IntuWitchin with Mia Magik

IntuWitchin with Mia Magik

I'm joined today by Mia Magik to chat about her upcoming book, IntuWitchin. We talk all about starting down a path of self-healing, witch wounds, embracing and sharing magic, daily practices, and more!
Find Mia:
Mia Magik is a modern ambassador of ancient wisdom, reclaiming the truth that "Witch" means wise. She guides self-discovery and inner wisdom connection, termed 'IntuWitchin,' also the title of her first book.
Leading The Academy of Magikal Artistry, Mia has empowered thousands to unlock their supernatural potential to find purpose and prosperity. Her advocacy for Mother Earth informs her work and teachings, promoting a more magikal, sustainable world.
Mia's expertise is backed by certifications in 13 disciplines, including Hatha Yoga and NLP. She facilitates transformative retreats and personal coaching, helping individuals and professionals from various fields to realize their own unique magik.
Website & Social Links:
⁠⁠ - Free IntuWitchin Meditation

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