Pinterest and get all the supplies and read it and think that that's all that magic is and that's going to happen and you're going to get whatever this spell says you're going to get. No. It is a knowledge that's developed over time it's about grounding and centering, energy manipulation which we will have and entire episode just about those things but it's all about manipulating the energy around you, manipulating your own energy, sending that back out into the universe it's not easy it's something that you really have to practice over time, work at, learn about. You cannot just look up somebody's spell on the Internet that somebody else wrote and just read those words and think that it's gonna happen for you, that's, no.

T: And I apologize for keep using this analogy but it's like yoga. Some of the yoga moves out there look super cool don't get me wrong if I could do some of them I totally would. I don't do yoga. Watching a video of an advances yoga move where they stand on their head with her 1 foot behind them 1 foot before them and spin like a top there's no physical way that's gonna happen for me right off the bat. Now if I start practicing yoga consistently and keep at it then maybe someday I still doubt it it would work for me. Witchcraft's the same way like...

S: Exactly yeah it's not an easy, and I will say that a lot of these basics that we're going to be talking about in the upcoming episodes seem a lot harder at first and that aspect of it will get easier, you will get better at meditating and manipulating energy, those things come with time and practice so those parts of it will get easier but nothing nothing is instant. 

T: No way and for a lot of the concepts we talk about we will talk about how to get started and where you're trying to go just because like you said meditation for me is hard so hard I have ADHD to a degree that is probably unhealthy for unmedicated adults but meditation is very difficult for me to attain. It's taken me ten years to get to the point where I can sit quietly for three minutes at a time. Some people can meditate for hours that's a lifetime goal for me that's just not something that I can easily do, so it's just things like that like some of them you just work on steppingstones to get to your end goal. 

S: Exactly, which is why we are starting at the beginning and really trying to cover all the bases in a way that makes sense for complete beginners. Hopefully listening to this podcast and help you grow throughout the year.

T: And if people are more advanced and they have other examples, I am always interested in hearing other examples on ways to explain both witchcraft and basically anything as I mentioned multiple times like sometimes someone will say something to me like that makes sense and until then I can't connect the concepts so if you have a good concepts to share or anything please do.

S: Please email us or leave a voicemail we will love to here them. 

T: Having said that we are all inclusive so please don't be nasty or mean or Internet trolls of any that sort.

S: Yeah we'll just delete it. Actually we'll probably save it for bloopers reel at the end of this year.

T: And we're both attorneys we want evidence so keep that in mind.

S: Yeah and by the way we're only the second episode in, we already have an entire bloopers reel.

T: That's true, we could not figure out this recording thing.

S: We're still learning, you're learning with us so thank you. But that is the end for this episode of beginner misconceptions thank you for joining us and we will see you next week.

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