Are You Being Haunted?

Are You Being Haunted?


  • Hauntings of land and buildings vs
  • Death in the location, disturbing the location
  • Spirits stick around if they died suddenly or traumatically, or some just really like the space
  • Hauntings of objects and people
  • Disturbing the object spirit has clung to
  • A new object was brought in, usually second hand/antique items, sentimental spirits attached
  • Attach to a person because they have a lot of bottled up emotions, or a loved one died, or didn’t finish a spell or ritual
Are You Being Haunted?
Check for mundane (but potentially deadly) causes first:
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning/gas leak
  • Rodent/insect infestation
  • Mold contamination
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Psychiatric issues
  • Sleep paralysis
Now what?
  • Determine your own spirit tolerance and make sure the spirit isn’t aggressive
  • Use divination to figure out why the spirit is there and have a conversation to resolve any issues. If that doesn’t work, try setting ground rules, like a roommate contract
  • Take magical action to get the spirit to leave
  • Light magical action
  • Light cleansing followed by light warding
  • Medium magical action
  • Heavy Duty Cleansing Floor Wash - Boil 1/4 cup of salt with a handful of Solomon’s Seal root in water for nine minutes
  • Candle Banishing
  • Heavy magical action
  • strongest forms of warding, banishing, and spells designed to trap or imprison the spirit
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