Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 33 - Black and White Magic

Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 33 - Black and White Magic

 Episode 33 can be found here and on YouTube here.

S: you're listening to episode 33 black and white magic and all about cursing, hexing and jinxing. so we wanted to throw this episode in here and we have another one coming up, similar topic in about 10 episodes, but I think it's an important distinction Tara and I have talked about and her being wiccan we have different beliefs on this and it's something that does come up a lot. usually a lot of this dark magic in defense of magic is taught first but we don't want to start out that way. So we are going to talk about it now just so you know where we stand and you know our differences and things like that.

so let's talk first about the difference between black and white energy versus black and white magic or witchcraft. you hear that a lot but especially from beginners that they want they're looking for a spell or ritual that you know say oh I want to good luck spell but only using white energy. well energy is neutral so until you add intention to it it's it's nothing it's what you do with it that changes the outcome. so there really is no such thing as black or white energy that doesn't exist. what people are really talking about is black versus white witchcraft. So in the realm of witchcraft, white magic is purely for positive means and black magic is purely for negative. so when people talk about so-called black magic which we'll get into in a minute what they're really talking about is baneful magic that's what it's really called it's not really called white and black and white magic that's not really a thing, we'll get into why I think that. 

They're really talking about baneful magic. they are talking about, there are four kinds of baneful magic: cursing hexing jinxing and crossing. these are all slightly different but generally mean that they undertake a negative working against another person or situation they may disrupt persons life or disrupt your situation and these are what are sometimes called is black magic but really when we talk about them we call them baneful magic. a jinx is benign dark magic, it's used to inconvenience or discomfort a person. a hex is used to wish bad luck or ill intentions on a person. A curse is designed to cause direct harm to a person. And crossing is generally found in hoodoo tradition, it's direct foot track Magic. So it's, foot track magic is doing something to the ground directly where a person you know a person is going to walk over.  that's what the Crossing or in a cross condition is is by you putting something in front of someone's door because you know they are going to cross over that. 

So now you kind of know what those things are and we have another episode coming up on defensive magic, protecting against those things, we'll talk a little bit more about that but this one, this episode we Kinda really want to talk about the morality of cursing and hexing. because there are many different views about this and some witches call themselves a white witch and they only do these Good spells positive spells and rituals of and Wiccans have beliefs about not putting negative energy into the world which Tara will get into. so I, we definitely have different views on this so Tara do you wanna start or do you want me to start?

T: well mine might be a little shorter. So being Wiccan there are the Wiccan creed and the rule of three are things that I deeply believe in and live my life by so the wiccan rede is 'and harm ye none do what you will' and that's very very simple. as long as you're not hurting anyone or anything do whatever you want. I firmly believe this, I live my life by this, it's very very important to me. I do not hex people, curse people, or jinx people because that's harming them. When I first got Started I remember a lot of people being like well you can curse them because it's not actually harming them you're just directing negative energy that way so they'll go away. that's yeah that's not part of my personal belief system, that's just not harm ye none do what you will, I think there's more people could stand to live by this rule.

also there's the rule of a three it can also be called a threefold law. it's held by a lot of Wiccans and pagans it's not as universal as the wiccan rede that I just stated but it's basically whatever energy you put out into the world it's going to come back to you times 3. so if you're putting negative energy out there it's gonna come back to you. so I try and put a lot of positive energy out there. having said that putting out some negative energy, it happens, we're human it's gonna happen, I just don't wanna harm anyone so if it's negative energy I'm putting out there it's usually with a specific purpose and not intended to harm because I know it's gonna come back to me times three. so with those two tenants, I do not jinx hex or curse. I know Wiccans that do but that's just not my personal belief system. I don't know any wiccans that are currently practicing that curse. Jinx is a lot more common and the people that I know that are wiccan that have done that, they want to inconvenience a person for the greater good in their mind. I know when I was younger that there was a jinx placed on someone and we talked about it and I understand the reasoning. my friend that put the jinx wanted this gentleman to get very ill because he was harming her but in that circumstance I understood why she put the jinx on him because she wanted to discomfort him so she did the jinx and then her life went bad for quite a few years. But like I said I can see why negative energy sometimes you do wanna put it out there but I'm always mindful of anything I put out it's gonna come back to me times three, so I try and stay really positive and I don't wanna hurt anyone. so I really live by these two tenants I try and live my daily life by those both religious and in moral compass and all these things but I am not a big fan of jinxing hexing cursing I don't even like pulling pranks on people because I think they're mean. I know that my view is very different than many people do you but at these two tenants are what I base all of both my life on and my magic on. so I have use negative energy and sometimes it's needed for a particular purpose but I'm always mindful of not harming anyone with my magic. and that whatever I'm putting out will come back to me so I'm very mindful of the amount of negative energy I use but I I do believe that sometimes you need a little bit a negative energy life's about balance you need some negative to pop up with a positive so that's kind of my believes it was very convoluted but also made me sound like a really nice person, I promise I'm not that nice.

