Witchcraft and the Color White

Witchcraft and the Color White

2021 is the year of making this website more useful for you, with regular blog posts. They'll cover a wide range of topics, like our podcast, but we'll start with beginner info. Just with a bit more detail. 

We had a podcast episode all about candle magic and the color associations, but each color has so much power in the magical world, beyond candles, that it makes sense to dedicate a blog post to each in turn. Starting with the most used and most useful - white.

The color white has been used to signify spirituality, peace, and purity in many cultures. The spiritual meaning of the color white includes power, purity, protection, and health. 

Positive Associations

White can be worn when doing magical workings for peace or purity. It can help you feel protected and repel negative influences. The positive connotations of the color white include:
  • Protection
  • Warding off evil
  • Faith and connection to higher powers
  • Hope
  • Joy
  • Innocence
  • Power
  • Divinity and spiritual entities

Negative Associations

Some cultures associate white with ghosts and therefore death, but also rebirth. There are other negative connotations to the color white, including:
  • Coldness
  • Boring, sterile
  • Perfectionism
  • Emptiness
  • Conformity

Using White in Witchcraft

In witchcraft, the color white is used for magic to bring peace or as a protective charm. You can also use the color white in healing spells. Cleanse yourself of negative energies by dressing in white during your spell casting and asking to be surrounded with white light. 

White candles can be used in place of any other color in a spell. This is because white is a neutral color that can represent any desire, emotion, or intention. 

White or silver jewelry can be used for protection or to represent the moon in magic. Wearing white also symbolizes being pure and free from impure influences that are not good for you. Wearing white can also be a sign of your self-confidence. 

The color white is connected to the spiritual world. White is also associated with ghosts. Many cultures, such as those in China, Korea, Japan, and Africa have festivals where spirits are honored or celebrated. It’s common to wear white and use white objects during these festivals. 

In astrology, the color white represents an air element planet. The air element rules communication and feelings. It is the color of intelligence, thought, goodness, and balance. The air element planets in astrology are Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus. Jupiter is associated with happiness, optimism, and prosperity. Neptune rules the mind and emotions; it is the color of spirituality and magic. Uranus rules the spirit world; it can be associated with psychic abilities or spiritual enlightenment. 

Seeing the color white in your dreams can symbolize death, purity, and rebirth. The color white represents a new beginning or the end of an old path. 

White Crystals

You can use white crystals to cleanse your home of negative energies. White crystals tend to have magical properties of cleansing, healing, and protection. Other properties of white crystals include enhancing spirituality and connecting with the moon. 
  • White quartz can be used to magnify the powers of other crystals. This makes it a great gem to use in healing spells. It can also be used to protect your aura, purify your energy field, and help you focus your intentions. 
  • Moonstone represents the moon and is used in witchcraft for attracting money and creative inspiration. It is also used in spells to make people fall in love with you. Moonstone can help you gain psychic ability and be connected to the spirit world. 
  • Calcite is used in spells for protection and purifying the aura. It can also be used to attract love. It is said to be the stone of eternal love and is used in spells to enhance fidelity. White Calcite can be used as an all-purpose cleansing and protection stone. It is excellent for use when doing spells for protection, purification, divination, good fortune, money, and psychic abilities. 
  • White Tourmaline can be used to cleanse yourself of negative energy and acts as a protection crystal. When you are wearing it, you will have a clear mind and not get sick easily. It can also be used for general protection. 
  • White Mookaite stones are used in spells to invoke light and cleanse the body. When you wear this stone, your energy field will be protected and cleansed. White Mookaite rocks are also used to transform negative energy into positive. 
  • Selenite is used to help you access the spiritual realm and is very helpful in meditation. It can be used to clear your mind and make it easier for you to find peace within yourself. Selenite crystals are good stones to use in spells for courage, purification, protection, and truth.

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