Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 29 - Working with the Fae

Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 29 - Working with the Fae

Episode 29 can be found here and on YouTube here.

S: you're listening to episode 29 working with the fae. so this will be a relatively short one, we just wanted to give you an introduction to what they are and working with the fae cause we kind of mentioned them in other episodes were talked about you trooping of the fae and and litha and all of that so we just wanted to kind of give an overview of What that actually means 

so when we say today it is spelled FAE that is the fae world and it encompasses a lot of faeries. it's not the traditional word fairies. So we should say that there are many many different creatures in the fae world that are very different in appearance so traditional fairies like when you think of Tinker Bell that's only one of the many many many many varieties so we say fae world and faeries were talking about everything but there is A subset of actual little Tinker Bell fairies, but it also includes elves brownies gnomes and even unicorns are considered fae world.  

The fae, faeries are considered nature spirits and they derive mostly from Celtic traditions, that's here it all comes down from. so having said that working with the fae is very interesting. so they are you might've heard negative things because they are tricks tricksters they are always finding loopholes heard the superstition that you should never tell a fairy your real name because then they have power over you, all of those things so when you hear those like negative things are like well why would I even want to work with them in my witchcraft practice? and you might not there are plenty of witches for you although they recognize that the fae realm exists, they avoid working with the fae in their workings

T: so you don't have to work with the fae if you're uncomfortable with them again like always trust your gut.

S: yes you should always do what works for you but the reason why you might want to work with them is that they are very, very powerful. The reason that a lot of people start working with a fae because they have been trying spells in certain areas and just not getting the results that they want, either not working at all or it's not working well that they ,people often turn to the fae because they feel sort of connection with them and they are very very powerful so if they decide to help you that is just going to give your magic huge boost. you should definitely be prepared before you decide to start working with them.

so when you decide that you were going to work with the fae, any sort of category, and it's the same thing if you want to think of it as like working with a Stranger. you would not go up to Stranger on the Street and ask a big favor of them and expect them to help you, they have no idea who you are if you don't ask them for $1000 or something like that they're not going to help you're asking big favor of them have no idea who you are. So the fae work exactly the same way, you need to offer some thing and you need to build a relationship with them first. Establishing a friendship. You want to connect with them, talk with them, let them know that you want to work with them. Instead of just saying hey here this is what I want you no idea who I am but this is what I'm asking for, you don't want to go about it that way. 

T: that's when the trickster comes in.

S: yes. the fae are more often felt then seen but there are a lot of reports of people having seen them especially during that whole trooping of the fae time that we talked about. but you mostly feel their presents especially in nature. 

T: yes they are very much nature spirits, you've probably heard of circles and things like that.

S: yes so what do you want to do if you're going to start working with them is to leave them offerings. the, since they are associated with nature the best place to leave these offerings is out in nature. so tree or your garden or something like that that's the best place to contact them and you want to choose your words very carefully when leaving an offering. The fae don't like it when you say thank you. they don't like it they want you to say I appreciate you are you are most kind for offering your assistance, but you don't say the words thank you.

as for what to leave this is a lot of trial and error because certain fae are very specific in what they like and they usually like berry cakes milk honey oats and breads. they also like apple apples fairy wine herbal teas shiny things like coins or earrings. so you like might want to do a little test trial and error see what works see what gets you the best results. and they are obviously since they are nature spirits, tending to nature is one of the best ways that you can make an offering to them. so planting seeds and flowers picking up litter is a great way. They are also drawn to music and parties. As for what to avoid offering them obviously they don't want cut or pick flowers because like why would you cut something to kill something in nature and then offer it to a nature spirit obviously not going to work for same reason they do not like plastic or other synthetics because it's very harmful to the environment. don't like chocolate they like berry cakes but not anything with chocolate because chocolate is not just poisonous to dogs, it's poisonous to a lot of animals. you're leaving it out in nature it's very likely that some other animal will stumble across it. so don't leave anything that would poison.

T: poison anything in nature and you are going to get the opposite of what you're looking for exactly.

