Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 28 - Spirit Guides

Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 28 - Spirit Guides

Episode 28 can be found here and on YouTube here.

S: you are listening to episode number 28 all about spirit guides. so we decided spirit guides would be a good place to start because there is a lot to say about the spirit realm and we have gotten a lot of questions about that so far. people have reached out on like Instagram email and things and asking specific, questions, either about animal Spirit guides or communicating with ancestors, yes and just astral projection, spirit world in general. so we are going to have separate episodes of different spirit related things, astral projection is going to be way later, we are going in you know beginner beginner order so it's gonna be a while before we get to astral projection but it's on list, but we are going to talk about some other spirits I think next week we have Fae coming up which is also spirit realm. so we decide spirit guides would be a good place to start so 

T: beginner subject for this topic which I would say is less beginner than any topic we covered so far.

S: This is the point in our podcast where we get a lot more subjective know in our interpretations because there are some things like you know but correspondences of crystals and reading runes that art across-the-board, witches agree on these things. witches do not agree on the spirit realm. so what we are saying in this episode and episodes coming up we are about to get into more subjective content so this is kind of just the way that we view things and how things have come out in our practice. You get two different perspectives but that definitely is does not incorporate all witches and how everyone has had interactions with spirits, we do not speak for everyone. 

T: Crystals, that's a very general stuff like giving you a base knowledge and now this is where we're going to dig a little deeper and like she said it's gonna be a little more subjective and it's gonna be a just a narrow our focus we're not narrowing it a lot yet but this is where it starts to be like..

S: that's that's exactly right we have one yes coming up on the fae which is a little more subjective and then we are taking a break because lammas is coming.

but today is spirit guides. guidance can come to us in many different forms that includes angels plant and animal spirits, deities and spirit guides. your guide might be a deceased relative who communicates with you or it is an energy that feels familiar to you. your spirit guide could appear in your dreams, they bring messages or ideas directly to you or assist you to feel certain ways and guide you in one way or another on your path in life. you usually feel some sort of like authority or wisdom from your guide because they have more information than we have with our very limited human scope view so these beings are intelligent and kind and have volunteered to help us on our path. So a guardian Angels role is more about loving you but a spirit guide has a greater understanding about your life's purpose, and they usually work in ways that make sure that you were in the right place at the right time to achieve your goals. and the things that you have plans to do in your current life on earth. it's more of a responsibility of guiding and steering us and just generally helping you out. 

T: so guardian angels are more about supporting and love so a good analogy that I heard about this and really stuck with me because it's completely my family, is a guardian angel is more like the fun dad who if you want to eat dessert first you deserve to eat dessert first because you're a good person whereas as a spirit guide is gonna be like no you need to live to old age so you should have some salad first so like more like a strict mom. They're going to help you live longer, live truer to your purpose it might be a little tougher love it because it's not all about what you want right then and there where as guardian angels are I'm not saying they're not protective and they're not helpful to help guide you, but guardian angels are a lot more about supporting you in whatever decision you make. whereas spirit guide the night not supporting you but they're also like you're kind of a dumbass sometimes do it I said.

S: so how do you know that your spirit guide is even around. well they are. But you can become aware of them in numerous ways. one way that a lot of people first sort of become aware of there guide is when they're sad or lonely, it's Those extreme emotions when you can kind of be in a quiet space where you are upset, asking for help and you suddenly feel calm or reassured, that's your spirit guide. and anytime that you are sort of struggling to solve a problem or wish that somebody would just help you or give you an answer and you suddenly get a strong feeling to take one path or make one certain decision, that again is your spirit guide guiding you.

T: and it's not that they're not there all the time but it's just that when you're most willing to listen. so they might be guiding you all the time but if you're happy and just traveling your life path without any hiccups or loneliness or anything you don't really need their guidance. so even if they're trying to guide you might not be listening to them so that's why a lot of times you're lonely sad or frustrated the first few times you hear them, because that's when you start listening.

S: so if you want to contact your spirit guide, there are a few ways you can do it but pretty much all you have to do is ask. you can ask them to appear to you in a dream, that dream state is when you know your defenses are down and you're more receptive your mind is more receptive to receiving a vision of your spirit guide. meditation is also helpful if you can just sit in a quiet room with some relaxing music or some thing you could ask your guide to step forward then while you're meditating. and if you needed something more tangible you can ask your guide to give you a sign on something like a shell or a white feather or a particular type of creature to cross your path. and you might then see that anywhere you can see the nature or could be on television or the book or magazine that you're reading, those can work very quickly.

T: Now if you ask for a diamond to prove that they are ready for you and there maybe don't be surprised if you don't find a diamond right away.

S: or don't be surprised if it comes to you in an unexpected way like you might ask for a diamond to come to you and it just might be a magazine article. So let us talk a little bit about the different ways that spirit guides kind of communicate with you so you are open to these and ready to listen. so the first way is definitely intuition. we all have intuition. it's just that your gut instinct any a sort of spontaneous thoughts. They seem Random but this is a time when you could actually be receiving information from your spirit guide. and this comes this is specific when it comes to me a lot and it is when you see repeating numbers or repeating patterns.

T: oh my gosh Steph is like the queen of this.

S: that is your spirit guide reaching out to you and directing your attention to a certain message. for months every single day multiple times a day I was seeing 1234 I would sit on the clock, I would see it online, all the time. I started I started texting Tara every day at 1234. So that is one way they are reaching out. You may see the same Animal over and over again same shape or pattern so these are can all be taken as a message from your guide and it's up to you to listen to them and think about what that message might mean. and the good thing especially for like numbers and shapes and animals is that there are a lot of resources online to help you decode these.  

