Episode 80 - Witchcraft Travel

Episode 80 - Witchcraft Travel

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Popular US Witch Destinations:
-Witch trials and cemetery but so much more.
-Huge community of witches there, so a lot of shops.
-A lot of community events, especially sabbat related (Samhain of course but others too).
-Some aspects are super commercialized and has some annoying stereotypes.
New Orleans
-Fascinating history of different cultures, including voodoo.
-Tomb of Marie Laveau (but you can’t see it exactly).
-Lots of other witchy shops as well.
-Many ghosts tours as it’s very haunted.
-Most haunted city in the US, great if you’re interested in the paranormal.

What are some important considerations to plan for when thinking about a witchy vacation?
  • Is it legal to practice there?
  • What do I want to experience?
  • Can ritual be performed there?
  • Does the destination have tools, or do I bring my own? Can I travel with these things?

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