Episode 88 - Fair Folk Deep Dive

Episode 88 - Fair Folk Deep Dive


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What are the Fae?
The fairy or fae developed independently in a number of cultures including Slavic, English, Persian, French, German and Celtic, and what a fairy was and what it was called in each of these cultures was different. The word fairy comes from the Latin word Fata which means fate. Fairies were also associated with enchantment, because supernatural beings were thought to influence and even control one’s fate in life. Faerie, on the other hand, is a French word that was used to describe beings who came from the land of the Fae. It just meant magical or mysterious but became a catchall for all magical beings from all European cultures. Specifically, fae or fair folk is celtic in origin and describes the beings that have humanoid qualities. Faeries are believed to have descended from the Tuatha De Danann, a magickal race of gods and goddesses that made their home in Ireland after descending from the sky on Beltane.
Fae are more than fairies and pixies. Fae also encompasses gnomes, dragons, mermaids, elves, trolls, and more.
Why Do They Get a Bad Rap?
The Catholic and Protestant churches, of course. They encouraged people to view fae as fallen angels that have lost their minds. We also got a mix of words because in the germanic language, faege meant fated and fay meant doomed. Add that to the dark Grimm fairy tales and you can see how they turned into these ‘evil’ beings. But they’re no more terrifying than other part of nature. Like a bear. If you respect them, they’re fine.
Why Work with the Fae?
  • To learn about their lives
  • Assistance where we can’t travel, similar to familiars
  • Connection to earth
  • Healing and empowerment
Faery Offerings
  • Leave offerings in nature
  • No need to say thank you, please or sorry, just ‘I appreciate you’
  • Baked goods, but no chocolate because it harms animals
  • Milk, honey, oats, bread, apples
  • Alcohol (mead and faery wine)
  • Tea
  • Crystals (quartz family, hag stones)
  • Shiny things, like coins
  • Incense (so just leaving the scent)
  • Plant things, like seeds and flowers, but don’t leave cut flowers
  • Pick up litter
  • Sing and dance
  • Avoid: synthetic things like plastic and glitter, no iron (so no himalayan salt)


  1. After listening to this episode I am now really wondering why I had a dream about moving into a Fae condo complex, and being able to walk around a Fae housing complex. Seriously I remember then building more apartment/condo building with fellow people. This also made me wonder if Fae instead of Ghosts are the reason my dog, looks in the vent and stands guard waiting for something or someone to come into the room. I think this is a hell of a sign to create a fairy garden... lol
    Thank you for this episode.

    1. It is a sign! That's a super interesting dream. And I absolutely think our pets can see them, maybe they are in your vents!



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