The Language of Lenormand with Erika Robinson

The Language of Lenormand with Erika Robinson


If you’ve been looking for how to guide to direct you through the process of learning to read Lenormand for yourself and others, this is the episode for you. I’m joined today by the creator of The Language of Lenormand guide book and deck, Erika Robinson. We chat about her history with the cards and creating guides, how to start reading for yourself, tips for beginners, and of course, plenty of examples!
This a much-needed guide to this increasingly popular divination system.  Widely respected authority Erika Robinson believes that Lenormand is not just a deck of cards but also a language that, if mastered, can help you achieve self-empowerment and the ability to attain the life you desire. A longtime English teacher, she helps readers become fluent in the language of Lenormand. This clearly written, accessible guide to the meanings of each card requires no prior knowledge of Lenormand, but is simultaneously a sophisticated book that takes Lenormand to the next level, providing greater insights and elucidation for those already familiar with it.
Find Erika:
The Language of Lenormand: A Practical Guide for Everyday Divination ⁠⁠

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