Episode 72 - Intro to Shadow Work

Episode 72 - Intro to Shadow Work

Sometimes we need to look at the not-so-pleasant aspects of ourselves in order to heal an ongoing energetic issue.

Your Shadow Side

Just like the moon, we also hold dual energies. We have our conscious mind, which is often associated with “light” energy. Then we have our subconscious mind—our “shadow” energy. The unconscious part of the brain drives a large amount of our behavior. Many people think of shadow energy as negative and light energy as positive, but it’s not that simple. Shadow energy can be positive or negative. If it’s energy that you have suppressed and it now resides in your subconscious, it is considered shadow energy.
The concept of the shadow self comes from Jungian psychology.
When we come into this world, we are influenced by a number of different things such as the people we encounter, conflicts we experience, and the environment we grow up in. The lessons we learned during these formative years tend to stick with us, turning into beliefs that affect how we act and react as we move into adulthood.
Many people in the spiritual community believe that the way to raise your vibration to the things you want is to focus on those things while guiding your thoughts away from the things you do not want to manifest in your life. However, we can’t just ignore all the unpleasant aspects of our life.
Shadow work is, quite simply, the inner work that must be done for you to progress to the next level of your spirituality.

How to do Shadow Work

The first step is to recognize that no emotion is actually bad, they can just be unwanted. Anger, irritation, sadness, and hopelessness aren’t bad. They’re not only natural human emotions, but they’re also signs that something’s not right in your world.
Through these emotions, we can access the shadow self. When you find yourself experiencing an undesirable emotion, ask yourself:
  • What am I feeling?
  • Why am I feeling this way?
  • Could there be something else going on here?
Journaling can be exceptionally useful during shadow work.

Identifying the Shadow

It can be difficult to identify the shadow self, but a sure sign of its reemergence are limiting “I am” statements. Look for phrases like:
  • I’m not good enough.
  • I’m messed up.
  • I’m unlovable.
  • I’m a screw-up.
Meditation and spellwork can help you address your less-desirable emotions and habits.

Herbs for Shadow Work

  • Chamomile for relaxation
  • Cinnamon for love
  • Eucalyptus for strength
  • Lavender for stress release
  • Lemongrass for uplifting
  • Myrrh for peace
  • Rosemary for healing, protection, and cleansing
  • Sage for clearing

Crystals for Shadow Work

  • Amethyst for balance and stress relief
  • Fluorite for self-confidence
  • Labradorite for shadow work
  • Selenite for aura cleansing
  • Sodalite for serenity

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