How Does a Spell Work?

How Does a Spell Work?

A spell is defined as your willpower in action - you are using your energy and intention to bring about a magical response within this physical realm. So the intention setting and energy manipulation are integral parts of spellwork.

But skeptics often want to know if they actually work and if so, how?

Our thoughts and attention have great power. People have always understood this on some level, and numerous studies have shown the benefits of meditation and how such focus can manifest physical, positive changes in the body. We even know the placebo effect often works simply because we believe we're getting the treatment and that positive energy brings about real health. We may not fully understand how that works but we know the mind is powerful.

Current research is being done to see if spells simply work because of this placebo effect but while that may be a factor, witches also use many tools in their craft that are meant to aid these workings. Things like herbs and crystals are natural elements that increase the effectiveness of a spell. 

Our Western worldview is problematic when trying to understand how these nature-based tools affect spells. People believe that it is only humans who have a high level of consciousness and therefore dominate the natural world - we are seeing first hand how detrimental this view is. Ancient pagan peoples did not have such a view!

There are many pagan societies we can study that all have different beliefs, but most of them are based in animism. This means they believed there was some force that connected all things in the natural world - that humans are merely one part of this consciousness, not the ruler over it. They believed there is some inherent consciousness within elements, plants, animals, and minerals and while it may not be the same type as humans have, it is not any less valid or powerful.

It is therefore much easier to accept that crystals and herbs can add energy to a spell once we adopt a worldview based in animism. Of course these natural items have their own power! They are all interconnected in the natural world. 

There is so much of this world that we still don't understand and likely never will. Instead of asserting dominance, witches humble themselves to work with the power of nature and this universal force (whether you think the force is divine in some way or not), and this view is what allows them craft successful spells. 

How do you believe that spells work?

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