Animals - Bee, cow, goat, rabbit, swan
Altar decorations - dew, bright colored ribbons, flower bouquets, flower crowns, herbs, may baskets, small may pole
Ways to celebrate - bonfire, collecting dew, feasts, handfasting, maypole dancing, visit sacred wells
Colors - yellow, red, orange, gree, magenta, violet
Deities - May Queen and Kind (Anglo Saxon), Belenus and Etain (Celtic), St. Walburga (Christian), Freya (Germanic), Aphrodite/Venus, Artemis/Diana, Flora, Hekate (Greco-Roman), otherworldly spirits like fae, satyrs
Food and Drink - berries, bread, cheese, fairy cakes, fish, grains, honey, may wine, mead, milk, salads
Herbs - Apple blossom, basil, bluebell, clover, foxglove, geranium, heather, honeysuckle, iris, jasmine, lavender, lilac, lily, meadowsweet, peony, rose, thyme
Trees - ash, birch, hawthorn, oak, willow
Crystals - Carnelian, emerald, moonstone, peridot, rose quartz, ruby, sapphire, yellow jasper
Astronomical Basis
Ancient Sites
Pagan Cultures and Deities
  • Wicca
  • Celts
  • Germanic
  • Greeks and Romans
Ancient Traditions and Modern Spells
  • Purification and Protection
  • Beauty and Eternal Youth
  • Faeries and Nature Spirits
  • Willow Faerie Eye
Beltane Dew Ritual

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