S: and another thing that they do not like is pink Himalayan salt because it contains iron and the fae hate iron which on the other hand if you are trying to sort of avoid the fae in your working or you're having trouble with a particular one then using iron on your altar or on your person is a good way to get them to leave you alone.

so as far as fae and witchcraft go there are a lot of different ways that they are particularly helpful. they buffer negative energy and depression because you think of traditional fairies they're very optimistic and they have fairy dust and they promote wonder and all of those things all the things are true. so if you are a very anxious person or or otherwise feeling down and depressed and you feel like your witchcraft is suffering because of that drawing on the fae to work with you even just if you're meditating or doing so sort of in a calming spell something like that and it's good to invoke them to have around you. they also help make the home peaceful and inspire creativity and they're great for assisting and workings related to nature of course so gardening or tending plants. Also great for working with the elements,Grounding healing and purifying and anything related to joy.

T: so if you know anything about brownies which are a type of thing they are very traditionally associated with a clean and tidy home in good repair. it said that if there pleased while you sleep they will actually fix things around your house but if they're mad at you for doing anything they will break things around your house so keep in mind before you start working with them like if things go badly it could go very badly.

S: so that's just like the intro and the basics and I will tell you a little bit about our particular working Tara do you work with any of the fae?

T: I do not and I am very much worried that things will go poorly and everything in my house and fall apart. I have a legitimate concern about that I grew up on stories of fairies and brownies. Still though on certain holidays I leave out a little container of milk and honey for the fae but I do not ask favors because I worry about it not going well do you work with the fae?

S: I do, I generally do not, I leave out offerings like in the yard, in the garden and stuff for Faes that are traveling through but I don't usually ask anything of them, but I have a very close relationship with the brownies in my house. we've been at odds before so we go back-and-forth.

T: See that's where my concern is like the serious damage.

S: Yes we've been at odds before but yet the brownie presence is strong my house. so brownies are a household spirit, there from like British folklore and the best way to think of them and I think that they have like the most in common with is Harry Potter house elves. The only difference is that they are free, the house elves in Harry Potter are not free. But they are very similar in how they do work around the home and in the fact that giving them clothing is insulting. but they work at, they work at night while the owners of the house are asleep. they do like various chores around the house.

T: this is also where stories such as the cobbler and his elves come from these are inspired by brownies.

S: yes so when mine are being good there they're very good. the presence of a brownie in home is generally believed to ensure household prosperity as long as you are leaving offerings for them. Yeah if you're lazy, not taking care of your house then cause mischief in often in the form of your things going missing which is happened to me before but we have a lot of random things going missing in this house and it's only me and John and the dog, and the dog really doesn't get into stuff and I'm minimalist and very organized, so if something goes missing it's the brownies acting up. but as long as I am leaving offerings and working well with them this is another one where you don't say you don't thank you to them you just leave the offerings and say I appreciate your assistance and let's be on good terms. but I do find that if I ignore them then they get mad. If they get insulted enough they will leave your house forever but I know they don't leave, I know they're here. So I haven't offended them Enough to leave but I find that if I leave everything like goes well goes smoothly and the house is prosperous and everything's good they're like good luck so.

T: I don't mean to say like I've never worked with them but when things go badly with brownies it it goes badly really quickly and then it's a guessing game on what did I do. I'm always in fear that I'm going to insult them.

S: we go back-and-forth we're in a good place now but our house we bought four years ago, but this it was built over 100 years ago. it's pretty traditional Chicago style bungalow that was yell early 19 something I think 1919 I think it was built so Yeah definitely over 100 years old. so I think the brownies that are here were original to the house. like they did not move in when John and I moved in, they aren't tied to either one of us, like they did they weren't in my apartment with me I think they are tied to this house. which means they were here before me so I just respect their respect said yes we are and we are in a good spot now and I do think that they are very helpful because I feel like there's times when when I wake up in the morning if I go into like the kitchen or the bathroom like I feel like it's like a little bit cleaner than when I left it. and I know it's not John and I didn't do it. So I do think that they are very helpful.

T: and I don't disagree, in homes that they have a good relationship, everything seems to just work A little bit better like this is a weird example but my mom totally offended the brownies in their old house and I swear they were going around and messing with the baseboards in different rooms. like you'll be sitting or walking along the hallway or something and like suddenly baseboard would just start creaking open.

S: that is the only experience that's a really like work with the hearth which it makes sense. but it's kind of like leave offerings not totally opposed to asking other fae, like working with them I just haven't yet. but if you have any experience with this then please let us know on Instagram or in the comments on our website let us know What's your interactions have been with positive or negative or if you work with any particular type of fae in your witchcraft practice 

T: yes I always like to hear ones that go well but the ones that don't go well I also like to hear because that validates my decision to be leery.

S: they do make for good stories but that is all that we have for you this week on the Fae we will see you next week

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