Episode 98 - Crafting Intentions and Tarot Beyond Divination

Episode 98 - Crafting Intentions and Tarot Beyond Divination


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Crafting Intentions
  • Intention is the aim of energy of the spell. We all do it, but witches know how to focus and project their intent towards a desired outcome
  • You want to communicate your intent as clearly and specifically as possible
  • Visualize, feel, and speak it. Helpful to add a physical component
  • Choosing correspondences is helpful because it’s extra focus on your intention
  • Get in the right mindset, it’s crucial for the spell’s success
  • Have tea with herbs that correspond to the spell’s intent, you are ingesting those energies
  • Journal, focusing on what your life is like now and what it will look like when the spell manifests. Give it strength to manifest, without fear or doubt
  • Take a shower or bath, adding herbs and oils that focus and calm you
  • Get out in nature to balance energies
  • Meditation
Tarot Beyond Divination
  • Within spellwork and ritual
  • As representation of yourself or another person, or a situation (like Justice)
  • Representing what you want to achieve
  • For use as a meditation tool
  • Use them on an altar to connect with energies
  • As representations of deity or saints
  • As representations of sabbats or times of the year
  • As lunar cycles or specific moons
  • Manifestation altar

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