Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 34 - Disposing of Spell Remains

Witch Wednesdays Podcast Episode 34 - Disposing of Spell Remains

 Episode 34 can be found here and on YouTube here.

S: you're listening to episode 34 disposing of spell remains. It's definitely not exciting but it comes up a lot because there are things either that you reuse in different spell work or that you just get rid of and once something is completely used up it seems you know very anti- nature witch to just throw stuff away. It's Really wasteful and then what does that really mean for for your spell in the long term if you're just you know throwing that stuff out of the trash so we are going to talk a little bit today about how to properly dispose of any remains from your various workings.

so the first thing that we wanted to say is that these are just some of the things that we do because we don't follow any sort of specific traditions. if you do follow a specific tradition they are going to have their own rules about how to dispose of spell remains are you always gonna check there first. but if you were amore general practice or eclectic in your practice like we are and you pick choose from a lot of different traditions then you can also pick and choose from all the different ways to spell remain disposal that we're going to talk about today. as long as you always take proper environmental and legal precautions. no matter what you tell you today we are not advising you to bury hazardous things in the earth or go digging in private property. Aways take proper precautions. Always check your local laws before you do anything on this list.

T: that something to keep in mind is that local ordinances change and even from my place to my parents place which is less than 20 miles the laws are different because they live in a different county and a literally rural and I live in a city just not a big city so just keep that in mind it can vary quite a lot of in a small geographic area.

S: So spell remains are divided up into two categories. the first is reusable items. so that's like tools and crystals any unused candles if you haven't burnt them all the way down, these are items that can be cleansed between workings. of course tools like wands and athames don't need to be cleansed because they just direct energy and they don't store it themselves but the crystals, candles, jars things like that should always be cleansed so you don't confuse the energies between workings and then you can go ahead and reuse them.

So the second category of items are things that cannot be reused. this is usually oils herbs, any petitions that you write out, candle wax so we'll talk mostly about how to dispose of these things. so first we want to say that you can actually reuse these items. it seems counterintuitive that were like oh these are the disposable items but you can reuse them, but it is a wonderful way to continue working into the future. these little pieces of things can be added into what's called Mojo bags or sachets and they use then you would just re-energize them for a long term working so if you have some sort of career related spell or love related spell that you want to keep working on however many weeks or months into the future, it's good to add these things to the little bags You can carry around with you and just keep re-energize and redoing the entire working all over again. with items such as beeswax herbs and petitions since you can get these down to such small pieces you can actually form these into a long-term talisman or amulet, which are much smaller than mojo bags, because these can be carried around with you or they can be added into future spells so if you're going to do the exact same working again you can use the same items without having to cleanse them. kind of gives them almost an extra boost since you've already use them in a successful working using them in the exact same working is like a double dose of that successful magic.

T: yes and they can also be, I have glass beads that I burnt them to ask a blessing and then I formed it within the glass bead and I use that in a lot of my house cleansing because it worked so well in the past and it's basically a little talisman that I can add to other workings with the same mojo. 

S: now we are going to get into the ways to dispose of these items when they absolutely will not be reused. so the most common way is to dispose of spell remains by burying them, because it's the most versatile method. the location that you bury them depends on the working that you're burying and how you want to continue or not into the future. like we said never bury anything hazardous and know that when we talk about burying, plant pots work just as well if you don't have access to a garden or earthy area, if you're in a city location like I do and plant pots it's the same concept. so if you want to continue it working and it's to bring new things into your life like Love, luck or money the best place to bury these items is in the front of your house. if you want to maintain what you already have like steady work-steady relationships, then you want to bury the working in the back garden. To get rid of something completely and bring it to an end like a banishing work or uncrossings burying things in a cemetery is the best place but never on someone's grave, the edge of a cemetery but this is also someplace that check your laws, we're not telling you to break into a cemetery to bury something and get in trouble for cemeteries don't mind if you bury something along the edges. and if you've done and you're working for someone else it's best to bury it on their property rather than your own following the same sort of general guidelines and hospitals are a great place to bury something that you did a Health spell for but again only if it's legal.

