Healing and Reclaiming Your Secret Self with Practical Mystic, Nicole Frolick

Healing and Reclaiming Your Secret Self with Practical Mystic, Nicole Frolick


I'm joined today by the Practical Mystic, Nicole Frolick. We chat all about healing, reclaiming lost parts of your soul, connecting with your inner child, plant medicine, and more! Including different forms of meditation and daily practices.

TW: Nicole briefly discusses her experience with SA as a minor and healing as a part of her journey. It’s a gentle and not detailed discussion but may be triggering for some. You’ll hear a tone to be able to skip the segment.

Nicole Frolick is a practical mystic, experienced in intuitive life coaching, inner child healing, and the reclamation of one’s Secret Self, a process that uncovers the hidden and yet most valuable strengths, talents, and untapped purpose of the soul. With over 25 years of experience in the realm of healing the mind, body, and soul connections, Nicole acts as a Surrogate Siren that co-captains your soul through a deep psychic descent into the unchartered waters of the unconscious mind. Using ceremonial and intuitive methods through unique meditative experiences, she guides her clients through the shadows of their pain so they may rebirth themselves and emerge as their most authentic self on the greatest path to their destiny. She is the host of Enlighten Up, a weekly podcast, founder of The Forbidden Journey (a premium coaching program), has produced over 50 guided meditations, and offers a variety of online courses through her Alchemy Academy designed to help you deepen your intuitive abilities, heal your inner child, harmonize your masculine and feminine energies, and advance your growth from linear development into quantum leaps that are logarithmic in nature.

Website: https://www.nicolefrolick.com/ 

The Forbidden Journey Retreat (April 24, 2024) https://webinar.nicolefrolick.com/forbidden-journey-retreat 

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