The Divine Feminine with Heather Allison

The Divine Feminine with Heather Allison


I'm chatting today about the divine feminine with Heather Allison. She is here to help clear up misconceptions about what feminine energy is, help others learn how to live their life guided by their souls, and even how to infuse feminine energy into their businesses through feminine marketing principles!
More about Heather: Heather is an Activator of Activators. The Divine Feminine guide for Divine Feminine guides. A Destiny Accelerator for those who feel they are here for a bigger impact, a more beautiful life, and a Divine Purpose. She is an only child who has always had a simple life, a rich inner world, and cats as companions; a Pisces, a Manifestor, a Life Path 9, and a Fire Dragon – in other words, the perfect candidate to have a sudden Spiritual Awakening at the age of 40, and then start teaching the deep Feminine, Archetypal, Energetic and Consciousness principles she receives from what she calls her Cosmic Team.
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