Episode 99 - How to Use Crystals

Episode 99 - How to Use Crystals


Not everyone is interested in using crystals for their energetic properties, but I believe in using them to help manifest your desired outcomes.
1. Display them
  • They are just beautiful pieces that work as decor. They come in many shapes and sizes so the larger ones are popular for this. Certain crystals are known for their peaceful or healing properties, making them ideal for display near doors and living rooms, where they can cleanse the energy of any guests or collect any negative energy you gathered throughout the day.
  • A manifestation altar doesn’t have to look like a traditional altar! You can use crystals anywhere you’re making a dedicated space to manifest something.
2. Incorporate crystals into your religious or spiritual practice
  • Similar to displaying them in general in your home, many witches specifically use crystals as altar pieces. There are many different types of altars, and different crystals could be useful for different purposes or intentions, such as displaying stones that correspond to the deity you are working with, or using obsidian or lapis lazuli on an ancestor altar.
3. Use larger pieces as tools themselves
  • Since they are such good directors of energy, crystals are often used as wands. Use them like any other wand.
  • Like a wand, use the points to direct energy, particularly for healing such as with a doll/poppet.
  • The sphere shapes are useful for scrying, like the traditional crystal ball or occasionally sheets.
4. Wear them or otherwise use them as charms
  • Probably one of the most popular uses for small tumbled stones. Charms are items that already have energies and associations attached. By wearing or otherwise carrying the crystals as charms, you can draw on that energy to manifest what you want in your life day to day. Cleanse the stone of any energy that will interfere and then charge it with your specific intention.
  • You can specifically buy crystal jewelry.
5. Sleep with them
  • We spend so much time sleeping, it makes sense to use crystals in the same way as wearing charms during waking hours.
6. For use in healing
  • To be used alongside traditional forms of medicine. Crystal energy can be used to help heal minor ailments such as headaches or anxiety.
  • Can also be used to balance chakras.
7. Make crystal elixirs
  • Having crystals around water will add that energy into the water, so when you drink or use the water, you take on that energy. Do this safely!! Try a crystal bottle where the crystals are kept in a compartment and don’t touch the water directly.
  • Can also be placed in or around oils
8. Enhancing mediation
  • They are often used in pairs, to hold one in each hand to bring balance during the process
9. Cleanse, charge, and enhance your tools, especially in divination
  • Crystals are often used to cleanse tarot decks and other divination tools and shield them from interfering energy.
  • Can also amplify the energy of the space during divination.
10. Use them in spellwork and ritual
  • Many different ways to add them in. You program them the same way as making a charm, but instead of using it by itself like the jewelry example, you use it within the spell or ritual in conjunction with the rest of your items. Essentially, you are taking the energy of that crystal, which matches the intention of your spell, and adding it in as an extra layer to make the spell more powerful.
  • They can be placed around the working while it’s in progress, include them into a charm bag, bowl, jar, etc. Crystal grids are also a popular method for intention setting. The best way to use it depends on how long you’re willing to part with that crystal.

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