Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 22 - Intro to Astrology

Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 22 - Intro to Astrology

Episode 22 can be found here and on YouTube here.

S: you are listening to episode 22 astrology for witches part one. I wanted to call it part one because there's just so much information to share about astrology and I think that could be an entire podcast series by itself. there probably is. But it would be impossible to cover everything we would need to in just One episode so we are going to call this you know astrology 101. and talk a little bit about how that can affect your witchcraft practice.

T: and if you can't tell Steph really really into this topic so expect probably like five.

S: I tried to limit it because I'm really trying for these episodes to just be witchcraft intro and can I just go over like I still have so many topics that we haven't touched on yet so I'm going to try to keep this to a minimum and then pick up astrology again later in the year. but we just wanted to give you some background because we do often talk about like our sun signs and how that sort of affects our personality and our practice so we thought we should explain what that means if you are not familiar.

so the very first thing that we wanted to sort of talk about in relation to astrology is all about the zodiac birth charts. And so birth chart so you can make a free chart at Astrostyle.com/free-chart, and all you need to do is put in your date of birth, the location which you were born and if you know it the time in which you were born. as close it was close to the time as possible ,because that will give you the most accurate reading of your own birth chart and the position of the stars and planets at the exact moment that you were born, which shapes a lot of your personality and how things unfold in your life.

T: and I was just talking to Steph about this so I was using the free charting thing right before we started recording and I so depending on when your parents chose for the exact time of your birth it could've been the beginning of when you were being born or the end, which can have some minute variation but if you don't know the time second everything then just do something close to the planets don't move quickly they'll still be very similar 

S: very similar of the, for the time you know if you're within the hour you should get the same readings on your birth chart.

T: and it's only important if you were like me and born at midnight and my parents chose the 14th or the 13th because my mom didn't want me to have to celebrate my birthday on Friday the 13th ever.

S: before we get into the actual birth chart, let's go over some of the terms that you need to know. first up is the zodiac if you don't know, the zodiac is made up of 12 constellations and these cancellations are in order from January to December Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio and Sagittarius which is generally not that that's from January to December so that's you know how I remember them in order but generally Aries is considered the first sign of the zodiac. so a sun sign refers to the position of the sun at the time of your birth. so when you are in a reading like a horoscope in on the newspaper something, generally people look at their sun side when somebody says I say I'm a Scorpio and libra we are talking about our sun signs. so in astrology the sun is considered the most powerful celestial body so that's why it's the first one.

T: and that kind of makes sense because it's big and important and it does affect a lot of things

S: and so the sun sign has the most influence on who you are as a person and will shed light on the most important themes of your life. So every 30 or so days, the sun moves through each constellation of the zodiac and it takes about a year for the sign to travel through all the constellations. so I don't think I need to point this out for anybody, I think we all know this, but when I saw the sun moves, the sun doesn't actually move. I hope we all know that, but when the earth moves it makes it look like the sun is passing through each of these constellations.

So the second most important part that you're going to get out of your birth chart is to figure out what your moon sign is. and this refers to the position of the moon is it at the moment of your birth. So if you don't relate to your Sun sign and a lot of people don't you might get a better reading about knowing what your moon sign is. because the sun sign provides information on your conscience conscious mind where is the moon so I can give you a deeper understanding of your subconscious subconscious. so some people think of the moon sign is your true self and who you are deep down.

T:  so it's basically instinct versus intellect 

S: the third most important part is called the ascendant or rising sign they mean the same thing. and that was the sign that was rising up from the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. and this is the sign that you will most look like on the outside. so if your friends don't think that you are typical for your sun sign they probably see you as you're rising sign. So those are the three that you should look at to try to figure out, you know if you don't automatically read the description of that your sun sign and think that that's you you might wanna look at these other two to get a more accurate reading. rising sign also indicates when major life events will happen to you so you do need to know if the close of the exact time to figure out what this ascendent sign is but if you really don't know, a pretty experienced astrologer can look at your life and tell you what your ascendant sign is based on the timing of like personal milestones in your life which I find really interesting because my... I am adopted so we don't know the exact time that I was born we know it was in the morning it's probably around 7:30 but not sure the exact time and according to that timing my rising sign is Sagittarius. but if I didn't know that then I would know that Sagittarius based on the timing of certain milestones like the fact that I've had I've gotten major illness or I had major surgery pretty much every for every December.