another place to dispose of spell remains if you do not want to bury them is in water. obviously this is only for natural workings if you have a good natural piece of paper that you wrote some thing on in pencil, something like that something that's okay to be released back into the environment, never anything hazardous. so the where are the type of water depends on your intention. the ocean or running water is good for getting rid of some thing so if you have like a witches bottle or scapegoat spell, some thing that collected negative energy and you're trying to get rid of it, running water is the best way to completely cleanse that. it's a good way to completely cleanse an item so you can forget that working altogether. if you, we talked about that sort of idea of black magic, if you want to do work like that and you want to get a sort of an extra kick as you're disposing of the items, getting rid of them in stagnant water like ponds or swamps is best and that's a good location if you're doing or working for slowing someone down like a binding working ponds or swamps is a good place for that.

another popular method and particularly for things you want to get rid of forever and forget about is to throw it over your shoulder at a crossroad or bury it At a crossroad and then you walk away and never look back especially for negative workings. this is not one that I've personally done myself but I know it is a popular method.

T: I have done a burying at a crossroads. it confuse the working. so like you said if you want to be done forget about it not find its way back to you burying it at a Crossroads is a Good way as the confusion so it doesn't bounce back on you necessarily or depending on what you're working is but it's something that yeah I couldn't put a stopper on it in 

S: another method is obviously to burn the spell remains. fire of course destroy releases all energy. and some people like Tara really love fire. and then you would dispose of the ashes in a suitable location, you can bury the ashes or dispose of them in water and things like that but a lot of people like that fire method to just completely destroy and release all of the energy. 

And last because it's obviously not the best other option is to just cleanse the items, release all of the energy and then throw them in the trash. we don't like to recommend just throwing things away so we highly recommend using natural things in your workings, we never want to use plastic and things like that because they don't do not break down and the only option is to throw those things away yeah we don't we don't like doing that so the more you can use natural items in you're working the easier it is to get rid of them in an environmentally friendly way but if you're if there really is no other option you can just cleanse the energies from all of the items and then throw them away.

T: and some of these other options are there even are natural things that you don't wanna burn it's gonna be very bad for you if you inhale smoke from certain plants so make sure that you know what it is. I had a friend make herself really sick by burning a plant at the end of her cell and it turns out it releases toxic fumes. I highly recommend when you're getting started is don't automatically go to the cleanse and trash method but make sure you know before you get to the end of the spell how you can dispose of these things if you have leftovers or if you want to banish something or just be aware that when you start your spell. we talked about a lot of things that you can exchange for other things like one Crystal that you exchange for another and so it's good to know going in what how do you properly dispose of those items in case you wanna make alterations to your ingredient list.

S: absolutely I would say that I bury things most often because at our house we have both a front nad back garden Location that is not covered by grass so it's very easy for me to dig in and bury anything that I want to but I will say that I don't think that I have very many spell remains that I completely dispose of, that's kind of rare for me because it's because of like a type of magic that I do my workings a lot of them are in the kitchen and obviously those ingredients are than consumed and I otherwise use things that can be cleansed and reuse like obviously a lot of you know I do a lot more crystals and divination then Tara does and I obviously just keep reusing those divination tools and a lot of home protection working on things like that when I use herbs and oils in that manner they stay on the house. like if you use the oil to draw a sigil on the house that just stays there. 

T: in the last gosh like decade I would say I'm maxed out at maybe it dozen spells in the year that have something that needs to be disposed of most of my working just don't have things that either can't be reused or are consumed during the working so I did not to have much in the way of disposal. as I mentioned I love a good burning so I will burn things and then I bury the ash its actually really good in my kitchen garden, so I tend to bury it and then it nurtures the herbs and things I'm growing for future working, but I again don't do I would say no workings where something needs to be banished or forgotten completely. Most of my workings tend to be, 99% of my workings I want to continue working I don't want to just cease the magic at any point in time so I tend to keep the remains around to keep the spell potent and moving forward.

S: I agree I do that too where I just keep keep reusing things. that is all that we have for you this week on spell remains hopefully in a relatively quick episode because I think we've had some for 30+ minutes long we did not mean for that to happen. If you have any questions or anything in particular about this episode that was confusing you just have some sort of particular item that we did not mention and you're wondering the best way to get rid of it please let us know reach out to us on Instagram witchwednesdays podcast Or send us an email witchwednesdays@gmail.com and of course our website.

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