Hearth Witchcraft and Household Spirits

Hearth Witchcraft and Household Spirits

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What is a hearth witch?
Care For The Spirit of Your House
  • Talk to it
  • Name your house
  • Offerings
Household Deities
  • Hestia & Vesta: The Hearth Goddesses
  • Juno: Guardian of Hearth & Home
  • The Lares: Home & Kitchen Guardians
  • Brigid
  • Cailleach
  • Cerridwen: Goddess of the Cauldron & Hearth
  • Zao Jun: Chinese Kitchen God
  • Bes: Egyptian God of the Hearth and Home
The Ancient Tradition of Household Spirits
  • Domovoi - Slavic folklore
  • Kotihaltia - Finnish folklore
  • Trasgu - Spanish folklore
  • Hob - Northern English folklore
  • Zashiki-warashi - Japanese folklore
  • Brownie - Scottish folklore
  • Bean-Tighe: Irish folklore
  • Boggart: The Bad House Elf
  • Bwbachs: Welsh folklore
  • Monaciello - Italian folklore
  • Clurichaun - Irish folklore
  • Kobold - German folklore
Signs There Are Fairies In Your House
  • your cat or dog acts strangely, plays with someone/ something invisible or stares up at the ceiling
  • chores in your home get done without anyone’s knowledge
  • new types of plants and vines growing around the outside of your home
  • food goes missing without explanation, particularly sweets and milk
  • milk or beer goes bad before expiration dates with no explanation
  • jewelry and sparkly items go missing and turn up in odd or obvious places
  • household members’ hair is braided or knotted at night in small tight knots (fairy-knots) with no explanation
  • finding small objects like dollhouse furniture, doll clothes, etc. around the home or property
  • strange noises at night: furniture being jumped on, light footsteps on stairs or in hallways, tapping noises in closets and on walls
  • doors opening and closing
  • seemingly poltergeist-like activity
Fairy Offerings
Things Fairies Dislike
  • Loud, deep-sounding windchimes or bells
  • Loud, disobedient children
  • Christian/Catholic paraphernalia (crosses, Bibles, etc)
  • Laziness
  • Iron horseshoes, iron skillets, iron tools, etc. (iron traditionally wards off the fae)
  • Bowls of salt
  • Lots of clutter
  • Stale air
  • A home with no whimsy or joy
  • People who have no respect for nature
Things Fairies Like in a Home:
  • houseplants, trees, and flowers
  • shrines and altars to the old gods
  • wine cellars and clean, stocked pantries
  • herb and flower gardens
  • extra cabinet/closet space for them to hide
  • people with a reverence for nature
  • sweet, imaginative children
  • people who believe in the fae
  • shiny, sparkly things (i.e. jewelry, crystals, etc.)
  • water (in bowls or fountains)
  • In fairy folklore, the oldest families in Scotland, Ireland, Germany and England have fairies attached to them. Either the fairies guard the property these families own OR the fairies guard the families directly.
  • Spirits move with the family or at least the eldest son. They don’t want to stay in an empty house.
  • They like old homes, but you can invite one in. They help good, wholesome, hard working people.
  • Don’t leave offerings if you can’t do it consistently.
  • If you don’t want to work with the fae, dont!
  • State your intentions and boundaries out loud. MintFaery on YouTube has a great video about this and about protections - https://youtu.be/yGHaNmjbm9M
  • The purpose is to bring positive energy and keep the house balanced - so it’s about tidying the magical energy, not tidying the physical space.

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