T: like all the time if it's December you can practically countdown Steph getting sick 

S: so those things always happen to me in December because my major milestones for me like big surgeries and things like that always happened Christmas. 

Those are the main three that have a most accurate overall picture of your personality and your life. So to associate the zodiac a little more with the practice of witchcraft, you want to know what the elements are. so theses12 signs are assocated with specific elements, which if you follow astrology you know your sun sign and you probably know which element you are. so the earth signs are Taurus Capricorn and Virgo and they are considered creative stable and nurturing. the air signs which is what Tara is are Gemini Aquarius and libra and they are intellectual decisive and great at communicating but the only thing is libras can be very indecisive because they are constantly balancing their options.

T: So I am such a Libra which you have heard us say on this podcast before and the thing is like it takes forever for me to make a decision but once I've made it there's no change my mind. I weighed up every option there's no way you're making me change my mind so decisive in like once I make up a decision it's I'm sticking with it.

S: the water signs which is what I am are cancer Scorpio and Pisces and they are emotional intuitive and idealistic and last are the fire signs which are Aries Leo and Sagittarius and they are enthusiastic ambitious and energetic. so you probably already associates these certain characteristics with the elements, the earth signs are always considered very stable because when you think of the earth you just think I think of like nurturing stability and on the other side when you think of the fire signs already think of the element is fire as being energetic and enthusiastic or the opposite of earth. So these also carry over from astrology into your witchcraft practice

So one way to sort of work this in is to look at your sun sign and see you know if you want to incorporate elements, the elements into your practice, your sun sign the elements associated with it is probably going to be the ones that you connect with most and if you were, so I am a water sign so if my rising and moon sign were also in water, that I would feel very strongly attached to the water element to be able to use that and work well with the energy of water in my magical practice. and I am not though mine are actually air water and fire all over the board but that's actually you know a good thing in my practice because I can balance all of those energies together. and as a witch it is also helpful to know what these different elements are because when you are doing a spell it helps to know you know based on what kind of spell that you're actually doing. so if you are wanting to make a spell to lets say a make a decision at work and let you know whether you're going to take a promotion that's going to give you more money but also take you away from your family or things like that, and you need that decision making energy you might wanna incorporate in the air element into your spell that you spell work at you're doing

so the last part of the birth chart so when you get a new look at it and figure out you know what those three signs are and how all those elements work for you, the next part is actually the planets. so you will see so you will actually see the planets on the birth chart set up like a wheel and you'll see the 12 zodiac signs but you'll also see where the planets are in this wheel, What there are they are associated with different energies there as well. so mercury is associated with communication, Venus is love, Mars is motivation and conflict , these are probably familiar to you if you know about the Greek or Roman mythology Mars is the god of war so, Uranus is changed and technology Neptune is hopes and dreams Jupiter is luck and learning Saturn is boundaries and any external factors that are outside your control and Pluto is power because Pluto is a planet.

T: Pluto is a planet and I will fight you if you say it's not. like it is important.

S: when you get your breath started generally they do show Pluto on there so just saying. So each of these planets is important to kind of know what they are associated with to use that in your spell works so Jupiter let's say is about the luck in learning so like maybe you want to cast a spell about being lucky in money, you can look more into Jupiter, Jupiter is going to have its own crystal associations it has its own deities associated with it, some colors so if you would like to use the energy of Jupiter and train track where Jupiter is in its cycle to make your spell more effective that would be a great way to use the planets as well.

