Episode 92 - Unpopular Witch Opinions

Episode 92 - Unpopular Witch Opinions


Tara’s Opinions:
The difference between magic and magick isn’t that big of a deal.
Baby witch isn’t that offensive.
Just because it’s traditional doesn’t mean it’s right for you.
Just because your tradition or lineage is older than someone else’s doesn’t make it more valid.
Your pet is not your familiar.
Your intuition is not always correct.
Witchcraft is not a replacement for therapy.
Not everything is because of mercury retrograde.
There is no end to the study, you always keep learning.

Steph’s Opinions:
It’s okay for witchcraft to be trendy.
It’s important to learn from older practitioners and off-line.
You can’t buy tools just anywhere.
Not every dream has signs, symbols, or deeper meaning.
Buy your own tarot cards. Even your first deck.
DNA does not determine your practice or religion.
The study is part of the journey, and it’s not gatekeeping to encourage new witches to learn for themselves instead of relying on store bought spell kits.

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