Episode 100 - Ancestor Work

Episode 100 - Ancestor Work


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What is ancestor work?
-One of the oldest forms of magical practice, to connect with those that have passed. They have transitioned to the spirit world and are a part of you.
-They are a piece of your puzzle, so they more you know, the more complete you can be.
-It does not have to be only blood relatives! They can be part of your family tree or cultural heritage.
Why would you want to connect with ancestors?
-Ancestors can provide guidance, wisdom and messages to help you in your every day life and your spiritual journey.
-It’s a little more accessible for many witches than deity work
-Healing and advice
How do you connect with ancestors?
-Tarot and oracle card readings
-Grave care
-Learn about something they loved, or learn a skill they had
What is an ancestor altar?
-Any type of space for photos and momentos
-Can also be a space for offerings
What if they werent great?
-Your spirit is your spirit. They don’t all change, so if they weren’t great in life, they can be the exact same in death. You don’t have to work with them.
What if you dont know them?
-You can learn about and incorporate the cultural aspects
-You pick and choose who to work with

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