Polytheism 101

Polytheism 101


124 - Polytheism 101
What is Polytheism?
  • The belief in more than one deity, as seen in many pagan religions; Falls under the umbrella of paganism but not all pagans are polytheists
  • Hard polytheism: the belief that every being out there is a separate deity in their own right.
  • Soft polytheism: the belief that similar gods from different pantheism that hold dominion over the same subject are just personifications of one being. So all feminite deities are just parts of one higher female deity. You see this often in Wicca, that Brigid, Hecate, etc are different aspects of the Goddess. Or that all goddesses of love or gods of war are ultimately the same goddess or god, just called a different name based on region.
  • Some debate that it’s just monotheism or pantheism: everything is god, everything is divine
  • Can anyone practice?
Worship or Work With?
  • Worship is one directional
  • Working with goes both ways, it offers a sense of connection, they can help you grow and can push quite a bit
  • There are reference points for the ‘what to do’ but it’s mostly based on personal practice
  • Can be very ceremonial or very simple
Should Deities Be Feared?
  • Where did your idea come from in the first place? We’ve been conditioned to think that over the years due to centuries of effort by the Christian church to paint all indigenous religions as evil and less than.
  • The ‘Sky God’ can also be punishing, making us fear all gods.
  • There are stories from religions that pre-date christianity that have ‘scary’ gods, but whether that affects your practice depends on how literally you take mythology.
  • The idea that any one god or goddess is dangerous, period, is too narrow. There are just different communication styles, and you have to adapt. You wouldn’t speak to your best friend the same way you speak to your boss. Just be respectful.
  • In my view, everything is neutral, like all things in nature. Water nourishes and it destroys, as do all the elements. It’s about how these things are put to use, so I don’t believe that anything is inherently evil and dangerous, except humans.
  • Know how to protect yourself, because you can’t be hurt if you’re properly protected.
  • Set boundaries.
Are They Reaching Out?
  • Everyone’s experience is different, and not everything is a sign - they don’t reach out as often as we like to think.
  • Signs should be extraordinary or happens a lot in a short period of time.
  • Reach out through: clair-abilities, during meditation and dreams, during divination (pulling the same tarot card or rune over and over)
  • What do you do? Research.
How to Contact?
  • Try a pendulum
  • Could also use tarot cards, runes, etc.
  • Go into a trance state and ‘automatic write’
  • Meditate
  • Dreamwork
  • Ask for an answer as a specific sign
  • Be aware that they may not want to work with you, and communicating can be hard. Then can and will leave at any point.
Patron Deity?
  • According to wikipedia, a patron deity is a guardian, patron, or protector of a particular place, geographic feature, person, lineage, nation, culture, or occupation (like Lugh or Tyr for lawyers)
  • It’s not necessary to have one though
  • You can choose, or they may reach out to you
How to Connect/Bond with Deities
  • Read a Book
  • Write a Prayer
  • Observe Deity Holidays
  • Craft a Deity Candle, Oil, Altar, Playlist
  • Statutes/Effigies
  • Create a Ritual Offering
  • Embody Their Values
  • Research
  • Read Their Myths
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Food and Drink
  • Fresh Water
  • Some traditions say to eat it, some say to dump it, depends on your tradition and your own values
  • Animal Related Associations
  • Tools
  • Their Skills/Characteristics
  • Donations
  • Volunteer
  • Ask Them

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