Glamour Magic

Glamour Magic


Glamour magic is more than just makeup. It’s anything to do with your physical appearance, from your hair to clothing to the foods you eat. It’s a very subtle form of illusion magic that should be layered with other workings.
Glamour magic in pop culture
What is glamour magic?
Glamour magic is illusion magic, in essence. It is the use of magic to alter how someone perceives their senses. This could be how you perceive your own senses or how someone else perceives their senses. (Everyone will perceive that glamour differently though. Some may find your self love glamour inspiring, others will find you stuck up. You can only control so much.)
A witch can use glamour magic to help embody traits like self confidence, bravery, peruasive speaking, ect. You would use glamours to help people perceive you the way you want them to perceive you.
Glamour magic is learning how to stand out when you need to stand out and camouflage when you need to camouflage. It’s very similar to a shield.
Who can use it?
Our society teaches women that presenting in a certain way will help us succeed. Performing a glamour over yourself can make the world perceive you however you want it to.
But glamour magic is also protection and can shield you and make you less noticeable to those who would harm you.
Tools for glamour magic
The tools you might use for glamour could include any of the products you already use in your daily routine.
With glamour magic you are enhancing what makes you, you. Glamour brings out parts of yourself that you want others to see and notice and this helps you feel comfortable in your skin.
Ways to Practice
  • Glamour potion on patreon tomorrow
  • Color correspondences, in clothing, nails
  • Draw a sigil when you put on your moisturizer
  • Enchant jewelry
  • Works with braids in your hairstyle
  • All of your shower or bath products could be enchanted based on your intention
  • Your makeup and makeup brushes can be enchanted or charged with intention as well
  • Lotions, perfumes, oils and anything else you’d apply to your body can also be used for glamours
  • Charge a crystal with your intention to be perceived by others in a certain way. Then carry the crystal with you so that it can influence your aura.
  • You can make tea or meals that work from the inside out. As you drink or eat, visualize yourself the way you want to be perceived by others.

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