Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 21 - Days of the Week and Magick

Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 21 - Days of the Week and Magick

Episode 21 can be found here and on YouTube here.

S: you're listening to episode 21 days of the week and magic. so today we just wanted to share with you about the different days of the week because each day is ruled by a different planet and therefore has its own energy. a lot of people connect to the days of the week and these different energies in different in ways to if you Are looking at different styles are finding that different days work better for meditation, this might be why. so we just want to go through each of the days what they are ruled by, the herbs and crystals associated and then some different ways that you can practice magic on those days that would be a good correspondences.

T: yeah we're gonna start with Monday because that's the first day of the week I'm sorry that it was Sunday but you're wrong just like Steph was. it's Monday.

S: I wanted to start with Sunday she would not let me.

T: I have strong feelings about this and I'm willing to fight about it. so in witchcraft there is no right or wrong but if you start the week on Sunday you're wrong. so Monday is the first day of the week and so Monday is all about water and flow. it's ruled by the moon so it brings a powerful element of water into play. in Magic we know that water conveys energy but it only conveys what we put into it so it helps our workflow towards goals that we wish to achieve without forcing it. So some good things you can try on Mondays, wash the car, do laundry take a bath I actually don't have a bathtub currently I wish I could take a bath on Monday but you can take a long shower, make magical perfumes oils floor washers air fresheners anything that has like a water base and flows. meditate longer than usual that's if you enjoy meditation. I am not a huge meditator, I meditate as long as possible but I will not be doing this. wear silver jewelry. silver is often tied to the moon so this is a good day for that. paint or and this is definitely something that Steph put cause I would not do this another emotive hobby. Steph would you like to elaborate on that.

S: so anything that's tied to your emotions because that's what the moon is we talked about the moon phases and magic before, and the ebb and flow of that is very similar and have a big affect on peoples emotions so in general monday is good for more emotional hobbies, and painting is one of them, so is writing poetry, Both things I'm not great at but they're there.

T: and this is also why so many people fell extra stress on Monday, not only is at the beginning of the workweek but it's just inherently you're running high on emotions so. wear colors that are white cream pale yellow pale green pale lavender just kind of soothing, pearl, white, and this is also a really good time for spells that are about change, your feelings, really flowing things like travel protection your perception on an issue, how you feel about something it's a good time to focus on that. Crystal, obviously moonstone opal which I love working with opal I know it's not for everyone but I quite enjoy it, clear quartz, turquoise and this is also all about soothing so if you're working with herbs moonflower, lemon balm cucumber eucalyptus, gourds, grapes, Cabbage or lettuce just very mellow lillies, aloe. I do a lot of things with an aloe base on Monday poppy potato turnip lot of things, but think mostly like soothing flowing and it's not a day to add a big splash of red colored because you're already running high.

S: So speaking of which is a good transition into Tuesday which is a, Tara and I have a lot of feelings about the worst day ever yes so we both strongly feel that Tuesdays are the hardest day of the week. anytime the things are going wrong and it's been a really rough morning and it feels like everybody's in battle mode we know that it's a Tuesday, I don't even look at the calendar I can just tell. That makes sense because Tuesday is all about fire and energy. It's named after the Norse god of war, Tyr, so it is ruled by Mars which is a planet of success, action, daring so it kind of makes sense. and the energy for the day is all about fire and metal, and Tuesday is the day that you deal with difficult people and issues and cultivate a warrior energy within yourself. and even if you don't seek out the difficult people and issues they will find you and always on Tuesday. and so some good things to do on a Tuesday is to, like opposite of what Tara was saying about Monday, Tuesday would be the day to wear red and fiery colors and oranges and things like that. or to use candles in those colors for personal success and you could also make your own candles or incense on this day, if you have a garden or altar, add a Fire element to it. and baking and cooking since that has to again with the fire and heat. and as far as the metal side of it it's a good day to you work with tools or to practice knitting or sewing since you use metal tools for that which is interesting.  So in general the spells that are good for today would be anything related to energy sex leader ship assertiveness, winning or personal transformation. there are a lot of herbs associated with all of these days because they all have something to do with each other so the herbs associated with Mars are things like chili pepper cumin and garlic, ginger, those things that are overpowering, Onion pepper peppermints shallots, you know tobacco things like that that are very powerful very spicy those are the herbs that are associated with Mars. and the crystals are bloodstone, and also Garnet red jasper, that red coloring and diamonds.

