Episode 104 - Mistakes We've Made and New Year Prep

Episode 104 - Mistakes We've Made and New Year Prep


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  • Not wearing gloves with baneful ingredients; not always practicing proper fire safety
  • Being afraid of deity work
  • Jumped into spells too soon
  • Falling into the fancy tool trap
  • Getting bogged down in detail, using too many correspondences or making things too complicated and ritualistic when simple would be better
  • Doing too many things at once, including studying too many things at once
  • Overestimating my abilities, but also my willingness
  • Doing spells we didn’t care about just to practice; doing too much and getting burnt out
  • Thinking everything is a sign
  • Not doing internal work, but don’t feel like you always have to!
To Prep for a New Year
  • Cleanse, banish, and then attract the good things
  • Tarot for guidance
  • Goal setting
  • The year 2022: 22 is a “master builder” in numerology, which means it is associated with building a base or structure. When you add each number together it makes the year a 6, which is also a number of grounding and stability. The focus of next year will be all about getting back to normalcy and rebuilding lives. Balance, particularly in work and relationships, is another big 22 theme. Set goals for your relationships and friendships, and be sure to seek out stability.

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