Episode 69 - Cauldrons in Witchcraft

Episode 69 - Cauldrons in Witchcraft

Where To Buy A Cauldron
You have plenty of options for where to buy a cauldron. Online shops like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay have gorgeous new and used cauldrons. New age and occult stores are also great places to purchase cauldrons. Modern cauldrons come in all shapes and sizes, so you can see and hold the different types before you make your purchase.
And if you follow us on instagram or already made your purchase, you’ll have already seen that there’s a mini cast iron cauldron in the Beltane box! Which is why we wanted to bring this episode to you now, because it is a functional cauldron.
There are three main things to keep in mind when purchasing a cauldron.
  • You’ll want one that’s cast iron. Not only is this the most traditional material for a witch’s cauldron, it’s also the best to use for your spells and rituals since this metal can stand up to high heat. Plus, it’s relatively easy to clean.
  • Choose the cauldron size and shape that fits your lifestyle. If you travel a lot, you might want to buy a small cauldron to take on the road with you.
  • Decide on what kind of magic you plan on doing with your cauldron. If you want to do mostly incense cones and paper burning, a smaller cauldron might be the perfect size. If you love brewing magical teas and potions, maybe try a larger one.
You can have more than one!
How To Care For Your Cauldron
When you first get a cauldron, you’ll want to cleanse it immediately after you receive it. You can multitask by making black salt, a magical ingredient perfect for protection spells or banishing spells, while you cleanse your cauldron.
Cleanse your Cauldron and Make Black Salt
Dip your cauldron in the cool water of a running stream and let the power of the current wash away any stray energy that has settled into your cauldron. Thoroughly dry it off with a towel. No stream? Use what feels right to you, like the water of your shower or garden hose.
Mix sea salt and olive oil or almond oil in your cauldron and wipe the inside and outside down with the mixture. Rub in the outside oil to the best of your ability and place your cauldron (uncovered) in the oven at 450°Fahrenheit for ninety minutes. Turn off the oven, and wait for the cauldron to cool. Then pour the salt residue (now black salt) into an airtight jar. Rub a little more salt and oil into the cauldron (inside and out), and set the cauldron in the oven upside down for another ninety minutes at 450°Fahrenheit. Let it cool, and you’re all set to use your cauldron.
Ways to Use your Cauldron
Burn Incense in Your Cauldron
  • Burn loose incense herbs with charcoal discs in the middle of your cauldron.
  • Incense cones are extremely simple to use with a cauldron as well. Set the cone inside your cauldron and light the tip.
  • If you have incense sticks, light the end and let the smoking end rest gently at the bottom of your cauldron.
For all these incense burning options, you can leave your cauldron in one place (like your altar) to burn or hold your cauldron by the handle and go from room to room for smoke cleansing rituals.
Collect Moon Water
Scrying with Your Cauldron
Oil Reed Diffuser
What Youll Need:
  • 1/4 Cup Safflower Oil
  • Two Tablespoons of Vodka
  • Fifteen to Twenty Drops of Essential Oil
  • Seven to Ten Reed Sticks
Combine oil, vodka and essential oil in your cauldron, and use different combinations of essentials oils to suit the spell. Stir up the mixture with one of your reeds. Place the lid of your cauldron so there is only a sliver of an opening. Position your reeds in the sliver, fanning them out along the narrow opening. Flip the reeds every day or so until the oil mixture has evaporated.
No reeds? Just light a tea candle under your cauldron to diffuse essential oils
Cauldron Tea
Buried Cauldron Spells
-For Cleansing: If there’s something you need to cleanse, place it in your cauldron with the lid and bury it in the earth for a few hours. The cauldron will protect it from the elements while it’s submerged.
-For Manifesting: You can also place journal entries describing things you’re working to manifest in your life into your cauldron and bury it.
Cauldron Wishing Spell
Write down your wishes onto paper, parchment or bay leaves and burn them over your cauldron.
Cauldron Candle Spells

Cauldrons for Purchase:

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