Folk Magic with The Wild Woodland Witch

Folk Magic with The Wild Woodland Witch


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What is folk magic?
Magic based in folklore - the ‘lore’ of the ‘folk’, the folk being a group of people who share an unofficial culture together. That means the things you learn, know, and do from being part of a group. And we actually all belong to many folk groups. It could be based on your heritage, your sexual orientation, your profession, your college alum status, your geographical location. All it takes is one common factor, and there’s lore associated with that.
So where does the magic come in? Magic, like culture, can be official. That would be the rites and rituals done by priests and other religious authorities. Ceremonial magic is in this realm of official since it takes years of study progressing through levels. Wiccan coven-based magic is likewise official. Folk magic is the unofficial. It’s the magic that’s derived from the traditional practices of a folk community. Therefore, it changes from place to place and it’s informally passed on from person to person. No one claims authorship over it, it’s just part of the community. There’s no oversight by a priest and it’s rarely very ceremonial - it leans more practical than religious.
How to study folk magic?
Look at what has existed before - recorded folklore from the past
And what exists now - the living traditions, like working with teachers, community members (learning from a family member, learning from a podcast)

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