The second way that spirit guides  generally communicate is through coincidence. and coincidence when two or more events occur that do not have any sort of obvious relation to each other but the result feels meaningful or makes some sort of connection for you. examples of coincidence is that if three unrelated people brought up the exact same idea to you and three completely different settings or you run into somebody that you haven't seen since high school three times in one week. there are a endless possibilities as to you know that message could be but the most important thing is that you pay attention And are receptive to these coincidences in your life, the more you pay attention the easier it will be for your spirit guide to kind of breakthrough and make the messages make it more clear to you.

T: yeah they could be sending you 1 million messages but if you're not listening that's not gonna help you any.

S: and the third way that spirit guides communicate is through other messengers. so they might find a person, animal or object that can deliver the message to you. so this happens very often with advertisements or characters on TV or movies and books or overheard conversations. you hear something two people talking has nothing to do with you but suddenly their words become very clear and you feel like what they're talking about applies directly to your life even though you have no idea who these people are. That is a way your spirit guide is using a messenger.

the Final way to communicate with spirit guides is in form of events. so these are just generally the things that are happening around us but in the moment the event will seem completely random and later you end up recognizing the significance of that event. so this happens for a lot of people, doesn't have to be negative but I am this is how it presents itself so you lose your job but then you end up finding a better job that pays more money and you love it more or you go through a really bad break up but it leads you to find a way more compatible for you so negative events seem random and destructive are actually your spirit guide communicating with you through a significant event that something better is coming.

T: and they don't have to be negative I was talking about getting a dog for quite a while and I kept looking, I applied, I was not having any luck and then I was talking to my mom and a couple of ladies that I know that I was just gonna find a puppy and adopt this dog. literally the next day one of my friends I haven't talk to you in a while text me and was like hey so my neighbor said that she's getting rid of this dog and asked me to take him otherwise she's gonna take him to the pound. I can't take him do you want him. and that's how I got my dog like it was the next day. 

S: That's one way that you could sort of see Tara's spirit guide having a hand in the 

T: impact huge impact on my life like my life is very different now that I have a dog and it's happier and it wasn't a bad event that happened but it definitely was literally talked to them that night, crazy coincidence. 

S: so obviously Tara and I do both believe in spirit guides yeah I believe that everyone has one you just have to listen and I believe that they come in a lot of different forms. some people believe that spirit guides are, look like a person and that they will use other messengers to talk to you so if you see your spirit guide as you know an animal, that that's really them like in a different form to try to get your attention. however there are also some thing, especially in Native American cultures, known as animal spirit guides. we do not use the term spirit animal it's cultural appropriation. But you can have an animal spirit guide And that it may not be your guide that's with you throughout your lifetime but in animal spirit that you want to work with in certain spells or rituals, something that has meaning to your intention there. and your spirit guide can work with that animal to help you manifest that intention. and a lot of people will believe that those are two separate things. however I believe my spirit guide is a raccoon. and I have never had my spirit guide interact with me or present themselves as a person not in a dream or anything I know no concept of them as a person except when I was a kid but I think it was a ghost and not my spirit guide, but I am often, in many different ways, visited by raccoons.  Raccoons are a very interest animal to be a spirit guide and it's just when you look up what they mean it's it's very interesting that they're very Scorpio related and a lot of the same like secrecy and things like that it's just interesting that all of the significant things in my life I've been presented by raccoons. so we do guys if there is sort of like a human being but they I don't personally believe that they have to be.

T: well and when I was younger I was convinced that my spirit guide was a wolf. and then as I got older I found out that my grandmother on my father side, she passed away just a month before I was born, she actually raised wolves which I had never known and for some reason when I found that out, I no longer thought my spirit guide was a wolf, I think it was my grandmother. it was just a weird thing but I stumbled across an old photo and I was like well that's that looks like a wolf and my dad just casually like oh yeah yeah breed wolves and I was like I'm sorry what? my grandma was a bad ass but anyway yeah but there's definitely been times in my life where I was making a decision where I was going with something that would make me happy in the moment and I was very firmly guided a way into a different path very very firmly.

S: I believe everyone has one so if you want to share about yours, about having a guide that has helped you out throughout your life we would love to hear about that but if you think differently and you believe that you have many guides that come and go based on you know the time in your life or what you're working on that day and you don't feel like you have an over arching spirit guide we would like to know that too because like we said there are a lot of different opinions on this we are definitely getting into subjective territory when we are talking about spirit guides today. so we would love to hear what your opinions are on this so reach out to us on Instagram or email or on our website witchWednesdays.com we want to talk to you about this and let me know if yours is a raccoon too.

T: not that a raccoon is a poor spirit guide in any way shape or form but they literally find her, actually ones find her.

S: They do, they talk to me. Raccoons are great, they represent secrecy and curiosity intelligence, courage, resourcefulness, I love everything about them. I feel very strongly about that but maybe you have it you know something has worked in the same way for you but you just didn't realize it until you were listening to us talk about that and you have some sort of animal that keeps appearing to you or whether it is a plant or a flower that keeps appearing to you randomly even out of season you see you know marigold in the dead of winter and that that would definitely be your guide speaking to you. so if you have any on things like that please let us know we love talking about this stuff.

T: and as we get some more subjective things we will definitely ask peoples opinions on do you agree or disagree as long as everything's respectful like it's always good to hear other people's point of view and how their path has branched off. and it's always interesting to find how people get to either the same place from different beginnings or end up in different places from the same beginning.

S: yes please let us know your thoughts and we will see you next week for episode 29.

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