Imbolc Bucket List

Imbolc Bucket List

Even though I'm not Wiccan, I still enjoy observing the 8 sabbats in the Wheel of the Year. Although the defined 8 and the concept of the wheel are a Wiccan constructions, these holidays are (almost all) based on ancient pagan celebrations that pre-date Christianity, let alone Wicca. Not all witches celebrate all (or any) of these sabbats, but I personally like the seasonal changes and observing the cyclical nature of life.

Imbolc marks the midway point between Yule and Ostara. It's a fire festival that celebrates the blessings of hearth and home and welcomes the rebirth of the sun. As a true lover of winter, I enjoy the timing of Imbolc (February 1 or 2) but I'm not ready for the sun just yet. Thankfully, here in the upper midwestern US, I've got time to enjoy the cold still!

I plan on recognizing the season in a few specific ways, including:

  1. Start spring cleaning, especially by using numerology. Did you know your home has a number, and every number has different energy associated with it? But you're not stuck with that number - you can change it and thereby change your home's energy. I'll be doing this myself and I plan on filming the process for Patreon, so expect that video in February!

  2. Explore the fire element. I enjoy candle magic, I do many spells that are candle based. But I don't do as much with the divination aspect of candles. I'd like to explore fire scrying (I don't excel at any kind of scrying and would like to practice!), flame reading, and candle wax reading. This fire festival is the perfect time.

  3. Collect snow for ritual spell work. Every type of water has a different energy and different ways you can work with it. We'll probably have a podcast episode on each element, and talk about the types of water at that point. But I personally love snow, which we got a good amount of just last night!

Here's the rest of my Imbolc season bucket list, which starts today and runs halfway through February for me!

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