Episode 93 - Broom Closet Witchcraft

Episode 93 - Broom Closet Witchcraft


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If you are somewhere it would be dangerous to practice or if you just want to keep your practice private, you can practice in secret.
  • Use the cover of Halloween
  • Study, some topics are normal outside witchcraft, like growing plants and herbalism.
  • Keep notes online, digital versions of everything
  • Keep a school notebook or other pretty notebook
  • Normal items can be used in witchcraft, like scented candles and kitchen herbs sold at the grocery store. What do you have on hand that you can use?
  • Use tea lights and birthday candles for fast spells
  • Kitchen magic is the best way to practice in plain sight without anyone knowing
  • Bath/shower magic is also a great way since you’re alone in there
  • Glamours are something that only you will know about
  • Even crystals are becoming mainstream
  • Use a travel altar (mini supplies)
  • Get out in nature alone (social distance win!)
  • Get into sigils especially if you’re artistic
  • Make moon water and use that to make invisible sigils
  • Bridge the gap if you’re religious, like getting prayer candles for angels and saints
Things that are moving towards mainstream:
  • Astrology
  • Incense
  • Meditation

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