S: and as in all things I am totally the opposite of Tara. but don't let her fool you, she's a lot nicer than I am. so here's where I stand. I do jinx and hex people so let's just start there. what Tara was saying is very common wiccan beliefs. it's definitely the religious aspect because the wiccan rede is one of the most important parts of being a wiccan. It's something they follow and hold close to their hearts, so very few wiccans will do any sort of baneful magic. 

T: Most people that do stop practicing soon after because they're not compatible beliefs.

S: right, their first rule is you know, do what you want as long as you're not harming anyone else, and this baneful magic is directly harming someone else. so if you want to talk to anybody who's wiccan or you're just in general talking about witchcraft and you're saying that I think I want to jinx somebody and they try to talk you out of it saying it's against the rules of witchcraft, it's not. It's against the rules of Wiccan.

So I have a lot of thoughts. My main thought is that you always need to think about what the outcome is going to be and decide for yourself if it fits into your moral code. that is how I live my life and that's how I direct everybody else to live their lives. you are the one that has to live with it at the end of the day so it needs to fit in with your moral code nobody else's. so first of all is this idea of black versus white and positive versus negative, I don't believe that it exists. because these terms are so tied to your personal definitions. so people think about it, you know where do you love spells or good luck spells fall? so love spells a lot of people consider baneful magic they think that you're taking away somebody else is free will so they do see love spells as dark magic. but a lot of people think that good luck spells are purely positive and I disagree. if you think about it like oh you know what I really want this job and could really use the money and interview went great so I'm going to go ahead and do this good luck spell do you increase my chances of getting the job. and then you end up landing a job. and your view that is completely positive working. But think about it from the point of view of the other people affected by the working. You are likely not the only person going out for that job. So what if something else interviewed, was also equally qualified, maybe needed the job More than you had a family to support had been out of work longer but because you did that magical working, you got that job ahead of them, even though they may have needed it more. is it purely a positive working anymore? I don't think so. so that is where this whole gray area comes in because it's very hard for a working to be truly 100% positive, because you have to think of all of the other people and situations involved in that working. so I don't think that a magical working is purely all good or all bad everything. in life is a mixture of between the two so if you focus on these two extremes you're missing everything in the middle. so that is why I don't believe in white versus black, I don't think it exists. so I do not like to box myself in there.

as far as jinxing hexing cursing, crossing. cursing, is very difficult, all baneful magic takes a lot of energy out of you, it's very hard to do. So if You are going to go ahead and jinx hex curse cross somebody they have to have done something really wrong I don't come home and put a jinx on the person who flipped me off in traffic or like cut me off or something, it's just it's not worth it. It takes so much energy so they would have to have done something really wrong, for you to undertake that working. so doing this sort of baneful magic is not as common as you would think, it's not for every little thing that inconveniences you that's not how it works because it is very difficult magic, it takes a lot out of you. and cursing in particular is very very hard so I have never cursed anybody because I haven't ,not that I'm against it but, directly you know causing harm to a person takes a lot out of you. so somebody would have to really wronged me and luckily I have not had anybody in my life that has wronged me that much. As far as jinxing and hexing they still do you take a lot of energy but not as much and I do I have had people in my life that fully deserve that. if you're sending out you know negative like toxicity I am more than happy to send it right back to you. which is what a lot of jinxing and hexing is inconvenience or causing them bad luck or ill intentions towards them, they put that out there first and I'm just sending it directly back to them so I have no moral issues doing that.

but the one thing that you have to remember we're going to talk about this more in the upcoming defensive magic episode but you don't know what somebody else has up as protection. Tara and I have a lot of protections up around our house we are constantly doing that, we talk about cleansing and getting rid of the negative energy but then we also protect the house and we'll get into how to do that. But we have protections up, when you cast a circle You're putting a protection up around you. a lot of people have ancestors that are protecting them that they may not even be aware of. so this I don't believe in the Wiccan thought that whatever you send out comes back to you in three that's not part of my belief system, but it is possible that it can come back to you. because if you send out a working positive or negative and they have protections up or they have ancestors protecting them or spirit guides protecting them, they will directly bounce energy right back to you and it will not touch that person at all. good or bad because if you're just letting energy to a person spirits and always know that you mean something good they're just gonna bounce back anyway to protect that person. so fellow witches are more likely to have these protections up but even people who are completely unaware of the magical world might still have ancestors protecting them that they don't even know about so you have to know that if you're going to send out a jinx or hex you have to know that the outcome is that it could be directly bounced back to you. Yes and I think that goes for anything that you negative that you do in your life doesn't have to be magic related but any sort of negative thing that you do in your life you have to know that it can come back you have to be OK with the consequences of that bouncing back on you. so in order to undertake a jinx or hex that is something that I think about I'm like well you know what if they had some sort of protection up like how am I going to deal with it if this bounces directly back on me and is exactly happens to be like oh my going to deal with that. so that something you have to think about. I haven't had anything bounced back on me so that's good but yes I have undertaken baneful magic. but not very often because it's a lot more work then positive workings it's a lot more work in general to undertake working for somebody else than it is to do them for yourself, positive or negative. So it's not everything in life that upsets me or inconveniences me is enough to make me undertake magic for it like some supplies you just put on your big girl pants and just deal with it. 

