Episode 102 - Earth Element

Episode 102 - Earth Element


The root element that holds the other elements.
The most commonly used without realizing it. Just walking outside in bare feet is earth magic.
Casting a circle also uses the earth element because salt and crystals are often used but also because we generally cast circles downward, drawing on that earth energy.
It’s also important in grounding and centering, because the earth’s energy is neutral.
Many facets - dirt, plants, etc versus animals
Direction: North
Season: Winter
Time: Midnight
Deity: the Goddess
Energy: receptive, feminine
Colors: brown, black, grey, green
Crystals: things that have weight and texture. Hematite (heavy and metallic, to connect with grounding energy), agates, malachite, quartz, bloodstone
Metals: iron and brass
Herbs: roots and trees and mushrooms. Patchouli, ivy, sage, moss, honeysuckle, magnolia, grains
Animals: anything that burrows like groundhogs and gophers as well as livestock, dogs, and insects like termites and ants
Spirits: brownies, gnomes
Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
Planets: Earth, Saturn, Comets
Tools: Pentacle, Bowl of Salt
Magical Uses: grounding, prosperity, ancestor work, fertility, plant magic, empathy, stability
Connect with Earth:
  • Sit in nature
  • Place your hand on a tree and listen to it
  • Help plants grow
  • Work with dirt from different areas, bury things into the dirt (attract in, bury in front, keep in, bury in back)
  • Destroy sigils in dirt
  • Work with fae and animals
  • Cleanse with rock salt, it’s a passive cleanser
Using Dirt/Soil in Spells:
From the crossroads: used for many things including hexing/cursing, summoning certain spirits, opening roads
Graveyard: A staple in hoodoo, used for many different things including curses, healing, ancestor work, goofer dust, hot foot powder
Bank or Financial Institution: to bring money into your hands or to receive payment of an overdue debt
Church: anything involving legal matters. This could include contracts, court cases, general justice, and money that’s owed to you
Educational Facility: for efforts involving gaining knowledge. It can also be used effectively in magic to induce study.
Enemy’s Home: use dirt from his own home against him
Your Home: to protect all the occupants of your home and guarantee their safe return
Hospital, Clinic, or Doctor’s Office: for efforts that involve healing
Garden or Flower Shop: for use in love spells
Jail: to keep the police away from your door, especially if you’re prone to trouble with them
Police Station: collected and sprinkled along the baseboards of the home and along the edges of its structure to keep the family safe from harm
Shopping Center or Mall: used in efforts to obtain gainful employment or increase your cash flow
Workplace: for efforts for getting a promotion or raise

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