Episode 62 - How to Grow a Witch Garden

Episode 62 - How to Grow a Witch Garden

Notes from today's podcast:



  • Magical Properties: harmony in the home, soothing unhappy feelings, blending energies to find compromise, good luck, wealth, love
  • Do not plant with cucumbers, rue or snap beans
  • Do plant with peppers and tomatoes


  • This plant is a tree so it is not compatible to grow with anything.
  • Magical Properties: divination, seeing clearly, understanding new informations, protections, cleansing, banishing ghosts, physical vitality, wishes


  • Magical Properties: good health, cleansing, protection, keeping love near
  • Do not plant with beans
  • Do plant with carrots, celery, grapes, peas and roses


  • Magical Properties: long life, preservation of hearth and home, job protection, cultivating opportunities
  • Do not plant with carrots, fennel or tomatoes
  • Do plant with fruit trees and cabbages

Lemon Verbena

  • Magical Properties: love, personal strength, attracting passion for people and activities, banishing nightmares, cleansing sacred spaces
  • Do plant with other aromatic and meditative plants


  • Magical Properties: love, protection, health, happiness, strength, wealth, money
  • Do not plant with cucumbers
  • Do plant with sage and vegetables


  • Magical Properties: money, safety in travel, love, cleansing, concentration and focus, stress relief
  • Do not plant directly in the ground because they spread like crazy. It’s best to keep them in a pot.
  • Do plant with broccoli, cabbage and peas


  • Magical Properties: money, love, lust, good health, protection, happiness
  • Do plant with beans, cucumbers, and squash


  • Magical Properties: growth, cleansing, protection against accidents at home or while traveling
  • Do plant with asparagus, corn, peppers, tomatoes


  • Magical Properties: basically anything—love, protection, cleansing, mental clarity, lust, healing, sleep, stress relief, youthfulness
  • Do not plant with cucumbers
  • Do plant with cabbage, beans, carrots, sage


  • Magical Properties: wisdom, wishes, knowledge, strength, long life, spiritual cleansing
  • Do not plant with cucumber or onions
  • Do plant with rosemary, carrots, marjoram, strawberries, tomatoes, lavender


  • Magical Properties: courage, long life, health and healing issues, cleansing, love, dream magic, sleep, gaining knowledge
  • Do not plant with cucumbers
  • Do plant with cabbage, lettuce, eggplant, potatoes, strawberries and tomatoes

Moon Cycles

New Moon to First Quarter

This is a good time to plant crops that you want for their leaves and flowers or for any part that doesn’t contain seeds, which is lettuce, cabbage, most herbs, and for annuals, which finish their growth cycle in a single season.

First Quarter to Full Moon

Plant annuals that you want for the parts that contain seeds, which are peas, beans, fruits, grain crops and some herbs.

Full Moon to Third Quarter

Anything that bears the part you plant to use below ground can be planted during this time, such as roots, tubers and bulbs. This is also a good time for pruning and for harvesting crops, especially fruit that you will store for more than a few days.

Third Quarter to New Moon

Do not plant or transplant during this time. This is a time for weeding, harvesting, drying, canning and preserving.

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