T: On to Wednesday, which is when the podcast is released for this very reason. because communication. Wednesday is ruled by mercury, the planet about thought communication is a really good day for just communicating especially if you've got all frustrate from Tuesday, talk it out talk it out. and so take care of your personal correspondence on this day remind your loved ones that you love them. and this is a really good day just kind of work through things. I actually find it very soothing to write in my book of shadows on the this day, kind of a nice day it's not usually as hectic as Tuesday but I'm pretty far from the weekend and plan so it's a good data thinking research and put things down on paper. if you have a blog Steph likes to put blog entries down on this day. Catch up on phone calls. Pay bills, set up auto pay that's a good thing for that, shop for books, you can also add windchimes flags bells or ribbons to your garden, it's kind of a soothing activity on this day it's also communicating only with your garden but people near your garden the way to form communication there. it's also a good day for spells involving communication answering questions receiving messages. astral projection is a big on this day, I'm not gonna stay that easy ever but it's a little easier on this day. school and work success it's about communication so again it's a good day to focus on those. also trickery because it's a form of communication, so if you're trying to be tricky about something now is your day.

so again there's tons of herbs you can use for this day, carraway, celery, lemon verbena, it's one of what I consider a tricky herb because it called lemon but it doesn't do anything like lemon anyway nightshade parsley and mint falls on this day although it has to be used for Tuesday, fennel, ferns are fun, dill, lavender, lavender is good every day though in my mind but it's associate with mercury. and there's also some crystals that are associated with this day not a ton, even compared the other days I feel like this day is not really crystal day, in my mind but also I'm not strong on crystals that's more Steph's category.

S: there are not too many crystals associated with mercury, agate, chalcedony, sardonyx, and sodalite.

So Thursday is ruled by Jupiter which is a planet of long-term good Fortune. so it is considered a good day for shopping and spending. this is the day to run errands and involve money or a charity, because Jupiter job is to attract positive growth and good fortune so anything, the good things that you try to incorporate on the Thursdays are to start a new hobby, to shop for any big ticket items, giving gifts is good because it's not only you know spending but that's also a way to attract good fortune to you. it's a good day for practicing divination. it's a good day for making healing sachets or herbal washes for your home. it's a good day for lighting white or purple candles to welcome healing energy in. The colors to wear are bright bold colors but they run the gamut of the rainbow red green deep blue or violet ,lime gold things like that.  the best day for spells for healing, good luck good fortune, education, abundance and prosperity and wealth.

T: you probably noticed that multiple days can be good days for spells for certain things like education is both Thursday and on Wednesday and it's really a matter of what the focus of that spell is.

S: exactly. herbs that are associated with Jupiter are anise, Chestnut, clove dandelion honeysuckle maple sage sassafras. and some crystals that are associated with Jupiter are amethyst, green adventurine, jasper, serpentine and sapphire.

T: Friday is ruled by Venus the planet of earth and growth the arts all forms of love, not just romantic love but friendship and other things of that nature. from entertainment to personal beauty, fixing up a place, Venus energy can be used basically dynamically for anything that has to do with love, so it could be a hobby it could be artwork that you love it it's really versatile. so a lot of times it's a good day to go on a date do you want to do that. create new arts and crafts like I said if you're invested in it is a really good day to really find out your love of painting or sculpting or anything like that. rearrange your alter really maybe somethings not bothering you but you're just not as in love with it, rearrange things. Maybe put a piece of artwork in your home or garden move it around if you have all the art you need find a new spot that you just love looking at it even just a change in life and sometimes bring more feelings about a piece of art that's what's great about art. this is a good day for like mask or making beauty products you make your own oh really just all about the enhancement of your own appreciation for yourself. wear gemstone jewelry look pretty basically. make soap powders perfume passion satchel love amulets, all really good day for that, all associate with Venus which you may know hopefully. moving things around maybe it's a good time to repot your indoor plants maybe into a more decorative pot or just a bigger pot they need room to grow. if you're going to do spells love obviously a big one for today money harmony relationships, marraige, finding lost items. Just general pleasure, Something that you find pleasing a spell that you just like doing it's a good time for that. 

crystals include emerald Jade and rose quartz. herbs are African violet apple barley birch catnip which you can make a tea out of I found out recently I don't personally like it but you should try it let me know if you like it, anyway corn, lilacs my personal favorite flower, orchids plantains which are better than bananas in my opinion I have lots of opinions about days a week obviously, spearmint strawberries thyme tomatoes tulips and even wheat you can use wheat today for a lot of different things. those are some of the things you can use.