T:  it also can help knowing the difference, where you are based on the different planets. like personally for mercury and I'm 5°in scorpio, I love to investigate things And unanswered questions so a lot of times when I'm doing spell work I like to not only know what the spell is for but all the different parts going into it. I like to investigate like where this herb came from and that's a lot of why I grow my own herbs a lot of time because I want to know the whole history of what's going into my spell work and that kind of develops from there.

S: yes that's a great way to sort of get a better understanding of how your practice is going to work is to look at your birth chart and you get it, because it's gives you it's sort of that site will also give you a whole description of what everything it will tell you about your personality and you might find that there's your help your birth chart is heavily concentrated in a section that is, you're more emotional and artistic so you might find your Witchcraft practice you that you incorporate a lot of drawing, painting or drawing or working with your hands where I was like I don't have that in my birth chart so like I have no artistic anywhere in any of that into my practice is just a strange for me it would be like working against my personality. so I you know I wouldn't really like try that even if somebody suggested and said I read some place you don't spell is it really effective for me, if it's very artistic I know that it's not going to be affective for me.

so the last part of the birth chart that you're going to see you set up on the wheel are called the houses. Which there are also 12 of. Each of those also gives you guidance on certain aspects of your personality and life Experiences. and so in order to sort of read the houses on the chart you want to locate your rising sign when you get the wheel and that's your very first house and then from there you move clockwise to see where each sign falls in the rest of the houses. but again if you go to that website that we mentioned it does it for you. it does all the work for you so each of these 12 houses represents a part of you. so the first house is associated with your outward behavior and your outward appearance, so if this doesn't necessarily your very first house is going to be your ascendant sign, so mine is the Sagittarius, so don't put your sun sign as your first house t hat's not accurate. The second House is all about money and material wealth the third house is a communication the fourth house is home and environment, the fifth house is creativity romance and pleasure the sixth house is health and work, the seventh house is partnerships marriage and or long-term enemies, the eighth house is all about change transformation and sexual relationships the ninth house is study travel beliefs and spirituality, the 10th house is ambition, career goals social status and reputation, the 11th house is hopes dreams and friendships, and the 12th  house is self sabotage self-imposed limitations secrets and accidents which is actually where my sun sign falls.

so just to see where those that's like another aspect of this birth chart that you'll get you'll see were each of these signs these constellations fall within each of these houses so once you get that birth chart printed out it will tell you how you kind of work best in relation to that aspect. so how if you're your whatever sign is in your second house that's how you're going to relates to money and material wealth, and the best way for you to manage money or create more income or something like that, the best way to go about that that's your birth chart will tell you that.

T: and if you're confused by this really quick run through that's completely understandable there's a lot being covered, this is just a very broad overview of the basics. like the definition page before you get into like actual study. 

S: Yes we think it's helpful to Have the definitions because we talk about these things a lot. and we talk about the sun signs and the various elements and you know why certain ones do you or don't work for us so getting your own birth chart will help you sort of follow along.

T: and it definitely helps to look at the bird chart so even if you listen to this episode and you're like what's happening I would suggest listening and then going and getting your birth chart and then maybe listening to this episode again to kind of find where you fall on these different, what house you're in what you know what I ascending sign you are because at least for me the visual helps I'm all about the visual

S: which I'm sure is somewhere in your birth chart 

well we packed a lot of information in so if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us on Instagram or email. Let us know on Instagram and if you know what your sun moon and rising signs are and if you identify with one over any of the others.

T: don't be afraid of identifying with one over the others or if you're like me your son and moon are both the same so 

S: that as a yes it's definitely possible to and it's possible that you don't associate very much with the other ones my son sign is a Scorpio my moon is libra and my rising is Sagittarius and I am a Scorpio through and through, very little that I identify with with libra or Sagittarius

T: and my son and moon are both Libra and my rising is cancer and I do identify a lot with libra I make a lot of libra jokes but I can definitely see cancer more than some of the some libra stuff is too lovey-dovey for me.

S: that is all we have for you this week on astrology 101 we will see you next week

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