A Box of Magick with Jamie Della

A Box of Magick with Jamie Della


Today's episode features author Jamie Della and we're chatting about her newest book, A Box of Magick. Jamie is a priestess, healer, Xicana witch, and creativity mentor. She is the author of nine books! Her most recent work is an invitation to explore the world of Magickal life, personal growth, and empowerment.
Jamie shares her experiences of receiving a literal box of Magick on her doorstep from her mentor, Connie DeMasters, who had passed away fifteen years prior. The box contained 23 pounds of Connie’s rituals, hymns, spells, charts, astrology, and more, which inspired Jamie to share her teachings with a wider audience. The book includes insights on recognizing magickal lessons, universal messages, and helpful signs that exist all around us, all the time—from cycles of the sun, moon, and planets to ritual herbalism. Jamie shares rituals that help us face and integrate the shadow self and stand with a sword of personal truth held ready. She teaches how to foster a relationship with the consciousness of crystals, herbs, living creatures, and elemental spirits, as well as our own stories.
Find more from Jamie: ⁠www.jamiedella.com⁠

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