T: well and that's one good thing about magic in general is magic is completely helpful obviously I really like it but there are more mundane ways to deal with a lot of life's problems. Magic helps but whatever you're going to put out there's gonna come back to you or could come back to you so always be aware .

S: definitely important to think through your actions you don't wanna undertake any sort of baneful working while you're in the heat of the moment. something happens to you like come home all upset and you do something at night like that's not a good idea you need to think on it you need to sleep on it and you know in a couple of days if you still want to do it and you still think that it's worth worth it, then it does not go against my moral code if you are a wiccan, it probably will.

T: it's hard to be Wiccan and curse people I'm just gonna throw that out there.

S: it's very it's very hard to go against that. If you're just a secular witch, you need your magic in general needs to fit within your own moral code that's how I see things that I believe it. and I just in general don't think that any working is purely good or purely bad, I don't know.

T: I don't believe in good and bad as traditionally to find and it's for the same reason it varies by person also what's good for the bird is terrible for the world like it's all a matter of perspective.

S: exactly so that's why I think Tara and I can both agree even though we undertake it differently in our practice we can both agree that these terms of black and white don't exist. 

T: they're completely arbitrary I could say that my magic purple how do you like I could say my magic is seven again it's it doesn't mean anything without a common definition, and black and white magic, energy, we talked about how we view our energy and it's not a color it's not it's a feeling it's a yeah it's exact it's more encompassing than just a flat color on a page.

S: yes exactly and a lot of beginners want to you can only do things for good and only use white magic and I I understand that and I think that's that's great that's like the best place to start. but you should be aware that these these terms really don't mean anything black and white really does not exist I don't think anything in this world is is black and white it's always gray. so don't get caught up in this idea that you know there's only only good things you only want to use white magic and there's only white energy it's just not accurate.

T: well and we mentioned before if you're getting into witchcraft to hex someone and that's the reason you're getting into witchcraft maybe you want to think of a better solution.

S: that's not the way that we should handle things. 

T: I personally think that again shades of gray everyone has to find their own path and all of this but it's hard if you're only doing... witchcraft lifestyle let's be honest like it it's more encompassing than a narrow path so if you have one goal maybe witchcraft isn't the way to achieve that one goal if that's the end I'll be all of you doing this huge lifestyle change I highly recommend witchcraft to everyone I think it helps in all lifestyles and fulfilling your purpose, in finding your purpose but if you just are into witchcraft for one goal, it might not be the correct path to go on.

S: so we just wanted to sort of share that with you we know that that's out there you know as a topic of discussion and things can get heated around it. but you have to decide what it means for you and how you feel about it. we are obviously different but we get along perfectly well. we do have some book recommendations of course, we always have book recommendations. if you are not wiccan and are interested in Learning more about the crossing hexing jinxing then the books that we would recommend are utterly wicked by Dorothy Morrison, backwoods witchcraft by Jake Richards, which is very Appalachian based, so this witchcraft is very similar to Hoodoo and it has a lot of Christian beliefs in their intermix so a lot of biblical references in this book but some super interesting, and last one is cursing and crossing by Miss Aida and we will have a corresponding blog post where we link all of those and find them if you're interested in just learning more about the topic.

T: and even if you are not interested in cursing and hexing and jinxing people it's interesting as a topic to learn about.

S: So I think about 10 episodes from now we have a defensive magic coming up. so we do want to talk about that we don't start with defensive magic a lot of you know traditional learning path start with defensive magic we do not obviously. we will have more information they are just about how to protect yourself why you should.
that is all we have for you on this weeks episode of thoughts on the topic please let us know and the corresponding blog post.

T: and we want to hear your thoughts but please don't fight with us or each other these are our personal beliefs they don't have to be yours but we can respect your beliefs if you respect ours. I just I know a lot of people get very heated on this topic, think before you post.

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