Cleansing without Smoke

Cleansing without Smoke


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Smoke Cleansing with Other Herbs
  • Lavender, rosemary
Fire Energy
  • Try a tealight with herbs on top, either to draw in the negative energies to burn away, or to repel the negative energies out
  • You can still use these without smoke
  • These repel energy
  • You can have it in dishes or bags just for the scent
  • Use a warmer or heater so you can get the fragrance without the smoke
  • Use an oil warmer for sending the scent around the room
  • Can be added to vinegar and water to make different home cleansers, which is very common these days and not necessarily witchy
  • Draws in negative energy, as a passive cleanser
  • Be careful around animals
  • Place near doors and high traffic areas
  • You can also add herbs
  • Change out every week, I’m able to wait to about a month
  • Can also do a salt sweep and place it on your carpet to vacuum up
  • Hold a crystal or other type of pendulum above your item. The pendulum will rotate counter clockwise or move up and down, or left to right depending on your pendulum and how it designates “no”. When it is done cleaning it will move in the opposite direction.
Herbs/Powders (Cleansing Sweeps)
  • Sprinkle on carpet and vacuum it up
Water/Room Washes or Sprays
  • Sun or moon water
  • Crystal infused water
  • Herb water
  • Essential oil water
  • Baths and showers
  • Quartz, obsidian, black tourmaline
  • Like salt, they draw in the energy so they are a passive cleanser
  • They will need to eventually be cleansed themselves
  • Using vibrational frequencies to disrupt the energy in a space and cleanse it
  • Bell
  • Voice
  • Clapping
  • Drums
  • Crystal water glass
  • Other instruments
  • Find a sound on YouTube
  • Place the items in a bowl and place the container outside on the ground before an oncoming storm. The water and lightning hitting the ground will send out vibrations to the bowls.
Symbols, Runes, Sigils
  • Can use a broom or a ceremonial broom
Visualization/Energy Manipulation

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