Episode 75 - Wands in Witchcraft

Episode 75 - Wands in Witchcraft

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A magic wand is a long, pointed tool used for focusing and directing magic.

How To Make A Magic Wand

Magical properties of different types of wood:
Apple: Fertility, healing, and abundance
Beech: Binding work, love, and friendship
Birch: Protection, grounding, and cleansing
Cedar: Healing, spirituality, and prosperity
Cherry: Mental clarity and decision making
Elder: Protection, prosperity, and healing
Maple: Love, abundance, money, and health
Oak: Defense, strength, courage, luck, and longevity
Pine: Protection, cleansing, healing, and mental clarity
Willow: Love, tranquility, and harmony

Magical properties of different metals:
Brass: Communication, resilience, protection, abundance, and money
Copper: Healthy, abundance, money, love
Gold: Beauty, love, abundance, success, and money
Silver: Psychic abilities, protection, and moon magic
Steel: Protection, healing, good sleep
Tin: Divination, luck, and success
Zinc: Protection, fertility, love, prosperity, and banishing magic

Magical properties of different metals:
Agate: Protection, courage, and strength
Amethyst: Intuition, psychic connection, and healing
Citrine: Love, success, abundance, money, career breakthroughs
Hematite: Optimism, determination, grounding energy, willpower, and banishing negativity
Jade: Balancing emotions, unconditional love, prosperity, luck, banishing negativity
Labradorite: Intuition, psychic abilities, transformation, dreams, and meditation
Clear Quartz: Power, protection, and general magic
Rose Quartz: Self-love, friendship, and romantic love
Smoky Quartz: Cleansing, protection, and banishing negativity
Selenite: Cleansing, power, mental clarity, willpower, and spiritual connection
Sodalite: Logic, truth, tranquility, self-esteem, and positivity

How To Use A Magic Wand

Cleansing or Charging Yourself
Casting a Circle
Activating a Crystal Grid
Focusing & Directing Your Intention
Writing an Intention

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