Urban and Tech Witchcraft

Urban and Tech Witchcraft

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What Is Urban Witchcraft
How to Practice Urban Witchcraft
1. Work with your home itself, any house spirits.
2. Make it work in smaller space by scaling down.
3. Use the other parts of nature
4. Turn everyday items into magical items
5. Work with what you find in your environment
6. Use magic to help you navigate urban spaces
7. Use the powerful energies that are within your city
8. Working with local land spirits
9. Utilize the unique city perks
10. Instead of seeking quiet, learn to tune into the “hum”
11. Learn to tap into the magic of mechanical and electrical items
What is a Tech Witch?
Also called Technopaganism, Tech Witchcraft can be defined as the use of modern technology within magical rituals and other forms of witchcraft.

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