Episode 85 - Health, Safety, and Protection in Witchcraft

Episode 85 - Health, Safety, and Protection in Witchcraft


Mundane Safety
Candle and Fire Safety, Incense Safety
Be aware when practicing in public
  • Be wary of crystals in water, they can leach out or dissolve so it won’t be something you want to drink
  • Know how you interact with minerals and crystals before getting jewelry
  • Keep them away from pets (especially salty ones)
Herbs and Plants
  • Just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean it’s safe
  • Safer to use it outside of yourself (rather than consuming it or applying it to your skin)
  • Also be aware when burning incense
  • Be even more careful if you’re pregnant or on medication
  • Patch test for allergies
  • Certain parts of plants may be safe, but not the entire things
  • Many things are animal toxic too, so don’t bring something in that could harm your pets
  • The oil contains the potent parts of the plant so the same herb warnings apply
  • Highly flammable
  • Essential oils are highly concentrated, be sure to dilute it
  • Not everyone likes to use blood, saliva, and other bodily fluids, but if you do, sanitation is a must
  • Keep your vessels separate
Mental Health

Magical Safety
We are constantly opening ourselves up to negative interactions and unwanted energies with witchcraft. Don’t jump into things without knowing the way out, it's always better to be over prepared.
  • Smoke, water, salt, crystals, sound, visualization
  • Clear negative or stale energy
  • Cleanse yourself and your space/tools
  • Shielding (with your own energy)
  • Blocking (with physical items)
  • Charging and wearing amulets/sigils/crystals
  • Food and drink
  • Banishing - reflect or release the harm after it’s already gotten to you. You can return it directly using a mirror, absorb it and transform it
  • Binding - what prevents harm from being directed to you in the first place, like binding an abusive person from coming close to you
  • Warding - to prevent harm from reaching you
    Charm bag wards 
    Witch bottles 
    Home talisman and wards


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