Episode 97 - Coven Witchcraft

Episode 97 - Coven Witchcraft


What is a coven?
Traditionally, it is a coming together of those who practice magic in order to undertake spellwork together and raise energy in a group effort. It is thought that this group effort will make a spell more powerful. But a coven is really a gathering of witches. It doesn’t need to involve ritual every time, it could just mean studying together and sharing information.
The idea of covens was popularized by Wicca. Before that, it was spread by author Margaret Murray in the early 1900s as a group of 13 witches. Her work was later regarded to be a distortion of the records she was referencing but regardless, these ideas stuck. It may not be exactly 13 witches, you often find between 6 and 20, but the premise remains the same: a high priest or priestess, sometimes both, leads the rest of the coven in their various rites and rituals.
Every one of these looks different because covens operate each on their own religions and traditions. There can be covens based around a religion, magical practice in general, or a specific magical practice (like lunar or elemental witchcraft.) They may meet weekly, monthly, or as important events arise like sabbats and full moons.
Do you need to join a coven?
No. Social media can often imply that it’s a requirement and the only ‘real’ way to learn witchcraft, but that’s incorrect.
Why would I want to?
-You can learn so much more from a variety of people and also get instant feedback. It’s not all books, online info, and trial and error.
-You get a community that you might not otherwise have since witches don’t have weekly services like other religions and not everyone has understanding family and friends
-It’s much more fun to celebrate sabbats and moon phases
-You get to experience more elaborate workings
-You can get more energy and feel less drained, and things may manifest faster
Why would I not?
-It’s tough to find people you connect with properly
-You may be at different skill levels, and you can be limited by the knowledge of others, or by their beliefs
-You have to be able to express your needs
-It’s all ceremonial magic, so if you prefer lower magic, it’s often easier to do it alone
-You may be ‘stuck’ doing workings that don’t apply to you, if the rest of the group votes to do it. It’s easier to do time and day specific workings when it’s just you.
What should I consider?
How do you like to learn? Coven is accelerated
How much do you enjoy interacting with others? There’s tension and growth
How well do you follow rules and structure?
Would you rather just have an online community?
How self-motivated are you? You get to do your own workings on your own time, and learn what you want at your own pace, but not if you keep putting it off because you’re not self-motivated.
Do you need large amounts of energy?
Remember: we’re all solitary at some point. Even if you’re in a coven, you will be doing things daily on your own.
Coven red flags to look out for:
  • Immediate initiation. There’s a reason the year and a day tradition is so popular. You need to make sure everyone is a good match.
  • No age restrictions. Minors are not at the same level of maturity as those in their 30s or 40s.
  • Payment for membership when you don’t know where the money is going. It’s typical to chip in for ritual supplies, paying a cover charge to rent a room, going on a trip, etc., but it’s not typical to pay a large, upfront fee.
  • Hazing or abuse, or requires any type of physical/mental risks like not taking medication because the coven rejects science
  • Gender and sexual identity requirements
  • Leaders who view themselves as superior, or think they are the only one who can communicate with a spirit or deity. That’s a cult-like mentality, because narcissists love power.
  • Members who treat the leaders as a god, or think they are better than other members. It’s normal to have a supervisor who schedules things, but a coven is a collaborative effort and no one member is better or more important than another.
  • Excessive time suck

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