Timing Your Spellwork

Timing Your Spellwork


Timing Your Spellwork
Magical Timings
Line up a spell with a specific magical time: adds another layer of correspondence, but it’s not a requirement
Lots of options, can use any one or combination of these:
1. Sabbats, Wheel of the Year
  • Reflects a growing cycle and what’s going on in the natural world
  • Liminal times: Beltane and Samhain
  • Can also use other holidays or important days/seasons to you
2. Lunar Timing via the moon phases throughout the month
  • New Moon: new beginnings, set an intention
  • Waxing Moon: growing, moving forward, rising energy
  • Full Moon: power, celebration, lots of energy
  • Waning Moon: removing things, banishing, let things go
  • Special moons like blue moon, black moon, eclipses
  • Moons have different energies based on what zodiac sign they are in. New moon is always the same as the sun and full moon is exact opposite
  • Tides
-High Tide: attraction, prosperity spells, brings things towards you
-Low Tide: removes things, takes away, remove obstacles or negative feelings
- King Tide: very high or low tides, so just more emphasized, similar to a blue moon
3. Solar Timing
- Months:
  • January: protection, prosperity
  • February: healing, atonement
  • March: achievement, introspection
  • April: luck, happiness
  • May: earth magic, health
  • June: love, romance, luck
  • July: leadership, joy
  • August: balance, creativity
  • September: spirituality, communication
  • October: transitions, bravery
  • November: compassion, patience
  • December: insight, wisdom, faith
-Astrology, what sign the sun is in:
  • Aries motivation, breaking old habits
  • Taurus: love, sensuality
  • Gemini: possibilities, magical learning
  • Cancer: hearth and home, emotions
  • Leo: enthusiasm, energy, ambition
  • Virgo: health, improving, focus
  • Libra: harmony, balance
  • Scorpio: discovery, secrets, getting to the truth
  • Sagittarius: travel, luck, opportunity
  • Capricorn: hard work, organization, planning
  • Aquarius: originality, humanitarianism
  • Pisces: astral work, dream magic, psychic ability
4. Planetary Timing: 5 planets plus the sun and moon, since this is a historical definition. Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn
  • Moon: dreams, divination
  • Sun: joy, success
  • Mercury: communication, travel
  • Venus: beauty, fertility, love
  • Mars: power, strength
  • Jupiter: fortune, luck
  • Saturn: self disciple, boundaries, protection
-Days of the Week
  • Monday: Moon
  • Tuesday: Mars
  • Wednesday: Mercury
  • Thursday: Jupiter
  • Friday: Venus
  • Saturday: Saturn
  • Sunday: Sun
-Hours of the Day
-Time of Day
  • Dawn: new beginnings, creativity
  • Sunset: completion, requesting help on difficult things
  • Midday: confidence, strength, peak sun/masculine energy
  • Midnight: witching hour, astral travel, dreams, rest, moon energy

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