Episode 68 - Finding and Working with Deities

Episode 68 - Finding and Working with Deities

Today, we’re going to dig into this subject to learn whether you need a patron or matron deity, why you might want one, and how to go about finding the one that’s right for you.
We didn’t include this in season 1 because we don’t believe it’s beginner witchcraft. You should know about raising your own energy and about your own practice, including protections, banishing, etc. before working with deities.
What is a Deity or a Pantheon?
A deity is a god. Like Zeus, or Yahweh, anything that is considered a God or Goddess is a deity. The collection of gods and goddesses in one culture is called a Pantheon.
Do You Need A Deity?
You do not have to work with a god or goddess to be an effective witch.
Should You Work With Both A God & A Goddess?
This idea of maintaining an equal gender balance between deities is very Wiccan and not particularly relevant to anybody outside of the Wiccan practice. If you like the idea of working with both a god and a goddess then you may choose that path, but it is not mandatory that you choose one of each.
Why Do You Want To Work With A Deity?
There are benefits and drawbacks to working with deities. These pros and cons need to be carefully considered before you enter into a relationship with any being. A relationship with a god is very much like any other relationship in that it requires a certain amount of time and attention. And it should be reciprocal. You should be getting something out of your deity relationship.
This might be assistance with your magical working, emotional support, help in your pursuit of witchcraft learning, advice and direction when you seek it, and much more. Every relationship of this sort will be different.
This means it’s important for you to know what you’re looking for before you get into a relationship of this sort.
How Should You Approach Deity Work?
Focus on your witchcraft first and foremost and start researching the deities that you might be interested in on the side. Begin by mind mapping what associations you would like the deity to have and what lessons you would like them to teach you, in the same way you’d create a vision board or goals for the year. You may want to use divination techniques to help with this, i.e. drawing tarot or oracle cards to alert you to anything you may be missing or should look out for, or alternatively to reinforce what you wrote down. Pull out the key words and then begin researching which gods have those associations.
If and when you find a deity that interests you, do a deep dive into researching them. Learn about their myths and folklore. Showing this level of interest will often cause the god or goddess in question to take notice and introduce themselves. If not, it’s okay. Not every deity is so forthcoming. You may need to sit down and hold a personal ritual to introduce yourself before they start making significant contact with you.
Remember, just because a god or goddess gives you their attention doesn’t mean that you are shackled to them forever. You can decide a relationship is not working for you and respectfully cut off communication with them. You can renegotiate the terms of your relationship. As with any relationship, this should be a two-way street.

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