S: Saturday is ruled by Saturn and that is the planet of rewards for hard work so this is a good day for cleansing and releasing. Saturday is generally reserved for tackling big projects that take a lot of time and energy and also for banishing negative energy to make room for positive energy. so it's basically the day to spring clean, the day  to clean out the garage or attic room closet, deep clean your appliances stove in your fridge just in general picking up any clutter rearranging furniture cleansing any stagnant air energy in your home. it's a good day to build anything if you're going to go outdoors and we talked about adding small things here and there to your garden on other days of the week but this would be a day that you would like design a rock garden or building a trellis.

Colors for today would be black, dark green, dark brown, wood Colors in general and dark blue. and the best bells for a Saturday would be for removing any obstacles or limitations, lifting any restrictions, overcoming delays and removing debt. the herbs for Saturn are beets elm belladonna ivy morning glory pansy patchouli Tansy, generally these are the sort of hearty herbs that grow pretty wild like if you think of ivy it grows everywhere grows across the whole thing, and these are the other ones are very similar to that everything on this list. the crystals that are associated with Saturn are dark like the colors you would wear and they are jet obsidian onyx and tigers eye.

T: On to Sunday our last day of the week not the first steph, and Sunday is ruled by the sun. A lot of people find that it brings vibrant, successful positive energy to any task that they're doing but the sun symbolizes harmony in action so it's not about overdoing Saturdays all about big projects Sunday is really about enjoying what you have, finding fun, it's why today is it focus so much on rest. a lot of people are go go go go go the rest the week so this is really when you find your balance and enjoying what you have currently. so Sundays are really great for spending time with your family and friends, wearing gold jewelry because sunny, and light a white or yellow candle for future success practice. your favorite hobby or activity don't start something new today is a great day for me for reading of yoga, just things that relax me. add a sundial to your garden incorporate the sun somehow I like natural sundials though planning some flower, things about nature. wear yellow gold scarlet bright red. So this is also a good time for spells about personal illumination, spells about power, good health, energy, or success. It's about finding harmony with where you are right now. 

So crystals that are associated with the sun are amber citrine ruby Sunstone Topez and then again there's ton of herbs that are associated with the sun so don't be afraid of like frankincense which is a fun one to say, juniper oranges marigolds witch hazel I find witch hazel very versatile but it is a good sun herb, St. John's wort sunflowers like I said earlier tea, ginseng is a fun thing to add, saffron daffodils and daisies cinnamon carnations and they're more I'm just not naming them all. 

S: that wraps up all of our days of the week so hopefully that was helpful to you. we have had some questions come in about just in general struggling with you know meditation on certain days or you know finding finding it hard to correlate to you know the spells and get the reaction that you want and if you have not tried coordinating them, those things to certain days of the week this might be a good time to practice. so if you are not great at meditation and grounding and centering try doing that on a Monday or Wednesday, you might have more success if you've never tried this before.

T: and if you listen to our previous episodes also look at the moon phases I know I seem to have a lot of opinions about the days of the week but I actually haven't noticed other than Tuesdays being that affected. But the phase of the moon affect me personally a lot more than days a week where as I think it's opposite for steph.

S: of course it is, moon phases I mean I like to recognize the full moon and new moon but otherwise I feel more like the days of the week affect me. I do feel like my energy matches the days of the week more so than the moon but it's really all trial and error just to see if you know what works for you but if you find that you're struggling in certain areas not exactly getting the results that you want it could be beneficial for you to maybe journal and try out these different days a week, these different moon phases and things like that and see What is affecting you affecting your practice.

T: sometimes things just click and it's just a matter of finding out why they click for you and then re-creating that. not everyone is going to be able to do things in the same timeframe.

S: that is all we have you for this week episode 21 we will see you next week.

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