Episode 105 - Year End Wrap Up and 2022 Preview

Episode 105 - Year End Wrap Up and 2022 Preview


What happened over the year
What is coming on the podcast in 2022
  • Fill out the survey! It is linked in the show notes and on witchwednesdays.com. You can request anything - podcast ideas, witches to interview, content you want to see on Patreon and Instagram. It’s anonymous, but you can also let me know if you would like to be a guest and what you’d like to talk about if you have any specific ideas
  • Planning at least two interviews with other witches per month - one about a specific type of witchcraft (like green witch or sea witch) and one about a specific type of pagan path (like norse paganism or druidry)
What is coming on Patreon
  • Patreon is $5 a month and charged on the first of the month. There is a discount available if you subscribe for a year upfront. Patreon has exclusive content, there’s tons already, and there will be more in 2022 every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.
  • There are spells, daily rituals, recipes, cocktails, sabbat rituals, tarot spreads, book reviews, bonus podcast episodes about witch history, chatty behind the scenes videos with me, and more and patrons can constantly request whatever content they want to see next.
  • Patrons also get priority response to questions, early access to boxes, and regular giveaways. There is also a patrons only section on the discord community, and in 2022 we will be chatting in there regularly about new and full moon magic.
What is coming for sabbat boxes (will be on Etsy)
  • Rather than having 8 boxes throughout the year, related solely to the sabbats, the boxes will instead be monthly. The 4 boxes unrelated to the sabbats will have their own theme and as always, you’ll be able to see all box contents before purchasing. These will be different from the things that were offered in 2021, and there should not be any repeat items other than candles. Every box will have a book, candles, essential oil rollerball, tea, crystals, and more all relating to that month’s theme.
  • They will continue to be $35 with free shipping in the united states. I do ship internationally, but that shipping cost is passed to the customer and it can be very expensive. You can place a box in your cart and calculate shipping to see if it would be worth it for you.
  • They will be available exclusively on Etsy and will always be posted around the first of the month.
What is coming on YouTube
  • For the past year, the YouTube channel, which is also witchwednesdays, has just been a spot to post the podcast episodes to give people an additional listening platform option. There are a few other spell videos on there though, as well as monthly planner videos. In 2022, there will be a YouTube video every Friday.
Don’t forget to follow on Instagram!
  • Witchwednesdayspodcast, it’s probably the best place to follow to get regular updates about boxes, store sales, guest co-hosting spots, etc.
  • It’s linked on Instagram, always, but I’ll also have it on the website in today’s shownotes. It’s free to join and anonymous, and there’s already 400+ members so it’s a pretty active community. Great place to ask questions and meet other witches.

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