Burnout and Magical Slumps

Burnout and Magical Slumps


What is it? Feeling disconnected from the universe, nature, deities, ancestors, etc., struggling with divination or meditation, just don’t feel like doing anything, forgetting sabbats/moon phases.
  • Check in with yourself first, try to cover all the physical health bases first (healthy food, water, exercise, sleep, sickness) and mental health bases (depression, stress, toxic people around, watching the news, giving too much and not taking time for yourself, not having fun). If one thing is out of balance, it affects everything else.
  • Either fix it, or wait it out. If you wait, know that it’s okay for magical stuff to take a back seat. Don't pressure yourself. Magic can be draining so prioritize rest.
  • Draw boundaries for your mental health.
  • Check in with those you work with (deities, ancestors), do they need something new that you haven’t been giving?
  • Are you listening to your intuition and spiritual self? Sometimes we keep doing things that no longer serve us, just because it’s the way we’ve always done it. For a lot of people, monotony can breed contempt. Don’t do the same things over and over and expect different results. Forget it, change it, or take a break.
  • Are you doing too much? If you’re forcing yourself to do something witchy every moment of every day, you’re doing too much. Don’t put so much pressure on the daily practice. Everything cycles, ebbs and flows.
  • Are you expecting too much? Perfectionism is sneaky, we pressure ourselves to have the perfect aesthetic or master a daily practice otherwise we’re not a ‘real witch’. Things don’t have to look a certain way to be effective.
How to get excited again
  • Do or learn something new. But put boundaries on consuming information.
  • Think back to your why, why you do witchcraft at all.
  • Ignore the tunnel vision and check in on a different area of your life.
  • Go back to the basics. If things are frustrating you, maybe you didn’t spend enough time on the learning phase. Don’t miss the little steps, go back and start at the beginning to breakthrough roadblocks.
  • Take a break and/or do just the smallest possible steps. Add in only what feeds your soul, not the things you think you ‘should’ be doing. Consider how much you can actually commit to and what actually needs to be done.
  • Think back to how you got to the burnout point, and make the necessary foundational changes.
  • Go outside and connect with what’s around you.
  • Work the witchcraft into the other mundane things you absolutely must do.
Magical Cleaning
  • Aries - Porch / Entryway
  • Taurus - Kitchen / Pantry
  • Gemini - Guest / Dining Room
  • Cancer - Nursery / Family Room
  • Leo - Kid’s Room / Gym
  • Virgo - Closets / Medicine Cabinet
  • Libra - Bathrooms / Decor
  • Scorpio - Master Bedroom
  • Sagittarius - Garage / Cars
  • Capricorn - Office / Purse
  • Aquarius - Books / Hobby Supplies
  • Pisces - Altar / Witchy Spaces

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  1. Want you to know this episode is just what I needed to hear. So in this space right now and feeling so down and sad and missing my connection. Thank you for bringing it up and for offering helpful solutions!



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