Episode 79 - Reversing a Spell

Episode 79 - Reversing a Spell


Reversing a Spell
Why reverse a spell?
1. Unwanted results
2. You no longer need the spell
How to reverse a spell
What you have in terms of spell remains and notes will determine which method to use.
  • Burning the Remnants (not to be used if the spell was cast with fire)
  • Counter Casting
  • Redirecting the Spell
  • Create a poppet to take the place of your original spells’ target. Set up your altar as you like, with the poppet making materials and at least two candles. Begin the ceremony by casting a circle. After your circle is opened, light the candles, one to your left and one to your right on the altar. Make your poppet, being sure to incorporate your taglock, while focusing on the intent of the original spell as you do so to call it back into your reach. Once your poppet is made, set it in the center of the altar, hold your hands above it and call to mind an image of the person whose place it will be taking. Recite the incantation over the poppet 7 times. Begin by whispering softly to the poppet and gradually raise your voice with each repetition until you are speaking loudly. Fill in the blanks with the name of your original target. I name you ______! ______ is who you are and who you shall be evermore. Close the circle and place the poppet somewhere safe (preferably a box by itself) for one moon cycle. At the end of the moon cycle, dispose of the poppet by burying, burning, or breaking it.
  • Temporary Pause
  • You Need: A freezer, A square slip of paper and a red pen, Black pepper for binding, Water and a small container to freeze everything in. Take the slip of paper and on one side write the name of the original target. On the other side write the intention of the spell that you need to pause. Fold all 4 corners of the paper inward, covering the intention of the spell, so that it makes a small envelope. Into this envelope, place a pinch of black pepper. Put the envelope and its contents into the bottom of your container and fill it with water. Put the whole thing into the freezer. You should now have 3-5 days to figure out a permanent solution.
Spells you should keep remnants for:
  • Love spells
  • Healing spells
  • Prosperity/job spells
  • Curses
  • Hexes
  • Weight loss spells
  • Mental health related spells

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