Occultism, Thelema, Initiations and More with Maevius Lynn

Occultism, Thelema, Initiations and More with Maevius Lynn


Maevius Lynn is here today to talk about her background in occultism, Thelema, and ceremonial magick. We cover what it means to be a practicing occultist, resources for beginners, what to expect with an initiation, Lynn's experience learning and joining the occult community, daily practice, and more!
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I have been a practicing occultist for over a decade. My practice has been focused around ceremonial magick and in particular Thelema. I have previously been initiated into a Golden Dawn group. I am currently a member and local officer of the OTO. Additionally I continue to be active in my broader local pagan community. Cultivating a healthy online and in person community is incredibly important to me. My LGBTQ+ activism extends into occult spaces where I continue to elevate voices and talk about issues. When I'm not doing rituals and organizing for my local community, I maintain daily practices and make YouTube videos to educate and inspire others.

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